It does support measuring your blood pressure, so lets inspect Music. Hey everybody welcome to the channel, michael is my name, and what we do here is to expect fresh and cool tech today were going to talk about wearables and we use them for so many different purposes, like some people use them for health tracking, for tracking sport Activities sleep tracking could be just for fun or yet another stylish accessory so today were going to pay attention to the more medical side of the story, because this device by the company yhe is called the bp doctor pro. And yes, one of the very few that can really measure your blood pressure based on something integrated inside the watch, so all the bad and the good things, and whether this is worth the money. It is true. Other wearables, like samsung galaxy watch 4. Have the bp feature as part of the feature set, but the accuracy its based on algorithms and readouts of sensors? While here we have a small pump and technology which represents a mini blood pressure, device integrated inside the smartwatch price is around 400 dollars and lets carry on with unpacking. This is how i received it: standard box for a smartwatch id say even a bit bulkier than most other brands heres. The watch design looks good kind of weird looking strap at least thats. What i thought until i figured out that its a very special one and decides to be inflatable, the watch feels heavy and solid overall and there must be a lot of electronics inside theres, a charging station, unfortunately having a micro usb port as opposed to a type C, as usual for this kind of wearables theres, a large display responding to touches bunch of sensors on the back sides which are in contact with your wrist and make the health tracking readouts ill quickly go over the specs and well do some more research and measurings.

Afterwards, support for medical grade blood pressure measuring accuracy, patented inflatable air, cuff mediatek processor, a 141 inch amoled display with 360 by 360 pixel resolution, 24 7 hr monitoring, blood oxygen, saturation, tracking, close to 13 millimeter thickness and specially developed by yhe operating system, specs yeah. So many of them and sometimes really difficult to understand what they actually mean, and this is why we do a lot of real life tests and use cases and scenarios. Well, obviously, this represents a wearable device combining the features of a fitness tracker grade device display and other features, and a very minimalistic integrated blood pressure measuring device. Well, two things which are important to highlight: first of all, on yhes website, there is nowhere where they claim its medically certified, but they promise medically grade accuracy, which should be no more than 10 deviation compared to a professional device. Thats pretty good. The thing that could be a bit challenging because obviously this trap is inflatable its not so easy to replace because you see its sort of integrated. Therefore, you cant count on aftermarket different colored straps, and i think now the most important would be since this is the major highlight to find out how exactly we take a bp measurement. Put the watch on the wrist make sure its already paired with your phone. If not, it takes just a couple of minutes by the way weirdly. My unit has arrived being preset to chinese language and i was able to change this from the watch settings only with the help of google lens translator press the button to go to the up list.

Select the bp option make sure the strap is tightly buttoned around your wrists. You have to keep the watch at the level of your heart for best results and also your hand and body needs to be in resting condition, simply start the process, dont move or talk for a couple of minutes until the measurement takes place, youre going to feel Some more pressure being created around your wrist, exactly as it would feel with dedicated medical device. In the end, it shows the results which are usually very close to what a medically tested device actually shows. The really nice part is that you can schedule bp measuring reminders like one for the morning, one for the afternoon. If you know that the person wearing it needs such kind of functions and the results can be tracked remotely via the app the rest of the functions are accessible through the menus, there are two buttons: the top one is a power button. Turning the screen on and off and heres the menu button, which leads to most of the apps scrolling speed, is apparently not spectacular, but animations in the overall design feel good youre going to see apps similar to most fitness tracking devices, like the mi band series. For instance, no way to install extra apps, we count on whatever yhe have integrated hr data, spo2 tracking sleep tracking steps, a few exercise modes. There is no gps, so outdoor tracked activities, wouldnt show any route or something most of the apps are capable of pulling samples.

24. 7.. Therefore, you count on quite a lot of info shown inside the smartphone app its called bp doctor. You can find it for both android and ios. Its tidy bunch of health data groups, like you, can find information about the steps that you make per day or read data about your sleep cycles in order to have these results. Youre gon na have to wear the watch. 24, 7, of course, and keep in mind that for sleep cycles, it doesnt show rem status. Yet the rest of the data seems to be pretty accurate. The hr sensor was able to detect spikes. When i was putting my body under physical stress measuring blood oxygen, saturation is also among the features no continuous mode, though this is done in order to preserve battery life. Notifications are also shown whatever you receive on. The phone is gon na pop up on the watch screen as well. No responses to these notifications are possible, though not from the watch. At least you know that i like to rate products based on real life usage and assess the strengths and weaknesses for the few days ive spent with the bp doctor pro smartwatch. I found out that it feels a bit bulky, although it is among the slimmest offering this technology. It has no inbuilt gps, no speaker, no microphone, no wi fi and it is not waterproof. The battery life is also not that remarkable. If you make bp readings more often, this literally involves an air pump, so that consumes a bit more of energy.

Around three days is what i got with regular kind of usage and health parameters being tracked all the time, which is a good enough achievement. In my opinion, final thoughts, its really good to see that blood pressure measuring is making its way to wearable devices, and i expect to see more different models in the coming months and years with even better accuracy. Although i think i can only praise the bp monitor inside because it has been consistent and accurate, almost all the time in terms of smartwatch features, theres, obviously a lot to catch up with, and i really hope that yhe are going to release some further firmware enhancements. In order to improve certain functions and bring in some new features, if you happen to have any follow up questions or possibly comments be invited, the section is down below the video as usual, link to the product, more information and possibly a discount code somewhere.