So in todays, video were taking a look at the xiaomi watch s1. So this is xiaomis new premium flagship level. Smart watch it retails for 260 us dollars what equivalent of that in europe and asia, because i dont think this is selling officially in the u.s for this price, though you get quite a lot, so you have a 1.44 inch. Amoled display super sharp resolution of 466 by 466 and its covered by sapphire glass, so its the same type of material that huawei would use in their very premium smartwatches, so its a little bit sturdier and harder than traditional glass, which is whats uh. Seen in the galaxy watch 4. and the body is crafted off stainless steel, so its the same material that you get in the higher end apple watch and also again, the huawei watch gt. Now. One of the standout features of this watch is that it has 12 day battery life, so on a single charge, it can go 12 full days. That is awesome because a galaxy watch, which i really like a lot, can only go about a day and a half. Maybe two days maximum same with the apple watch. Now the huawei watch can actually go a little bit longer. This can go 14 days, but then its also a little bit bulkier and heavier than the xiaomi watch s1. This thing measures only 11 millimeters in thickness and weighs 52 grams without straps, and you may notice that the straps are leather straps here.

So these are genuine leather straps and actually comes with the watch. Thats nice, because im not a fan of these on rubber vinyl straps that you get off the box with the apple watch or the samsung galaxy. I had to buy this leather strap separately. It came with this really cheap feeling, vinyl strap and also you get like fitbits. They all come in vinyl straps and i just think leather strap is higher quality, its more classy, despite that with the packaging of the xiaomi watch s1. You also get a pair of vinyl straps, so if you really like this for some reason, i dont know why, because this feels so cheap. If you really like this, you can use this, but otherwise the leather strap comes with the watch, and this is the one youd want to use now. This watch has all the sensors that you would expect, including a heart rate sensor, a single sensor on the back that detects your heart rate and also your blood oxygen levels, theres also a gyroscope and accelerometer air pressure, sensor, geomagnetic sensor and multiband gps. So that means you can take this out for a run without your phone and it will track your runs for you, theres also nfc for digital payment, and this watch is rated at 5 atm. So that means it can be underwater for up to 30 meters. For up to 10 minutes, so that means, if youre swimming itll be perfectly fine.

Unless youre going deep sea, diving theres, also two physical buttons here and theyre quite clicky. So obviously you press onto one you cycle through all your apps, you press on the second one. You get to cycle through your list of exercises now this watch supports up to 177 different types of exercise, but i can vouch out for regular fitness tracking like steps cycling, hiking, it works really well. The step count is very accurate. I wore it along. My apple watch and my galaxy watch 4 and all the numbers were pretty accurate. Now lets look at the ui, so this screen obviously looks very punchy and vibrant. It gets about 450 nits of brightness, so you cant see outside now. I am a fan of this graphic. Heavy ui with you know, showing your stats in boxes and widgets that you can interact with and they look very nice its just. You know visually appealing to have these large boxes, so you can see by tapping the box. I can get more in depth stats. You can read through all your stats right here, so you see. I walked 12 000 steps already today, its only 2 30 p.m. Now you swipe up from the bottom to access your shortcut toggles, and you see these are also large icons swipe down from the top to get your notifications. Now notifications is unfortunately, where this watch lets me down a little bit, which also is the case of the huawei watch.

So this watch will only mirror notifications from your phone. So that means, whenever youre on your phone, you can get here and youll be able to read the notification, but you cannot interact with it. You cannot swipe it away. You cannot respond to text messages. You can only read thats disappointing for me because i am a fan of being able to respond to messages directly on my wrist, which i do all the time when im wearing an apple watch or the samsung galaxy watch. This is like the only watch for android phones. I know of that allows me to get messages and i can actually respond via voice via typing fire scribbling, and it saves me a lot of time because i get a lot of messages and im always out and about. I dont want to have to pull on my phone every single time now setting up the xiaomi watch. This one is really easy. You just have to download xiaomis health app fitness, app and syncing is very fast. It only takes like two minutes as opposed to an apple watch or the galaxy watch, for it process takes like 5 10 minutes. This is much faster. Now lets take a look at the xiaomi health app. I like that. Its very graphic heavy, just like the xiaomi watches ui, and you can see all your information very clearly in colorful charts with detailed statistics i found out. The watch does a really good job of keeping track of my heart rate as well as sleep too.

As for watch faces xiaomis, our app has a lot of options, theres also a speaker and a mic on this watch, so you can make phone calls just directly on your wrist and as for digital assistant, you get amazons alexa here, which is a you know, not As good as googles assistant, but better than many other options on the galaxy watch, 4 im still stuck with bixby, which is terrible and on the huawei watch gt theres, just no digital assistant here that i can use. So this is the xiaomi watch. S1. 260 dollars. You get a really nice screen excellent battery life and premium build quality. I am, however, very disappointed at the inability to respond to notifications, but if you dont do that often then its not going to be a deal – and this watch may be worth a look so thats about it for this review, i have a lot more content.