. If what we are looking for is a watch that offers us many more possibilities, the new ticwatch pro 3 ultra is one of the best options with this system, since it has a large number of sensors, the latest qualcomm processor, the snapdragon 4100, which is a guarantee In As for updates and an autonomy that has surprised me enough, I have been using it for a few days and in this video I tell you everything you need to know about this smartwatch and some considerations to take into account when buying any watch with wear You, after the intro lets, start hello, everyone and welcome to danielotech. Well, the first thing that caught my attention about this smartwatch is its design, has one to Very similar appearance to that of the galaxy watch, 4 classic of 46 millimeters, but with a much lower price, and even more so with the discount coupon that I leave below. In the description of the video, it has a circular format. The case is made of stainless steel, nylon and fiberglass with a diameter of 47 millimeters. So it is not a small watch. We have a thickness of about 12 millimeters and a strap weight of about 67 grams according to my scale. The truth is that for the size it has me, It has seemed a fairly light watch quite comfortable, and I have even been able to sleep with it. On without discomfort, its fluorinated rubber strap is more resistant than the typical silicone.

Straps is 22 millimeters and is interchangeable. Therefore, we can put any strap of this size without Problem. As you have already seen, we have two buttons, one of them to wake up the screen. Although we can also do this by tapping on the screen itself or to enter or exit the screen. menu, what has been the main button, and we have a second button for a particular function that we can configure according to our needs by default. What it does is start sports activities, but in my case I have configured it to be able to make payments with the clock, and that is, we have nfc compatible with google pay. In fact, the application is pre installed by default, and I have been able to make payments in different shops without any problem. Only with the clock on this side of the buttons we have the microphone and on the other side we have a speaker, and that is Yes with this watch we can make and answer calls from the watch itself, although before finishing the video, I will point this Out so stay and see it until the end, because it is quite an important piece of information. This smart watch has a very nice design, at least in my opinion, it has a double screen of very good quality. In particular, the main screen is a 1.4 inch amoled screen with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels with 3 26ppp and automatic brightness adjustment looks pretty good outdoors, but in these circumstances the low consumption lcd screen on this screen looks even better because this brand mounts Its own technology called dual display and has this second screen that always remains turned on to give us the basic data, such as the time, the date, the steps and the battery level according to the brand having this screen always active in the essential mode, as they Call it we have an autonomy of up to 45 days, although I personally have not been able to do this test anymore, that the grace of a smartwatch is to use it as such.

Then I will tell you about the real autonomy that it has given me and we can also customize the lighting of the lcd screen being able to select from a palette of 18 colors, something that we did not have in previous generations of this watch. The truth is that this dual display technology that mounts this watch, that seems to me a success to have a greater autonomy, which is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this watch. As we will see later, its screen is anti fingerprint and has Corning Gorilla glass protection for scratches. We have IP68 water resistance, so we can shower or bathe with the watch and it also complies with the military standard 810g. So it is more resistant to extreme temperatures. Solar radiation, humidity, etc. in terms of hardware. As I said, we have the latest processor created by qualcomm for this type of watches, with wear. We have specifically the qualcomm snapdragon 4100 that provides a 40 more performance than the previous generation and greater energy efficiency, and the truth is that this is very noticeable if we compare it with the first generation ticwatch pro, which I also reviewed on the channel. The system moves in a completely fluid way and the truth is that it is amazing to see so much fluidity in this system in wear os. This processor is accompanied by 1 gb of ram memory and 8 gb of internal storage, or so that we can install all kinds of applications from the google play store of wear os.

