This is adam and you’re. Watching family pop tv youtube, channel tick watch gth the new smartwatch from mobvi. It has a number of cool features which we’ll discuss later in today’s tech review, ticwatch gth costs around 69 british pounds or 79 american dollars. This is the only tick watch with rectangular shape at the moment, and this is the most budget friendly smartwatch techwatch has in offer. In the box, you’ll find an user manual, an usb magnetic charging cable and the smart watch itself on the front. We got 1.55 inch. Tft lcd display, with a screen resolution of 360 by 320 pixels with a nice curved front glass with anti fingerprint coating. The display is very bright. There are four levels of brightness here and it has got a vivid colors. The watch has got a metal body. The design has been strongly inspired by an apple watch, as you can tell, but that’s. Obviously a matter of perception. The straps are made from silicon. They are removable and replaceable with any 20 millimeters wristbands of your choice. You can find an amazon affiliate link to the compatible wrist straps in this video description. At the back, we got a ppg sensors, the body temperature sensor, which monitors the body temperature 24 7 and the charging pins at the side of the watch. There’S, a single multifunctional round button, which is a home button, a power button and the exit button. It has a water resistant rating of 5 atm, meaning it’s suitable for showering swimming and snorkeling at depths up to 50 meters.

Just make sure you remove it before taking part in any high speed water sports. It pairs with a dedicated mobvoi app you’ll have to scan a qr code with your smartphone to get to the apple store or google play as the app is compatible with both ios and android. The connection between the smartwatch and the mobile device use bluetooth 5.0. There are several useful features under tick health, which are logically organized here, and we got a tick pulse, which is a heart rate measurement. We compare the accuracy of the tick watch with a more expensive device, which is polar vantage m2, which has a very accurate heart rate measurement and, as you can see, the ticwatch does the job pretty. Well, as we got very similar readings of the heart rate from both devices thick breath rate is a respiratory rate measured by the number of breath you take over one minute. Music, take oxygen that feature measures the blood oxygen saturation, which refers to a measure of how much oxygen your red blood cells are carrying your body closely regulates your blood oxygen level. Maintaining the precise balance of oxygen. Saturated blood is vital to your health. Most children and adults don’t need to monitor their blood oxygen level. In fact, many doctors won’t check it unless you’re showing signs of a problem like a shortness of breath or chest pain. Another feature the thick temp monitoring your skin temperature: it does it consistently 24 hours a day, it’s pretty useful feature in the current corvette situation.

Take zen. This feature measures your potential stress level, using the physiological measurements of body temperature with the onboard skin thermometer and also at measuring how well the heart is functioning by taking the heart rate measurements after three minutes of measuring it gives you the relaxed or stressed score. I like it, let me know what you think in the comments below take: breathe, deep breathing exercises to reduce potential anxiety by exercising deep, diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing, allowing your lungs to expand and creating negative pressure that drives in through the nose and mouth filling your lungs. With air relaxing breath acts as a natural tranquilizer for the nervous system, it’s best to perform the exercise. Seated with your back straight, however, you can’t perform it while lying in a bed or during yoga tick exercise. The tic watch, gth hasn’t, gotten automatic exercise detection. So before exercising you’ll have to switch the exercise tracking manually and the tic watch, gth has got a pretty big list of features. You can track several exercises, as it has 14 sport notes built in which is an outdoor run, outdoor cycling, rope, skipping swimming walking, rowing freestyle, mountain, climbing indoor room, gymnastics soccer in the us. We got football in uk, basketball, indoor, cycling and yoga tic watch gth can count your steps, your calories, burned and kilometers or miles traveled. The watch provides the data, so the app can do your health monitoring. The app will create graphs to provide visible health data.

For you to know your own physical conditions easier, the mob boy app can offer you a complete guide during training to help you crush your fitness goals. Tic watch gth has some degree of customization. You can pick and download a selection of available watch faces through the mobivoy app. You can also create your own customized watch, face using any photo or image from your smartphone and use it as a background scale it and choose the colors of the fonts. Now this is an example of the custom watch face. You can have your time and the step count at the bottom of the display. If you create your own watch, face or download the watch face from the mobvoi app selection, you could only store one own watch face in the smartwatch at the time to quickly change the watch face. You just press and hold the screen for about three seconds and then choose between the four factory watch faces and your customized one take sleep. You also have a sleep tracking mode means. The watch provide a record of your sleeping pattern. Notifications, as for the other functions and notifications for incoming calls, are supported, as well as text messages and also facebook, messenger notifications, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, etc, etc. Every time you receive a notifications like a call, sms or app message or any social media, app message, it vibrates to alert you to avoid missing any important news. Should you have an incoming call, you have an option to drop the incoming call.

Unfortunately, you can’t take the phone call directly on the watch. In addition, the techwatch gth offers a timer a stop watch a weather forecast which being pushed from your pair smartphone music control. This allows to control the music tracks in your smartphone using the ticwatch screen. It’S got a find watch feature as well. If you lose your watch somewhere in your house, you can tap here and the watch will constantly vibrate and ring until you press confirm the ticwatch gth can be connected to amazon, alexa and google assistant. However, i don’t own. The alexa, but if i will have a chance to test this feature, i’ll post it via the pin comment in this video description, the high intensity lithium battery, allows you to use the watch longer. You should have about 10 to 14 days of battery life between charging full charge takes around 2 hours if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable smart watch that has 5 atm waterproof rating and is compatible with android and iphone smartphones as well, ticwatch gth would be A good and reliable option to start with, please give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed our video and found it pretty informative, and if you are new to the channel, please consider subscribing to familypoptv youtube channel guys if you’re picking this up or you’re planning to Buy one there’s amazon link in the video description when you could get the tick watch gth for the third prize.