A little different ive tried, the moto ones. Ive tried the garmin ones, ive tried the samsung, the apple watch, all the rest of them. So when i do see a new smart watch, im always curious, then they reach out to me said: hey, do you want one for review and i said absolutely so: full disclosure there they did. They were nice enough to send this out to me and i, you know, im a cheap date but im not that cheap. I promise so youre still going to get the things i like and dont like about it. One of the things that i do like about it, you can see right there at the front, but well talk about that in a moment. So i do like a lot of things about it. Impressed me over the course of a week a lot more than i thought it would, and but it should, though, because that price tag is not a minor league price tag. When you come in at three bills, its not a matter of well its a 50 or 100 watch, if it doesnt work, if it doesnt work well, if i dont like it, if it breaks in a year, i could just throw it away and get another one. This one, you better have some longevity and you better have some quality control about it and it better work well or else its not going to be even close to worth the 300 price tag, because thats when youre getting up into galaxy watch territory right, you start Getting into the smaller apple watches and all the rest of it, so at 300 you have to deliver now.

The one thing they do do at 300 is: give you a beautiful nice big display, because its very tough at this price point even to get. I think its either 47 or 48 millimeter display, which is quite nice and high quality, because when youre talking, the cheaper price ranges on the galaxy watch, youre talking the 40 or the 42, or something like that. So youre not quite in the big readable range, and that makes a difference its not it doesnt wear as large as some of the fort. As you would imagine, a 47 millimeter watch a regular watch. Something like this from long islandwatch.com link in the description would because its a smart watch, but you do get to use that extra display area and the great thing about this is that when you think about some of these companies, you worry about the updates. You worry about security. You worry about support. This runs, wear os and its one of the few watches that will be getting wear os three when that samsung exclusivity deal runs out sometime this year, its the fossil watches its a couple other ones, the fossil gen. Six, not even the gen five, a few of the other ones, and then this guy right here and some of the other offerings from ticwatch, because its the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps. Clearly the person who was naming this just came from their previous job at samsung, but quite nice, so lets talk about some of the other things snapdragon 4100 processor and a giga ram which is going to allow that wear.

Os 3.0 update well talk about wear os. A little bit later on a screen is great, and that is one of the reasons. Why look at that? Look at that nostalgic indiglo that you get because of this dual layer display they talk about essentially and youve. Seen this with the moto watches and a couple other wear os devices, but the difference here. Is you get that always on layer right? You get the lcd thats always on and then of course you could raise it get the indiglo portion. You can change the color thats customizable there, which is good. You get some stuff here between the just between the date and time you get more than that. You get the steps as well in the seconds, but whats great about. It is a lot of times when you have these dual lcds and its always on its just kind of front lit its not great. You dont get a high res display lcd on the inside bottom. This one thats that dual layer you go ahead and open it up, and you get a nice high definition, high res display, which is absolutely fantastic to use and look at it is very nice to the eye. It goes right up there with the samsung displays and the apple watch displays as far as smart watches are very nice build quality, its, not all metal okay, so you get metal on the bezel here, which is not does not rotate its just kind of there.

But you could use its got time markers, so you could count out seconds and stuff, especially if, if you have a watch face that goes and does that its nice, because its a high quality, polycarbonate plastic, okay, so its not cheap plastic, its, not brittle plastic, but Its like those garmin watches its not the samsung ones, are all metal and all aluminum, which is nice, okay, stainless steel, whatever they make them out of, i think its aluminum very nice, however, if youre wearing it 24 hours a day in your sleep youre, its very Heavy its bulky to wear you wind up clubbing your significant other, or something like that in your sleep, its just. If you want to wear something thats going to track your sleep and have it be something that you use 24 hours a day, youre going to want the high quality build but youre going to want it a little bit lighter and this one certainly delivers on. That. Does a great job with notifications, the blue is bluetooth 5.0, so its fantastic going back and forth as soon as i get a notification. Not only does it pop up here, but when i dismiss it that little dot goes away, and one of these watches is absolutely a must, especially when you pair it with something like a z, flip, 3 or a surface duo, something thats closed or any sort of Foldable that doesnt really have a front screen that you use for notifications, because this nice big bright display, you could read the entire thing.