For example, I have installed some applications that I use regularly, such as todoist to organize google, keep for notes or spotify that we can use offline without having to carry our smartphone up thanks to playlists offline. You can download directly into watch another say next that we have sensors all have heart rate sensor, measuring blood oxygen, gyroscope, accelerometer barometer compass sensor, which did not have in previous generations sensor Ambient light in addition to GPS, which is very fast, picks up a signal immediately And together with the compass, it has great precision when we practice sports being able to go out to practice sports only with the watch that will monitor both the route we have done and other data thanks to the sensors In connectivity. It is not short either and we have wifi too n. We have a bluetooth, 5.0 and nfc, as I mentioned very complete in this section in terms of its wear os system. It is a system that offers many possibilities, especially for those users of android smartphone, and although the version that is installed at the factory is wear os 2.32, both google and mobvoi have already confirmed their approval so that you can receive wear os 3. But beware, apparently only smartwatches, with snapdragon 4100 onwards will be able to receive this update, so I would rule out any smartwatch with wear os with a processor lower than this one in terms of customization Spheres or watchfaces. We have many options since thanks to wear, we can install more than 1000 watchfaces on the watch.

We also have some pre installed applications some by mobvoi, which are the ones that start with tic, and we have applications to measure the heart pulse measure the oxygen level in blood monitor more than 20 sports. We can also monitor sleep and also, We can, for example, use applications such as google fit and many others from google, or we can even install third party applications for this purpose. The truth is that their sensors have seemed quite accurate to me at least compared to the measurements that my apple watch usually gives me, but Well. On the other hand, it is something to be expected in a smartwatch of this range and at this price. I also liked that it gives us a lot of information on the watch itself about daily activity, where we see a summary of our activity in steps, distances, calories, burned and also information, exercise, heart rate, oxygen, saturation in blood, etc. Also gives us a lot of information and very detailed on monitoring the light. Sleep sleep, sleep, deep, sleep, rem, all this data. We see on the screen itself the clock and do not need much Unless we are looking at the mobile application to know all this detailed data. I really think that this guy smartwatch are a step ahead of other cheaper smartwatches and is that it is completely oriented to monitor our health. For example, it provides us with notices of cardiac arrhythmia. Also, if we have insufficient sleep, it will tell us or if we have a low oxygen level in blood, because if we configure it, it will be making measurements throughout the day, and it will warn us if any of these levels is unusual.

We also have other extra functions, such as the translator voice notes assistant to wash our hands warning of high noise or the assistant google voice, among others, and that is the grace of wear os that we can have as many functions as applications. We have available for this system. The application to monitor the sport that comes by default is called exercise tic and it monitors us. As I commented more of 20 sports. All of you are watching right now, so in this aspect it has improved compared to generation. It is earlier and is quite complete in terms of battery. We have a large 577 mAh battery that, according to the brand, gives us up to 45 days of use in essential mode and up to 3 days of use in smart mode. Although in my experience, using it in smart mode and with All the sensors, active 24 hours have exceeded these 3 days, so it seems to me a very good autonomy in the case of a watch with wear os, and here comes the important information that I mentioned At the beginning of the video users, with an android smartphone can make calls from the own watch can answer calls with the watch itself, since it has a microphone and speaker, as I said before, sample, we can also see all kinds of notifications in a very complete Way with emoticons included whether they are emails, whatsapp messages and others, and we can respond from the own watch, but be careful as long as we have an android smartphone, but things change a lot if we are iphone users in this case, we cannot, We can make Or answer calls on the watch, nor can we answer messages.

We can only see who calls us on the phone or read the messages, but not interact with it so for users with iPhone the functions of this smartwatch are much more limited. So, if that, In your case, it is much smarter to buy an apple watch, for example in case you do not have much budget, since it has a very similar price to this ticwatch and the integration with an iphone is infinitely better in either case to manage The clock with our smartphone, whether it is iphone or android, it will be essential to install the wear os application to configure and synchronize the clock, and we can also install the mobvoi application itself to see our activity with more extensive information than we see in the Health tic application from the watch, as well as to access this information from previous days. In summary, this new ticwatch pro 3 ultra seems to me a one of the best options that android users have a very complete and quality watch with the latest hardware, very good autonomy for being a wear os, and that has nothing to envy to the galaxy watch. 4, classic with a much lower price until Here is my review of the new ticwatch pro 3 ultra. I hope you liked that at least it has been useful to know what things to take into account before buying a smartwatch with wear.