We are a huge fan of smart watches. There is an endless supply of whether it’s some sort of smart wearable, a fitness tracker, a true smart watch, custom running wannabe, smart watches such as that new oneplus watch that we just reviewed on the channel um running their own homegrown operating system instead of wear os. Well, ticwatch has created their own ticwatch in their prior formats, the ticwatch pros and all that did actually run wear os, but they have come out with this baby right here and first thing: you’ll notice, it is their first square faced wearable, obviously in the world of Uh android phones and all that, if you don’t, have an iphone there’s, really not a lot of square faced, smart watches to mimic an apple watch now. Having said that, for this ticwatch gth they elected not to go with wear os, they created their own sort of operating system and again similar to what oneplus did with theirs. The reason all stems back to battery life, so with this device alone, you’re supposed to get seven to ten days of battery life, the oneplus watch was preaching about 15. It seems to be you’re gon na get about a week, so i’m hoping this might be more true day in the life usage for a 7 to 10 day wearable that’s huge it’s, the one big reason: why i’m not a massive wear os fan just because of How little of time you can actually wear that watch without having to charge it, they preach sleep tracking.

They preach all of these. Basically, all these programs that allow you to wear it 24, 7, but that’s, just not facts right now. So, with this i’m hoping this watch – and this you know, custom divine, decisive os that they came out with this might be the one you can wear 24 7., so we’ll go into all the specs in another video. I just want to give you a quick, unboxing and first look back of this casing. You can see it is waterproof for five um atms. You can see it does. Support. Custom watch faces 14 workout modes. It has auto motion recognition which, for those of you that don’t know what ought to recognize, if you’re running, walking doing some sort of workouts respiratory rate detection, so basically heart rate tracking. You have sleep tracking, 24, 7 skin temperature tracking. That is new and i think it’s a first on a wearable. This actually can tell you your skin temperature. So if you’re out in the sun all day, you could say yo, you’re, uh, you’re burning up also, you have stress level detection using hrv and it has curved metal glass into the body supposed to be a really nice looking wearable. So let’s go ahead and crack this baby open and take a look at this. I have my boys old, tic watches, i’ve used them in the past they’re great watches. The way they have incorporated that secondary display utilizing low power is phenomenal.

So i really hope what they did here is going to be a keeper and a winner. So right off the bat when you open it up, you can see your watch right here. Has this little cover over it and you can get a good idea of what that size display is. It does have that rubber band go ahead and pull this off. These watch bands are customizable. As you can see, it looks like about a 20 millimeter band. That would work, for you looks like there’s a piece of plastic covering the heart rate sensor and all these other measurement tools you can see right off the bat too. It does have a magnetic pin connector for the charger. There is actually a crown here that does twist i’m, not sure if that’s by design or if it’s just for looks let’s see if there’s any battery there. It is let’s go ahead and see what else is in the box. There is that magnetic charging cable with a usb, a connector on the other end of that there we go Applause and your reading material, so for now, we’re just going to pluck this to the side. Let’S get this baby synced up and i’ll. Show you what it does all right, so we got the mavoy app downloaded. This is your home screen. If you have nothing else, connected we’re going to go ahead and say, add device and there’s the ticwatch gth right there we’re going to allow that to take photos, scan that pairing, successful allowed access contacts, manage phone, calls, photos, media and files and view sms.

All right. Go ahead and allow mop floyd to do these things confirm health go ahead and fill out the personal information again, really quick, all right! So as soon as we finish setting up our profile, it said there’s a firmware update available, always good to see with such a new item. It means they’re actually hoping to fully support it. They recognize there’s some issues and they’re going to try to correct it. So, as you can see, it is working on that install let’s go ahead and wait for this to finish all right, so it is all complete. Now we are fully synced and you can see that all that marketing material that uses this watch face is your default. Go to watch face for this watch. I can tell you right now. The build actually feels pretty good on this i’m, really curious to see how all of these sensors are, including that new temperature sensor that this watch comes with not a fan of this band. Necessarily that was one good thing. I really preached about oneplus band. It actually felt very nice to wear that. I didn’t care about switching out this one. Not so much might be. My first thing i do is to change out the band, but all right there you go, you can see your swipe navigations work perfectly. Well, you have your weather to the left, your health measurements, your sleep data, if you’re going to start a workout respiratory rate, there’s, your running heart rate looks like it just cycles through pull down from the top.

Oops looks to be your settings. Yep looks very limited in your settings here, whereas opposed to on other smart watches you control a lot about the device. Right here looks like a lot of it’s going to be handled in the app itself. Swiping up gives you your notifications and here’s. Your apps let’s see if we can actually scroll this display nope. So it is not a rotating crown. It is only for button presses, as i kind of expected and here’s all the tick exercises. Your timer smart watch, user controls, oh here’s, another settings and it still takes you to those abbreviated settings menu, so very limited on this. It looks like probably can press down as well to change your watch face let’s. Give that a try yep. So you can swipe between all your watch faces here: uh it’s, holding at least five here, at least by default. You have smart mode which will have automatic heart rate, detection, blood, oxygen, detention, skin temperature respiratory rate do not disturb tilt awake watch face settings, smart reminders, app reminders, so notifications, basically more features find your watch screen light up. Duration, 15 seconds max, no always on display 24 hour clock. If you like that, i don’t personally fahrenheit measurements. Unless you need celsius watch face settings let’s see if that wants to load for us, you can customize your watch face. It looks like there’s a bunch listed here, but it’s not pulling in a sample view of what that would be let’s just click.

The saturn could just be running a little slow right now. Hopefully, that is not how the os really runs based on this app, but while we go through that and put that through, the paces make sure to thumbs up this video comment down below. If you guys want to see a review on this as well.