All these watches have their pros and cons, but the take watch also 3 pro gps. Smartwatch is one of the best ones you can get right now. Period are considering the features that you get the level of accuracy and, of course, the price. This watch basically has everything someone needs in a smartwatch, but lets start by saying: hey folks. My name is leonard youre, watching a product, reviewer and thats me now. The ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps smartwatch has a lot of hair functions and a pretty good built in gps. So with this watch, you get a 24 7 heart rate tracker. This one also tells you your daily highs lows and your resting heart rate. In addition, you get to see your different heart rate zones, your past weeks, heart rate and will tell you in your abnormal heart rate. If you happen to have some next up, we got a sleep trucker, and this one is amazing. You get to know your sleep duration, it calculates your sleep efficiency and, in addition to that, you get to see your different sleep cycles and how long youve been in these cycles and your spf 2 level during the night. The ultra. This is what im going to call this one now, since the normal name is a little bit too long. For me also has an all day, stress, breathing exercises and tick. Hearing tick hearing basically tells you how loud your surroundings are. As for the accuracy of the heart rate and the built in gps, the ultra did not disappoint me.

Now, as i was comparing it to my polar asian chest band, this watch was pretty damn accurate and as for the gps, it was very good considering that were still talking about a smartwatch, oh by the way you can get. This watch in two different variations, either a bluetooth version which i have on right now, or a 4g lte version now. Basically, the only difference between these two versions is that you can call your family and friends right from your wrist without having to smartphone nearby with the 4g lte version and with the bluetooth version, you will still need your smartphone with you now. Another difference is the price. The bluetooth version only costs you right around 300 euros, whereas the 4g lte version will cost you up to 360 euros, not cheap, but still a very good price. Considering that were still talking about a mid range smartwatch and for that price we get a huge 1.4 inch. Ammo touch display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixel through the one gig and in combination with the snapdragon 4100. This watch runs super smoothly. I mean i can swipe left and right up and down. I can open up abs without lagging or stuttering. Now, as for the casing, we get a stainless steel case with high strength nylon with fiberglass and in addition, we get corning gorilla glass with anti fingerprints. So you know this watch is durable, now theres one little drawback to this watch, which is that you can only get this watch in the color black.

I mean you can swap out the straps. If you want to, you just need another 22 millimeter strap and since you have a quick release feature that is easy done now off to some quick side notes. The ultra has a speaker, a mic. It is ip68 waterproof and, as a product page calls it, it has a vibrator in ppg. Ppg probably stands for points per game. So if you wear this watch during the game, you probably go more points. You also have nfc for contactless payment, gps baidu, galileo qzns, which is one of the reasons why this watch is so accurate on the gps tracking, since you have more than one satellite watching over you by the way, you also have two physical buttons on this watch. The lower one is customizable and can be connected to any app for quicker access like your sport modes, for example. But if you had interview settings scroll down to personalizations and over here click on customize hardware button, you can customize your hardware button to any app. You want to okay lets, get to a feature that a lot of people are looking for in the smartwatch, and that is not the music player is actually the ability that the watch is downloading music from somewhere for offline listening and yes, this watch has spotify. So once youve hooked it up to your spotify account, you can start downloading all of your favorite playlists, podcasts and tracks right to your watch.

Just keep in mind that you will need a spotify premium account in order to do so. Also, you will have to have the latest updates from spotify on your smartphone and on your smartwatch, but that shouldnt be a problem. Now spotify is one of the apps that is pre installed on your smartwatch. Just like google pay, the weather, widget translator and you have a google play store, and with this one you can download a bunch of more apps. The nice thing right here is that the watch is already giving you categories like music streaming, apps featured apps track your workout productivity, apps watch face and a few more, but you can, of course, just type in the name of the app in the browser tab as Well, what you can also do is download the apps that you have on your smartphone to your smart watch, so you dont have to look for them anymore. Now, lets get to some watch faces. If you long press the main screen, you can choose. A new watch face all of these may not be customizable like on other smart watches, but youll still get a decent pool of pre installed watch faces, and if that is not enough for you, you can download new watch faces from the play store or in the Mopoy app over here, you have a huge variation of different styles like simple looking ones, winter style flattened classic minimal, or you can browse the top watch faces of the week as well and pick one from over.

Here i mean not. All of them are for free and you may have to pay a dollar or two for them. But if you look a little bit around, you will see that there are plenty of free ones as well now lets get to the battery life for a second, and this one is amazing, four smartwatch, with these mini features and this big of a screen. If you have everything turned on, this watch lasts up to three days that one decreases a little bit if you have the awesome display turned on and if you do workouts with gps. Now, with these two things turned on, the watch still lasts about two to two and a half days, which is still very good. Also new to the author is the fatigue assessment, utilizing information gathered from all of your sensors, the watch analyzes your hrv and can help you visualize your energy levels and your mental fatigue. Reviewing this information can help you to recognize trends and potential. Make changes in your lifestyle to improve your overall health? You can see all of that in the mobile app in 30 minute intervals with a scale from one to five. So what else can this watch do? If you swipe up, you will get to your notifications. Youll receive notifications on just about any app on your smartphone, and you can even reply to whatsapp messages either by typing. Your own text use one of the quick reply, answers or you can make use of the bit the mic and use the speak to dictate feature.

Since you have a built in speaker and mic, you can call your family and friends right from your wrist. Now, with the 4g lte version, you dont need your smartphone with the bluetooth version. You will need your smartphone nearby, so you can punch in the number you want to call, or you can just open up the contacts app and look for your friends over here, and you can call them either way. It works perfectly fine and folks thats already it for the video. Now, if you like it, please hit the like button and subscribe to.