Now, happily, it looks very similar to the pro 3 gps, so i didnt feel i was breaking any embargos just having it on my wrist. While i was producing other videos, but i did goof pretty hilariously by putting the box up on my shelves – and i showed it off really clearly in one of my shorts, because im good at what i do in the interest of brevity from here on – were just Going to call this the ultra and the previous watch, the pro 3. now the ultra is a refresh built on top of the core experience from the pro 3. theyre very similar, and i wouldnt consider the ultra to be a traditional upgrade more its a little better Refined for specific features, if youre already on a ticwatch e3 or pro 3, the ultra isnt, really more betters just for being the newest watch and the ultra continues. The mobvoi dual screen tradition, a low power display and a larger battery, helps wear os run for three days on a charge. In my experience with full smartwatch capabilities tracking workouts 24 hour, heart rate monitoring, i could run three days and two nights disabling the smartwatch stuff and just using it as a regular watch and a fitness tracker, modboy estimates you can go for 45 days on a charge. Ive never tried running it to empty. I literally have not had this watch that long to try, but i believe mobvois estimates that theyre, pretty close, like i mentioned case and design, are nearly identical to the pro, with only minor differences to the ring around the bezel.

I feel the buttons are just a touch clickier on the ultra, but one of the small changes mob voice, swapped out the watch strap again and im kind of happy for that. The pro 3 watch strap irritated my skin, and i think it had something to do with the stitching. I quickly replaced the strap that came with that watch for the strap that came with the pro lte, the fluoro rubber strap with the ultra im almost positive. I said that wrong: this is a little thicker and it seems to be built a little sportier other aesthetic change, which is kind of fun. The second low power display now has backlight color options, its a silly small change, but i like that the glow can now be customized lex picked purple and i kind of dig it mob void. Details are more rugged, build for the ultra with mil standard 810g. I dont believe the water resistance has changed, though it sounds funny, but ip68 doesnt mean water resistant in all situations. These watches are rated for swimming workouts, but theyre, not solutions for deep diving with the a10g on the ultra. We might see better performance for pressure or for jets of water, but i honestly wouldnt push it quick flashback to someone my pocket. Nowadays, we killed a samsung galaxy active really easily taking it to a water park and hitting it with a hose. The pressure of water coming from a shower head as one example, is a very different situation than splashing your arm through water in a pool there are fitness trackers, better rated for that kind of activity, but i think this is one of the major failings of how We talk about iep ratings.

I think it delivers a false sense of security to hear ip68 and not understand how that rating was achieved. But i digress. Many of the new highlights for this watch are focused on longer term health tracking, now mobvoi isnt, including ecg hardware, but they are attempting to measure irregularity with a new heart rate sensor. Instead of pulling per second mob void, tracks beat to beat claiming its a more accurate look at heart rate in the moment and can deliver a more complete view of heart health over time. Theres, a new heart rate, monitoring mode as a labs option in the tick pulse, watch app and new categories for irregular heart episodes, an ecg will probably be more accurate in the moment someone might be experiencing an episode, but mobvois goal on the ultra is more data. Over a longer period of time, this additional data contributes to other tracking modes like mental fatigue and energy scores. You get two little bar graphs in tig health that score you based on fitness trends and sleep tracking with a solid week of use. I think these did a reasonable job of describing my general energy level, but, at the same time, a good chunk of my review window im still working off a nasty head cold along the way were seeing some wear os and app improvements. The refresh for the app store is on this watch. The setup process finally does not make me manually resign into every account.

I can manage from the watch. Of course, the wear os 2 setup process is still a little clunky, but it is getting better support for spotify and youtube. Music is improving and app updates should bring it more in line with the galaxy watch soon and theres. Better support now for google pay and public transit where os 3 should be available next year, but some of the polish and some of the app updates are already arriving on os2. I dont have any confirmation. This is going to be wild speculation here because my boy did not reply to my questions, but it seems the delay is likely a combination of google and samsung getting into completely unverified tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theory to get samsung back on wear os. I think google had to give samsung a ridiculous window of exclusivity. I feel if mobvoi and fossil had access to wear os 3 updates wed, probably be hearing about betas or some of the work being done from one of those companies by now. So the only thing that makes sense to me here is neither of those companies have been allowed access yet considering fossil and mobvoy kept wear os alive for years, while google kind of slow played it. This kind of move doesnt make me any more inclined to buy a samsung or support that kind of exclusivity. I genuinely liked fossil and mobvoy before so im gon na wait out the wear, os 3 update and let the galaxy watch owners work out all the kinks for us now.

