Mobvoi has developed a series of proprietary AI technologies that establish an end to end human computer interaction system architecture. It produced a smartwatch TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS. What are the advantages of this Ticwatch lets? Watch this video till the end. I have tested within 2 months, and I will summarize the test result, whether worth it or not. Firstly, I will unbox this product. This box looks attractive and neat. We got a manual book here, emboss TicWatch word here, 2022 product front and back the shape like this. Then we untie this watch. The front of the watch is like this and it uses dual processor system. It has dual display with a customized colorful backlight. It will emit some light in dark room conditions when we shake hands. When we push a button, it will switch to the second face. Display Weight is 41g. Because of that we do not feel this watch is heavy. Furthermore, I, like the straps design and quality.. It is very comfortable to wear.. It is easy to detach in order to change the strap at the back. We can see sensors. The magnetic charger is quite intact. By having strong processors, it is easy to navigate with a fast response with no lagging next. It has Military Standard 810G. The test methods are listed on the screen. The battery life can be up to 3 days or 72 hours in Smart Mode full mode, and if you set Essential Mode, it can up to 45 days.

It has 20 Professional Workout Modes. Ihbafib Detection and Fatigue Assessment: it helps you to monitor your health. My workout result about 3 months workout from my history. Having fatigue assessment is able to advise and warn if we have a high heart rate other than that Google Pay is also available, but Im not sure to what extent it is used in Malaysia. It can be installed any suitable apps by using Play Store by Google. After 2 months of using this watch, I dont need my Android smartphone in my hand, I just keep it in my bag.. All necessary apps have been synced to my smartwatch. Once synced we can read messages like WhatsApp. We are also able to reply to any message by using this smartwatch just keep my smartphone in my backpack. I just use my TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS Can answer the call Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS, which is very suitable for any outdoor activities such as running camping hiking and various workout exercises., Kayaking, is also enjoyed to do. Spotify is also available. Listen offline from your wrist and Spotify on your TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS lets you download your favorite playlists and podcasts to listen to without having to take your phone with you.. Ok, this is the interesting part I like hiking, and it has become my weekly routine.. This smartwatch is actually helping me a lot.. I can determine my elevation along with my hiking until I reach the peak.

For example, I am at 508m elevation in terms of weakness. There are two drawbacks identified during the use of this watch for 2 months. First, sometimes the sensor of the heartbeat cant be detected. If I want to start any workout., I encountered it twice and what I did was. I have to restart the watch, then it back to function. This is an example of good function., even though any smart phone also facing this problem and need to reboot for better performance and function.. For me, it is a small issue as long it can work.. Secondly, the cable charger is easy to detach if we do not properly place the watch in the incorrect position. Those are the only two weaknesses that can be identified during the 2 months of wearing this watch. Other than that, I am very satisfied and recommended to all of you to wear this smartwatch for daily use and outdoor activities. These are the examples of heart and exercise record tracking inside the watch for GPS. It helps you to find the best route, The TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS has access to all five global satellite systems: GPS GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and Beidou. To help you plan your perfect adventure track routes and guide you to your destination anywhere in the world.. This is an example of mobile app. Powered by Wear OS by Google..