com arent. They beautiful these represent flagship, android, smart watches and this the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps got ta memorize. That one represents a different category called where os its similar to the tizen. Slash wear os watches from galaxy, but none of these are like the apple watch. If you have an iphone stick with the apple watch most likely, but if you cant stand that square design and want a real round watch, these are an option for you. Lets go very, very simple. This is a quick video just to get you pointed in the right direction. We have detailed in depth reviews on each and every one of these i want to contrast: wear os from android. First of all, the wear os watches like this one typically have an always on screen. They use special kind of watch faces that allow you to have an ambient mode thats always on so you dont have the screen going off black and then have to twist your wrist to light it up or set the timeout really long, which is what ive done On these and have the battery run out really fast, not even last the day, its kind of a trade off, but here with the power, efficient, wear os operating system and a thing called an ammo led screen. You can have this always on screen and then you light it up and you can get the full color complete bright screen that you choose and each of these watch faces have a different representation of that always on screen.

So when it comes to watch faces honestly, i like this the best because of that always on capability, both the wear os and the android allow certain things on these uh screens. With your time like this, one is showing little buttons around the corner and theyre active touch spots. So you can touch one of them and itll. Take you to the phone or to spotify or to the camera, that kind of stuff and thats available uh on both kinds of watches, um, so thats uniform amongst them its not on all watch faces, though this is the um prime two from cospet, and it is One of the biggest watches on the market so thats. The next thing to talk about is size. It is a fred flintstone watch that is probably the biggest watch. Youre going to see. Dwayne johnson would look normal in this watch. This is a big one, but even when you go to the smallest one, these are all basically the same size. Slightly different case lets grab this one here. This is a lock matte, app llp4 cospet prime2 again, i have reviews on all of these theyre listed in the show notes. Just click there youll go right to the review. If any of these appeal to you. This one now looks like this on lets. Talk about a couple of things, look at the size of the screen. I have a seven inch diameter wrist, so its just about right, a little bit on the big side i dont know it just depends on your opinion there.

It is look at the overall thickness while were at it, okay, because its got a battery inside of it. That has to be a large capacity. Oops im losing my tag. I tagged all of them, so you guys could see them while on the video and wont have to keep them straight. In your mind, lets pull up the wear. Os tick watch now, thinner and smaller. Put this one on, and i think you can see that this could possibly work for a woman or a man or lets say a smaller or larger wrist smaller to medium wrist person. Again it looks okay, maybe a little on the small side i dont know. After looking at the big ones, but anyway thats the size of this one and um its of course lighter weight too. The uh wear os type watches the tic watch here is going to be lighter than any of the other ones that were looking at so size weight, life battery life, a big challenge. What weve seen here uh in the wear os, is a little bit better. Energy management, so it can use a smaller battery and get uh the same life expectancy as the android watches, with the big thicker battery and thats one to two days except um. This guy. This has got a two special layer screen im, not going to show it all to you. Just go on over and watch the full review and youll see that yeah.

We talked about the always on screen that you see here and then you can flip into this screen, but theres another liquid, crystal screen floating on top of here and you can have it set. So all of this will go off and you have like the old casio watch. Remember you put it in the sunlight and it shines and its black against white thats, a screen layer thats its built into this tiny thin one that you dont even see, maybe its easier. If i just show it to you, theres the regular screen and now its flipped into the reflective screen – and that gives you a huge huge advantage on battery life now, some of these other android watches have and have set up a special secondary mode that will extend Battery life, but it does it at a bit of an expense. It shuts off the internal radios, uh things like your bluetooth, your wi, fi uh, even cellular, so receiving phone calls. If you have it set up with a sim card in it, yeah i know were getting technical. I i wasnt gon na go. There were trying to make it simple. Battery life is best on here, its okay on these others. If you use uh power efficient processes, if you set things up to save the battery life, now talking about phone calls, all of these android watches have a sim card compartment right here. You can put in a nano sim that you get from your carrier.

It needs to be a t or t mobile or the equivalent in the us. It has to run on whats called the gsm network, so check with cricket or whoever else you might be thinking of, if its, not the two biggies and uh make sure it runs on their network. But you can put an independent sim card with its own phone number text, messaging everything contacts all that like if you just got yourself a second phone, you can do that with these same here. What you cannot do is tether these to your phone and what they call bluetooth tethering for calling. No, this is a big distinction, now pay attention. If you want to have a watch that you can wear that, when a call comes into your phone, you can answer it on your watch and talk to the person uh thats gon na need to be in my broken tick. Watch im, always dropping these watches. I get so excited on camera. Thats gon na be an aware os watch if its got supporting bluetooth calling, sadly, all the more recent android watches do not. There were some earlier ones that could do bluetooth calling but the new ones. No, so if thats a criteria for you, youve just eliminated all of the standard android watches, if a camera on a watch is really important for you and nowadays most of them have two. I accidentally touched the screen there theres a front facing camera, and this has a side facing camera yeah.

