What do you think of when you hear the letters gtr? I see this or this or this and definitely not this, but that could change, because this is the 47 millimeter stainless steel amaze fit gtr by huami a budget smartwatch made by a branch company of the already very well known, xiaomi brand heard of them, and so Today, we’re going to see if this watch is worth your time, get it time because it’s a watch yeah no ah let’s get started so amazfit have only recently launched officially in australia in the last couple of months and so far there’s only a few products with Official support so, as a result, us poor aussies only get access to a couple of older models for now and not the brand spanking, 2 or 2e version that we see in other markets so to kickstart their launch. They were kind enough to send me both their gts and their gtr models, so i’m, looking at the gtr right now, but subscribe and hit the bell icon. So you don’t miss the gts video when it’s released too, but in any case let’s. First unbox this guy and so there’s, really not much to the unboxing experience with only the bare essentials in it. You’Ve got the watch itself, which first impressions gives off a nice air of quality. You’Ve got some paperwork which we’ll throw away and a magnetic charging cable and adapter that, fortunately works across the board with other amaze fit watches too that’s awesome, but with the watch unboxed let’s get into the nitty gritty now at their most basic level.

Smart watches really only need to do a couple of things well now other than maintaining a connection with your smartphone. It should be able to deliver notifications, do some fitness tracking and, of course, tell the time reliably and just generally be unobtrusive with the whole experience. I mean there’s nothing worse than a piece of tech that gets in the way, but it has to nail these basics to even be considered. Then they have to add value to make them stand out of the pack either through hardware features using fancy, build materials or adding pulse oximeters to measure oxygen saturations or have a massive bank of exclusive software features. Let’S say with an ecosystem of apps kind of, like you see, with wear os and apple watch. Now this results in the prices. You often see some of these mainstream smart watches being sold for. So when you look at the amazefit gtr and the price of around 240 dollars well, you know where it sits. So, yes it’s a basic smartwatch, but it doesn’t promise the world and it really delivers in spades for what it does with a few extra perks. For your money too, so let’s first talk about the design externally and from a build quality perspective. It looks as premium as any great smart watch out there. It’S got a stainless steel case, gorilla glass, 3 on the top and it’s all stuck together with super tight tolerances. The buttons on the side are nice and tactile as well, and the model i’ve got weighs in at 48 grams, which is then combined with an easily swappable 22 millimeter, hybrid leather and silicon strap, which ultimately makes it really comfortable to wear for really long periods of Time and this whole package doesn’t look so chunky as to scream smartwatch either.

So you could wear this as an accompaniment to your outfit, whether it be for work, casual settings or even in fancier, more formal events. It honestly looks great in all scenarios, then, on the top, it rocks a 1.’ inch. Amoled display, which looks really nice and sharp it’s, got a resolution of 454 by 454, with a pretty decent pixel density of 326 and which, by apple standards, is considered a retina display so that’s pretty great and honestly, it looks as good as any oled smartwatch screen Out there with really great viewing angles and color reproduction, and then this includes the galaxy and apple watches too, which for a budget smartwatch is awesome plus it also comes packed with smartwatch basics. Like bluetooth, 5.0, a gps that’s a little bit hit and miss a heart rate sensor that’s pretty accurate and five atmospheres of water resistance too. So you can take it for a swim. If you want now, it doesn’t come with a pulse oximeter or nfc, but, as i said before, this watch is a generation old, so i’m willing to overlook it. For this particular reason, and because it’s a generation old performance is as you’d expect, i mean it’ll. Do everything you expect a basic smartwatch to do, but that’s it no frills, no more! No less. The gtr doesn’t use a proper os so outside of its basic features and connectivity that’s pretty much it and, most importantly, for a lot of people.