You could click into notifications. Its great youtube comments. Ive been able to see them all on this watch all week. If you comment on one of my videos it pops up, i click in. I can read the entire message. Really nice emails, color, full color. You get pictures on here, its great that big wide display, but its great to not have to open up my z. Flip 3 use up that battery and make that conscious effort to open the phone. When i could go ahead in here and dismiss it right away and lets talk about battery for this guy, because this is, i will give them credit now. This is the first company with a wearable who quoted a number who actually came up over the number, so they said 72 hours on their basic mode, which is the advanced mode which is using battery saving features and 45 days on. Basically, just this, which is fine. No ones going to use it like that, but i turned the brightness up: a tick theres, five brightness levels. I put it up to four. I turned on 24 hour monitoring for my heart rate and my blood oxygen level, and i got over three days of battery time, which is great because the one thing that annoys me about the galaxy watches of the world and all the rest of them and the Apple watch of the world is when you go in and see so ill turn it see if it whats its doing there see what what thing when you go in there and you get 24 hours of battery life, or some of them could stretch to 30 whats.

The point, if you have all this this sleep tracking stuff and everything that they want us to wear these things 24 hours a day if i got ta charge it. What am i supposed to do that? You want me to wear up my sleep. What do i make sure i have time every day, either at the office or where im out? If we go what, if im going out, i dont have time to charge. I got to decide whether i wanted a track in my sleep that night or not nonsense. If you give us those features, but not the battery life, to actually use them, what point is it? What difference? Does it make so thats? The one thing i like about this: you could charge this up on a friday. Take it with you over the weekend, if youre going away or something like that and not have to worry about, you absolutely have battery left with you on monday morning, which is huge huge because you can then wear it all night all day not have to worry Water resistant by the way you can wear it in the shower: it monitors afib and ekg all the rest of that stuff. So it could tell you having a regular heartbeat blood oxygen sensor, like i said and like i said with all of these, if you notice a slight drop, five percent drop in your blood oxygen level. If you notice a slightly off heartbeat, are you updating your will? No, but if you notice it over a bit longer length of time, if youre, noticing 20 percent less on your blood oxygen level for a week, perhaps make a doctors appointment, i think thats usually how you have to react when it comes to stuff like this, the Tracking is accurate.

I compared it against my fitbit charge. Five, no issues there uh step for step beat for beat. I didnt really have a big issue. There theres always going to be some variations in steps between garmin and fitbit and apple and all the rest, because they calculated slightly differently but no real issues there. It does have the gps in here. If you want to go solo gps, but i highly recommend just staying on dynamic that way, if you have your phone within range, it could go ahead and borrow the gps from the phone and not kill the battery on the watch itself. Theres, a bunch of watch faces that you want, because its wear os right so you can go in. You – can get a bunch of watch faces through the play store and all the rest. I stuck with the ones and were going to show the app in a moment its going to be a long, video but theres a lot to go over here. I stuck with the ones that they had in their default, and you can see this one here. I picked it out because, when i noticed i noticed this a lot on the samsung when you start going to the third party ones, you get abnormal battery drain if theyre not optimized right, if theyre pulling from the sensors like the heart rate and all the rest Of it over and over and over again, and not doing it properly, youre going to get abnormal battery drain and it just stinks.

So i stick with the official ones, no cat ones, of course, thats a thats, a major negative. But anyway, we we power through just the same, but its nice. You get enough of a watch face there to play with, and the other thing which is a lot of watches. Do is the 20 millimeter watch band, but it has the quick release. So you can put your own bands on there. The the base. One is nice actually its its a little thicker floor elastomer i dont if they can even call it that, but that rubberized material but its nice, its thick, it doesnt, feel cheap, so youre not getting robbed there. But if you have 22 millimeter bands, like those other ones, quick release for any other smart watch, you have go ahead pop those out swap them out. You can put spring bars in there put regular watch bands on there, no issue whatsoever, but overall its quite nice. Wear os: if youve used it, you used it, they put some of their tick stuff. On top of it exercise, health, all the rest, well go into exercise real quick, so you can see all these ones high, knee clap front, raise freestyle football fishing theres over 100. Different ones, burpees, you know things that i i would never be at risk of doing uh some high high activity items here that i want curling. They have even they dont have bowling, but they have curling, which i found to be odd, but they have a bunch of stuff in there.