This one has got a big bump on the side for the forward facing camera and the side. Camera is actually on. The top. Android loves these, and these two have cameras that are rotating modules. This is a whole camera with um a flash on it as well. You got camera and flash and i can even i think, turn on the flashlight here. Yeah there you go uh with this one. So – and this has got just a tiny little rotating module – that little red thing is a sticker. I stuck on it because im doing some special stuff with it to keep track of it um, but you got cameras on all of these. There is no camera on a wear os watch. You just dont. Have it nothing on apple, nothing on samsung, nothing on ticwatch, nothing on anything, android wear! If you need or want a camera on a smartwatch, you eliminate this one. You can look at the android watches. Okay, phone calling bluetooth phone calling here – cameras here: okay, weight size, lowest here, bigger here, big, bigger screens, bigger thickness, bigger weight; okay battery life; more efficient here; okay, if you do, if a management on them right there, the last category id like to talk about difference Between android and wear os base, watches is health and fitness. Now we slide up here to get into your basic step, count, calories, burned and distance traveled, and you can get a summary across the days with some totals at the bottom and thats.

Pretty much all youve got with the internal pedometer with the uh android, as shown here on the lemp, but look at this one when youre here on the wear os in particular the tick watch you slide up and you get all kinds of other data. It can be monitoring your mental fatigue, your energy level, your high energy exercises, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and you can go back over many many days to see that activity theres your sleep time, not supported no sleep time at all, even with third party apps, we havent Been able to get a reliable good sleep monitoring information on the android watches, but you certainly do hear on the ticwatch and thats just the beginning, as you know, from watching the reviews on android watches you slide over once you get to all of your apps. You slide over again you get to your workout area, where you have exactly the same: outdoor run, outdoor walk, indoor and so forth, not too many of them, a few down to rope, skipping and depending on which version youve got some of these integrate with the gps. So you can get a track on a map, other ones dont. It just relies on the pedometer, but all in all, you really dont get a whole lot of data out of an android watch in the fitness area. Lets switch back again to the tick watch here and show you mowboy going into tick exercise. You have outdoor roarings and walks and cycling and stuff, and then you have more now look at this.

All of these activities are supported, and this is alphabetical gang. Look at all of this stuff – ive, never even heard of it just goes on and on and on and each hula hoop. Even i didnt even see that one motocross pilates polo wow, wow wow – and this is uh in all of the different – were os type watches. I believe, but definitely in the tick watch line of wear os, so tremendous amount of activity displayed there. You can get your pulse sleep oxygen and this thing: tick, zinn, where you can get your stress level. We saw that on one of the cards as well and, of course, you get charts that show you averages and distribution. I mean the wear os and this is the older wear os remember. The new version of wear os 3 coming out from google will be able to be installed in the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps, because its got the cpu that will support it. So yeah in terms of fitness, its a hand down difference between what you get in the wear, os ticwatch and any of the android watches. Is that enough to get you started? I mean we could go into a lot more detail, but i think its best now to just kind of send you on your way to take a look at these again. Ive got the names of them here. Listed and ive got a link in the show notes that you can go to each of these separately and, of course, the tic watch.

Now let me show you this, because uncle ticks keep this channel alive when you use our links thats how we kind of help get these watches in and whatnot. This is a general purpose, um listing here of links to whats a playlist, and each of these playlists has all of the watches that ive reviewed that run on android, 10, 9, 7, 6 and 5. All the way back to when we started this channel in 2016 2015. These are old. You cant, buy them anymore. Look at the android 10 and android nine. Those are the current ones on the market, its easy, its a bitly type of uh, an address,, slash, android 10 watch. Well get you to the playlist for all of these. Okay within the playlist. You can peruse the model numbers you can look at the thumbnails. You can look at the details and you can figure out which ones might fit your needs. Once youve now decided on whether you need a camera, whether you need bluetooth, calling whether you want always on type display the criteria weve been talking about if youre bubbling up the um android wear type, the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps. I got a special going on for you and that is 70 off. Not necessarily this model im not sure i havent checked it thoroughly, but several of the different ticwatch models are on a deep discount right now and irregardless. You can get yourself a pretty decent price and a discount if you use our link, bit.

ly slash mo boy thats. The company mo boy tic watch, okay, mo boy, makes tickwatch cospet makes these two lympho makes the lamp and lock matt makes the app uh llp for and theres a bunch of other companies we havent even mentioned, but this is uh. This is my recommendation honestly. If youre just starting out, but you want a high end, good watch thats, not an apple watch and youre not paying premium for samsung, i look at the ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps. I know its a big long word, but all of those things are important because theyve had earlier versions of the pro and uh use this link to head over and check it out. I think youll be really impressed as you go through the full review of the dual layer technology in here of a lot of the other features that i havent even touched on. Thats it guys um. I hope you enjoy what youre seeing here. I know this is very basic. Those of you who have been around a long time may think of it as a refresher course, and those of you that are brand new go deeper anytime. You want at smartwatchdicks.