I think its fair to also discuss a particularly clumsy move from mobvoy how this company listed their previous watches, the pro 3 and e3 as having certain processors inside there are two flavors of qualcomms current watch, processor theres, the 4100 and the 4100 plus the 4100 plus. Is the same core processor, but listed at a slower clock speed than what mavoy lists the ultra and the only compute difference? The 4100 plus includes a second separate low power, co processor on the pro 3 and the ultra mobvoid uses the 4100 and they include their own low power secondary co processor, its not exactly the same as qualcomm solution, but this is how they power the secondary display And how they can run this watch for over a month as a basic fitness tracker, i think, well all agree. They did not handle this well by calling their solution a 4100 plus dual system platform. Their plus is not literally the trademark of qualcomms, plus their plus is literally the edition sign. Now, newer marketing materials make a bigger point out of calling this a customized dual processor system, its still really clunky, but its more accurate. This is kind of par for mobvoi, though, when the 3100 was announced, mobvoi opted to use the older snapdragon 2100 qualcomm hadnt made the 3100 any more powerful. They only added a better low power mode and the pro lte already had better battery life. Thanks to the dual display, techies still glossed over.

Those points to complain about mob voice still using the older processor, but charging a premium price, because nuance is often lost on reviewers, bigger number better than smaller number theres kind of a similar idea happening here on the ultra technically, the 4100 can operate at a higher Clock speed and mob void is already customizing. The watch to deliver better battery life, the 4100 plus doesnt do anything better for their design, so theyre not going to pay more for the qualcomm co. Processor super clumsy yes, but i dont believe this to be the dire consumer situation. Many tech blogs were making it out to be. If youve followed my boy for any length of time, they make these kind of moves on the regular and theyre, often pretty bad at explaining why they make these kinds of decisions. So we should always be vigilant against potential consumer harms. If the goal is a snappy watch with great battery life at a competitive price, im, not sure how much it matters which co processor is being used. We just want more accurate marketing materials to reflect whats happening here, because, ultimately, we arrive at aware os watch with the best battery life in its tier, its a great performer and were starting to get more app polish on services. Long neglected on wear os mobvoid continues to update and improve fitness tracking, more workout styles, and also adding blood ox to running workouts, with more detailed tracking for long term.

Heart irregularities and pricing is competitive, especially for the watch maintaining full functionality, regardless of which phone you pair it with. I personally stuck with wear os even through some of the dark days, because i genuinely do like using little applets from my wrist controlling basic functions replying to notifications, thats, why? I want a bit more computer that i can wear mobvoi and fossil helped keep this platform alive and weve got some seriously competitive options out now, especially for folks who might have dabbled with a watch like this two or three years ago. This is a completely different animal if you already own an e3 or pro 3 youre, probably doing fine still. I could maybe see swapping to this if you wanted the tighter heart rate tracking, but otherwise its going to be very similar to what youre already using. If you had a fossil gen, 5 or older, or a ticwatch pro lte or an e2, these hardware improvements will be more noticeable and youll also have the peace of mind knowing youre in line for wear os 3 whenever it finally arrives. I think this is solid. Stuff and its nice to see renewed competition watches are really personal. We wear them on our bodies. We need them to match the other things we wear on our bodies, so its kind of critical that we get those options for different styles features and technologies. The ticwatch pro 3 ultra gps feels like the right kind of refresh at the right time and hopefully the next time i get to review a mob boy.

Watch im not dumb enough to put the box up on my bookshelf ill of course leave some links down below this video, where you can find more info on mobvoid watches, maybe shop some of these puppies online, as always thanks. So much for watching sharing, subscribing supporting these channels super critical these days. So i greatly appreciate those of you who are checking out the links, maybe shopping a little merch. That kind of stuff really does help keep production rolling on this channel full list. All my affiliates partnerships on some or you might consider just maybe joining the list of names scrolling by on your screen from my patreon, some gadgetguy. This list is basically a collection of the coolest tech pals on the planet, weve been having a lot of conversations about wearables, not only on the patreon, but also on the private discord. So i hope you check them out now.