Smart, my watches, and then you came over and you showed me love that i never had seen before. And now when i got you it’s all gon na, be all right. Thinking about all the things Music today, we’re taking a look at a smart watch that from a spec perspective, actually has many features that more than smart watchers like the apple watch. Have so will they be any good welcome to a review of the dirello gt01 Music? Hello, my name is sean and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here i do a lot of tech reviews as well as unboxing, and if that is something that interests you do consider subscribing to this channel, leave a thumbs up on this video and share This video to all your friends around with that said, let’s get on with the review of the dirallo gt01, so today’s review unit was graciously sent over to me by dirallo for review and i’m excited to share with you an in depth. Look into this watch and its interface, so the develo gt01 retails for about 56 us and that’s about 230 malaysia ringgit compared to the south, pete’s watch pro one that we’ve checked out previously. These are slightly pricier, but it’s got a lot more features than the soundpeats. So if you’re interested in getting this smartwatch do check out my links in the description below so the diralo gt01 is an aesthetically pleasing watch and resembles the apple watch quite a bit.

The majority of the watch is made of a plastic material with a very large glass front, and the body of the watch is a simple plastic shell spray painted in colors, such as space gray or rose gold and at the side of the wash. You see a large button and in this case this button is not a rotating scroll wheel like the apple watch, but mostly just a button for you to press. But i really like they’ve included a red dot at the side, although it’s just a red dot, but it really does add. Quite a bit of nice accent color to the watch whether it’s black or rose gold. They both look pretty nice at the back of the watch. You get several sensors, namely a heart rate sensor, which is quite standard for smart watch today and also spo2 monitoring. So you get blood oxygen monitoring similar to what you get only with the apple watch. 6.. Honestly, not many budget. Smart watches have this and i’m happy to see dirallo, including this above, that you also get a magnetic pin charger for you to top up your watch. But i don’t know if it’s just me, but i really just prefer a smart watch in the future to have a type c port with a water seal flap to protect it, but for most smart watches today you will still find their own proprietary magnetic charges. The band of the watch comes in the same color as the watch that you get and they do feel a little firm, but has a nice smooth, rubber material that makes the watch very easy to wear i’m, not so much a fan of those watch bands that Are very grippy and sticky, so this is a very welcoming feature.

The buckle that you get with the watch is also made of a nice hard plastic, also spray painted in the same color as the watch body, which is really nice, and the band that you get here is a 22 millimeter quick release watch band, so you can Very easily swap out these bands, so you can get anything that you like to fit onto your watch. Also durallo gives you a long and a short version of the band so, depending on your wrist size, you can adjust them accordingly, so the diralo is rated to give you about 7 days of battery life. But if you use the sensors a lot the battery will drain even faster notification also plays a big role with draining your battery. So if you want to save battery, maybe turn off notifications and the watch takes about 2 hours to fully charge. So the watch has a lot of nice features to justify its price and starting with the bluetooth chipset. This is where you get a bluetooth, 5.2 chipset uh, mostly it’s, for connection to the phone i’m, not too sure what else you can do with the bluetooth 5.2. But at least you know that this watch has the latest chipset. The watch also comes with a maximum protection of ip68 dust and water resistant, which means you can use this watch for swimming and it will still survive. They also come with 5 atm depth resistance, so meaning you can go pretty deep with this watch and it should still be fine.

Unfortunately, for the first time in a budget smart watch, we will be getting pool, swim and open water swim so that this watch can really track your swimming, which is really nice. So the screen we have here is a 1.55 inch lcd display with 360 by 320 resolution. And if you look closely, you can see that the watch face doesn’t cover the entire real estate, so there’s quite a lot of bezel going on and the resolution here is good but it’s, not the sharpest. So from a normal distance, you won’t notice any pixelating. But if you look really close, you can tell that that’s quite rough around the ages. The watch also features various cool new features, such as stress, monitoring, spo2 monitoring, sleep monitoring, breathing exercises and also female care monitoring, which honestly is not too bad for a budget smartwatch and, lastly, there’s no gps built into this watch. But if you run with your phone, it will track your location using your phone’s gps. So the watch comes with a very simple interface to navigate around at the watch. Face screen press and hold on the screen and you get to choose between five built in watch faces, and you can also change them using the app and get lots of different watch faces from the store. But the watch only stores five watch faces at a time. So, as you install new ones, others will be removed so swiping from the bottom.