There’S no app store, which is going to be a bit of a turn off for some. So if you like, spotify or strava, take note of that and you’ll have to look at elsewhere. Connection wise. The watch makes it easy enough to get started with the qr code and the zed app, and this app is going to be where all the essential functions from within the watch is tweaked from customizing. What notification it shows to setting different alarms and alerts and, of course, downloading different watch faces for customization it’s all done through this app and speaking of watch face customization. The list is updated all the time and i think up until now, i’ve counted almost over. A hundred different watch faces to choose from so that’s pretty great, but as a bit of a heads up, it does seem to take an unusually long amount of time to transfer the watch face onto the app and then set it up. So that puts a slight down on the experience, especially when each watch face is only a couple of hundred kilobytes in size, but when it finishes syncing it vibrates and it’s. Also here that you’ll find that the vibration motor on the watch is a bit rattly and loud as you’d probably expect from a cheap smartwatch, but on the watch itself. Swiping around the ui you’ll notice that it’s a little bit janky a little laggy. But for me it was never unusable and it never stopped working, which is, i guess, a pretty essential thing now.

It definitely doesn’t run at a smooth 60 frames per second and it’s, quite obvious that the processor has been tuned more for power efficiency rather than performance. But the positives is that it never gets in the way of the watch performing its functions and that’s thanks to how basic the overall software experience is. So in terms of overall usage it’s going to be fine now swiping on the main screen then shows different information, depending on which direction you swipe and it’s. Also here that you’ll appreciate what i mean about software jank, sideways swipes, shows cards about fitness step count and heart rate. Swiping down gives you some basic controls like a torch brightness and do not disturb and swiping up shows the menu with very basic options such as workout, heart rate alarms, music control, etc, etc, and, as mentioned before, there’s no app store. So again, look elsewhere. If that’s important to you – and it also doesn’t, have a speaker or a microphone, so you’re not going to be answering calls – or i guess, texting people or listening to music on it either. But as we mentioned before in its most basic functions, the gtr absolutely nails it it’s a really reliable step counter. I do a lot of walking and even sometimes running as part of my work and it counts. It really accurately plus it’s a robust workout tracker too, with up to 12 sport modes, which range from open swimming to skiing i’m.

Not gon na do that, but for most people it’ll cover the majority of the activity that you expect to do. Then you’ve got the heart rate sensor, which is quite reliable and thanks to its decent battery life, you could realistically wear it to bed regularly to track your sleep too, and when you compare it to the apple watch, the data and the accuracy it tracks is pretty Comfortable too, which is great now speaking of battery life, the watch has a 410 million hour battery and combined with the super basic os and optimized cpu, the gtr lasts way longer compared to mainstream watches amaze fit advertised 24 days of longevity with typical and optimal use. Yeah 24 days 2, 4. and in my use case, without modifying any default settings, i was seeing battery drain that would reasonably get close to this figure losing maybe three to four percent of battery life at best per day. Now, of course, this will depend largely on what you do, and i do reckon it’ll fall short by just a couple of days then advertised, but still on the whole. Its battery life is pretty incredible. Now, of course, if you start utilizing more of its other smart features that you see on other watches like and always on, display or you do a lot more workout or exercise tracking, with quite regular heart rate monitoring, then of course, it’ll obviously chew through battery. Quite a lot quicker and now i probably estimate with an always on display, with a bit of street sleep tracking on the side it’ll get through, maybe one week to two weeks of longevity at best.

But again, when you compare it to watches like the apple watch, which, on the whole is still a daily charging device, a lot of people won’t have the same faith. Doing activities like regular sleep tracking compared to doing that on a device like the gtr, which will be absolutely fine. I mean one of the biggest complaints about smart watches in general is how bad battery life is and the fact that you have to charge it every single day it’s. Why so many people end up going back to using just a normal watch now with the amazefit gtr because it lasts so much longer, even though it doesn’t have an app store for the most basic smartwatch functions, it ends up being way more useful than other smartwatches. It still tracks sleep, it still tracks fitness. It shows you notifications, it tells the time it looks good doing so and realistically not need to charge it for three weeks at a time plus, depending on where you look, it only costs between 190 to 2′, australian dollars or 140 us dollars. Those are a lot of positives for only a couple of negatives, again: it’s, not for people who need or want an app store or third party apps for the general user, who only really needs a good, looking reliable basic smartwatch. They can do all the basic stuff and last a long time doing so. The gtr is a pretty decent one and i’d recommend it for most people, it’s also a great option for parents buying for older kids who’d like a smartwatch without the bigger outlay of cash.

For an older apple watch, plus it lasts longer so they’re less likely to forget it as well as always, links will be in the description below so yeah 47 millimeter gtr from amaze fit massive tick in my eyes.