The tick watch pro 3 ultra is an improved version of the ticwatch pro 3. and in terms of design. It looks much the same, its a rather minimal non nonsense. Look that i figure is going to go better with a casual sporty outfit rather than a business shirt or a suit which isnt bad by any means. The clean look of the body is contrasted with an almost carbon like ring surrounding the screen and the two hardware buttons to the side. The ring is mostly responsible for making this look like a sportier watch due to the five minute increments etched in it. Whats improved here is the build and its tanky as all hell. The body is made from stainless steel and high strength nylon, and the screen features the ever durable and anti fingerprint corning gorilla glass. It goes so far that, along with an ip68 water resistance, the watch even sports, a mill std 810 g military standard for its ruggedness and durability. Now, while i didnt drag it through the dirt or drop it from a two story building i can attest that the regular day stuff like accidental bumps and hits wont, leave a mark. Nor will we have to worry about splashes of water or even submerging it into shallow water. The same philosophy extends to the strap which is made out of floral rubber. What this means is that the strap feels really nice and soft to the touch, but is also flexible and highly durable, its not completely plain and has this nice texture that goes in line with the knurl design of the ring and the buttons.

Since we are talking about a 22 millimeter, strap youll easily find alternatives. Should you want to switch things up a bit and go with a different look now, while the pro 3 ultra might be a bit larger and thicker than some of the competitors, its not really? As bad as some make it out to be, and definitely much better than some of the other mobvoid models, the closest equivalent i could find is the 2018s 46 millimeter variant galaxy watch, which is an ok size for medium to large wrists. Even if you find it to be a bit of a chunky monkey its at least very comfortable to wear thanks to the strap and the layered body design, as for the buttons, they are easy to press and handle and are even topped off with this smooth, almost Rubber, like material for an even better feel the top button, takes you to the wear os app drawer, while the bottom one is mappable to any app or menu. Besides that, the right side features the mic hole, the left side, the speakers and on the bottom, you have the sensor slots and the proprietary charging port. Unfortunately, theres no wireless charging and the pin charger present here is not the most elegant, but at least it cuts down on the price. So hey you win some. You lose some Music. The tick watch pro 3 ultra is powered by the snapdragon wear 4100 and 1 gigabyte of ram, so navigating the ui is super snappy and very satisfying.

Even when you fill out most of its 8 gigabytes of storage space, the watch will not slow down one bit. The inputs are very responsive, apps, open up real fast and waking. The screen, either via a tap or a gesture, never misses its mark now pair that up with the beautifully vibrant and bright one point in amoled screen, and you have a watch that is generally a real joy to use now. The pro 3 ultra goes a step further with its tried and true secondary fst and screen, which is stacked on top of the amoled this time around my boy even added some vibrant color options to the screen, so its not the same old monochrome, green. All the time now, the great thing about this secondary screen is that, while you can set the watch to always on to keep the amoled running its much better, to switch it off and make the fstn screen do the same work for only a fraction of the Battery to put things in perspective, the normal amoled screen will give you around three to four days of normal use on a single charge, which is fairly standard for most flagship smartwatches these days. On the other hand, the essential mode which exclusively uses the fstn screen will keep it going for a full month or even more sure in essential mode. You only have access to time date, step count, heart rate and sleep tracking, but its a worthwhile trade off.

If youre, in a pinch or away from the charger for an extended period for normal usage, you can even schedule the time the watch will go in and out of the essential mode to get more out of the battery. Now, as for the software, the pro 3 ultra comes with wear os 2.33, which, despite being outdated, doesnt, detract from the user experience one bit. The app drawer is simple and to the point, the on device notifications work like a treat and you can make and take calls thanks to the mic and the speaker. The speaker is somewhat surprising in that for a smart watch. It actually sounds pretty great. The sound is loud and clear, and even playing some music on here is a somewhat realistic prospect for the sensors. You have the hd ppg for heart rate, tracking, the spo2 blood oxygen level and the low latency of body sensor. As far as exercise tracking. There are literally over 100 trackable exercises with all the basics like running cycling and swimming covered, as well, its all very accurate, most of the time and quick to sync to your smartphone, either via google fit or the mavoi app. Finally, while not exactly ideal that were os, 3 is not here right away. The pro 3 ultra is on the short list of watches set to receive the updates sometime during 2022, so the software experience is bound to get even better with time. Ultimately, despite it being pricier than the direct competitors, the ticwatch pro 3 ultra is well worth the 300 dollar asking price its an all.

Around premium experience and a flagship grade watch that android users cant go wrong with its tanki, build excellent performance and great battery life are bound to get even better once were os 3 rolls out, which is currently the only thing keeping it from being near perfect. If you like what youve seen in this video, as always, the product link will be included in the description down below and also dont forget to like and subscribe to keengamer for more reviews.