You can access that through that menu there or you could go ahead. This pusher is exclusively for the exercises. This one is to activate the menu. Also, if you hold this for three seconds, you get your google assistant go ahead. Do anything there talking to that, the mic works. Fine speaker works. Fine for calls. No issues whatsoever lets go into the app real quick, because the one downside that i noticed is, if you use it for sleep tracking youve got this app here, which is their app okay, which is nice. It gives you fatigue and keeps track of stuff and see it updates there, and it gives you the sleep tracking which i like, but the problem is, with the sleep tracking it its a pain to update you got to go into the app make sure it refreshes Go back to the wear, os app, make sure thats connected to the watch, because you got stuff that you could do in here, stuff that you could do in the mobile moboy. My boy app, and it just gets to a point where youre, like you know. I wish you connected a little bit better and the problem isnt bluetooth, because with bluetooth 5 you could leave the room. Leave range come back, it works just fine and the app itself is nice, but sleep for some reason. You got ta click in and out of menus and then finally updates and the information is nice and its accurate.

Because again, i compared it to the fitbit charge, five, its nice, but its just odd, and i dont know if thats a where os thing or if thats a tick watch thing. And in my experience my previous experience makes me think its wear os because, while wear os two point, whatever has matured a heck of a lot but then the last time i used it on that moto 3, set whatever it was, watch its still its got a Little bit ways to go in terms of performance theres, still some crash app crashes here and there, but overall was pretty stable. Once you got it going once you got it updated. You got the play store on there. You could do stuff with timer weather stuff, its just a really overall nice experience. Swiping works, you get your weather, you get the heart rate, stuff measuring blood oxygen, but overall, its just a great experience. I i really it made me stop and think, because i was thinking three hundred dollars thats. A heck of a lot link will be in the description where to buy on amazon. They just ran it. They just had a sale for 250.. So if you want to wait for one of that 250, i think its a no brainer and 300 is more of a conversation. But, like i said you get the premium features you get the premium build, but you get the upgrades as well and the the support that comes with the knowing youre going to get wear os 3 and its got the hardware, the internal hardware, to run it and Run it well thats, something that at least should give you peace of mind, spending that kind of money, because the work, the last thing you want to do is spend 300 on a smart watch and when you could have spent 300 on a samsung watch, see the Samsung supported for three and four years, and this thing left for dead in about six months, so its gon na get wear os3.

That way it has google on the updates, as opposed to just tick, watch or moboy on the update. So you know theres some security. There, in the future, its got the snapdragon 4100, which is so important for these smart watches, the notification, the great battery life water resistant, the tracking accuracy lots to like here the app is is fine. You know youre using the wear os app and you can use the other app as well to kind of go into the stress and the fatigue and all the rest of the data. But if youre looking for a smart watch, you dont want you dont want something apple you dont want. I love that dual display and youre that indigo thats great, because i love looking down and just being able to see the time i want to watch. Who would have thought on a watch? You could look down and see the time all the time without having to flip it up and use the full display. You just get that liquid crystal display there with the back lighting, so you can see it and then, if you need something you go ahead and tap in and then youre right in or you can hit the pusher and youre right in and whats great is. If you get a notification flip it up even from the other screen, itll itll come into that, and you can see the notifications, so you dont have to do that.

Dual tap, which is great overall, i was surprised by the quality. I know now why people like them really neat like the fact that it has that security. I like the build quality of it, works. Well, all the rest of it. I really like that dual display, i think, thats something that sets it apart. So, if youre looking for something thats, not samsung, looking for something thats, not apple, the same old thing, the moto watches are not supported, believe it or not, theyre not getting wear os three. So this is getting something that motorolas not even getting on their latest generation of smart watches. I dont know about the next ones that they have coming out, but thats pretty neat. So go ahead.