You get four options: menu, very simple: you get the battery indicator, the clock, and here you get to choose between four things: sleep mode, wrist, detection, brightness and the last one, which i am honestly not too sure, because every time i press onto it, it just says: Connect the app to setup – and i have not figured out what that is. So, if you know do, let me know and from the home screen swipe down and you can access all of your notifications. So i don’t have any notifications now so swiping from the right or the left is the same thing you just cycle through the different menus. But if you swipe from the right, the first one you get an indication of your your health. How active you are the second one is your heart rate monitoring the next one is your stress monitoring and then, after that you have your workout so inside here you get to choose between 14 different workouts, so you get indoor outdoor run, outdoor, walk, indoor, walk, hiking, Cycling, cricket yoga, cycling, indoor, cycling workout, which is your weights, pool swimming open water, streaming, rolling and elliptical, so honestly, it’s quite comprehensive, which is not too bad and the next one. If you press onto the crown itself, you get a grid view of the menu and you get most of the features that you see here, but some of the notable new trackings here are the spo2 tracking.

So this will track your blood oxygen, which is super cool and super relevant for the corvette season. So you also get to check out weather music controls. This is only a music remote control, so it doesn’t have any storage to store mp3s. You get stopwatch your clock. Timer and at the bottom here you get your female tracking and also a setting to toggle some of the detail settings of your watch. So here you can just activate it without having to go into the app so which is really cool. So, honestly, from an interface perspective, this is very clean, very easy to use and no repetitive menu items. So i really like this watch interface, so the app for the dirello gt01 is called very fit and you can download it from the app store or the google play store and inside here the first page itself. You will get an indication of your daily activity, so you see how much you walk, how much you exercise? How is your sleep? How is your heart rate, your stress, monitoring, your spo2 monitoring and your weight monitoring. So if you click into any one of them, you can see detailed information about your overall monitoring, which is honestly pretty cool, and you get to do it for all of the different modes. The next screen you get to see your exercise, so this is where you get to start tracking it you can track. Your runs your walks, your cycling, your hiking and so on so forth, and if you start this inside your app itself, it will track using your gps of the phone, the next one.

If you go into devices. This is where you get to see all the watches that you have so let’s say i’m, going to connect into my black gto one, and i can scroll down and give me details about my watch. My battery percentage, my steps and calories and the cool part here is where you go into the watch face market so inside here you get a whole bunch of different watch faces to choose from so you have, you can click into more and you can look at All the different watch faces that is available uh. I don’t know whether this will continue to increase or decrease, but it looks like a pretty healthy option for you to choose from and at the bottom here you get a couple of settings so health monitoring. This is where you can enable what you want to track alarm clock. This is where you get to set any alarm clocks that you want to use with your watch and below that. You also get to adjust your message notification, so you can turn them on. But if you want to save more battery, you can turn them off, but it includes most of the common apps that you have here so that’s, pretty nice. Smart sports mode mainly means that when will the watch start automatically detecting a workout, so you can choose either running or walking below that you get device settings. So this is some of the basic device settings that you can choose from and below that you can also upgrade the firmware if there is a new firmware update from a app perspective.

This is basically all of the controls you get to play with inside the very fit app. So i think this is a really good option. If you’re, considering a smart watch with all the modern features out there and compared to what you’ll get with the sound piece watch pro 1, this watch is way more advanced. One thing i would hope to see is for a higher resolution. Oled display in the future release, but for what it is today and the price that it comes in. These are pretty good. So that is it for this review. If you find this video helpful smash that thumbs up button share this video everywhere and if you haven’t yet subscribe, do consider.