My name is mohammed. Welcome. Welcome knee how ninjas uh take risks; gtx ninjas, another tick race, smart watch, which i’m gon na test here. This is gon na, be a really uh awesome. Probably this is one of the coolest smart watches under 50 bucks. If you want to go with something with a super large display, ninjas and uh kind of, i would say like it – has also a good battery life for this kind of display. Uh 3300 mh, better ninjas, with the bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, heart rate sensor, blood pressure, slimming monitor and ip68 waterproof ninjas standby time is around 30 days crazy and with the buying links, will be description. Let’S do unboxing and see what do we have inside of this small thick chris smartwatch box let’s. Do it? Okay? Just so here we go. What do we have in the box of this? Stick, this smartwatch smartwatch itself. We have a charging cable. Obviously, this is the magnetic it. Doesn’T have magnetic port and we have thick risks. Some manuals, like zip subs on english language, to download yourself fit app. If you can do that again, still one of the kind of the downsides of many many of these chinese smartwatches is that the apps are itself are not that optimized in just even the xiaomi’s and huawei still are not that optimized again xiaomi’s trying right now better. It is one of the best right now band in the world regarding the smartwatches and the connectivity with the with the smartphone itself.

Anyway, here we go let’s begin immediately quickly. You can immediately see an enormous enormous display which uh it’s on bottom. It is curved, and just it is a lot of curved and also it does look like it’s curved, slightly it’s, not like it’s completely flat, which is very nice it’s gon na just fit nicely with the shape of your wrist. That is also super cool. What i love about it that it does have these stripes are very thick and just very thick. This is not a thin uh stripes there at all. It does have also two belts additional one if one breaks and indeed it will break and just i had the honor band four uh one stripe uh broke after six months and another one broke after one year. I think so of the use and because i stopped using it because i didn’t bother myself to find an additional stripe over online, so we have dimensions 57. With 30, with 12 millimeter uh, we have a processor, rtl, 8762 it’s a 1.9, a 1.91 inch resolution 170. With 320 ninjas, this is seriously one of the greatest budget. Smart watches that i reviewed in my life for under 50 bucks for sure this is seriously an amazing amazing smartwatch. Anyway, this is on maximum brightness. You can go to the lowest which they promised up to 10 days of usability. Obviously, if you don’t use that much of the heart rate and if you leave the lower the resolution at low, but they say from six to 10 days in just from six to day ten days, you can use this uh device the standby time.

I think it’s around yeah around around 30 days and let’s, bring again the brightness to the maximum for this review. Beautiful, alexi passov. I had this smart watch, i tested it outside. I would say that i’ve worked a lot with it. If i can go like that, more than 2000 uh steps let’s go immediately here, so we have dnd mode. You can turn it on turn it off and you can schedule it if you want to do that. Don’T disturb we’re gon na go back. We have also bluetooth functionality if you want to, of course, if you’re connected theme also, you can have have different themes so far on default. I love this theme. The most this theme i love the most. Some of you may be gon na choose something different, but that one i love the most come on. Go back. Okay, just a minute. I think i’m gon na go with the back. Okay that’s it uh anyway. Here we have the modes: heart rate, blood pressure, sport mode, sleep mode, state itself. Oh my god. Where did i went? I prepped something. What did i press bro? I don’t know what was that and what else we can tell you. Strat material is a tpu charging time of this smartwatch. It takes around two hours and just takes around two hours to charge this smartwatch, which is not bad. The bluetooth connectivity is at um at least it’s, not 4.0 it’s, a five it’s 5.

0, which is good it’s. A new technology with this one and it’s waterproof this smartwatch is waterproof. I will measure right now the heart rate center, for all of you guys, uh. You can see myself here more in details, the steps, the calories, but you can all check everything here from the home screen. If you swipe from the left to the right is just like supersoft, you have four different modes with the home screen itself. Uh again regarding the app itself, it’s called f, fit support, android phone and a bow, and it does support. Also iscs you can download application for is watch languages, it’s, english, japanese, french, german, italian, spanish, russian and korean. Let me just put it right immediately. On my hand, so you can see myself how it looks like let’s. Do it anyway, let’s see myself on the back. Here we have the sensors magnetic port looks very durable. This smartwatch looks very, very durable, ninja seriously. You can just see from here. Oh, i can see from here that this is fix. It firmly fix it, you can smash, it drop it. This should survive a lot bro there you go like simpson. This is how it looks like on my hand, i’m telling you it it fits nicely seriously. It fits nicely for such a large display. This looks cool. This looks cool here. It has a 300 mah battery. If i forgot to mention that, and regarding the material, this is tpu plastic and a bit of metal that’s.

The frames are made from metal so that’s. Why it looks this kind of cool for 50 bucks under 50 dollars, they’re selling it under 15, so again, uh, dark and classic, or metallic and modern they have a black and silver color of this smart washing just the style has to start somewhere choose your base From the black or civil option and build your thickness gtx in a way that suits you, beautiful and let me just go down here – i can go here to the options and see what do we have in the options from here theme bright screen time? Okay from here, you can select the screen on time. You can go all up to 20 seconds. Long screen on time will seriously reduce battery life, of course, so that’s when they said uh. Obviously, when they said, let me just go to the system. Reboot is it about, about version is 4.0 okay address and gtx02bb let’s go back theme also from here you can download it. Of course, if you want to download yourself different themes, and just you need to do that through the application itself and what else we have so, this is like i mentioned ip68 waterproof plentiful of sports mods, which i’m going to show you just in a minute. Multifunctional reminder: phone calls, messages, whatsapp alerts, emails, sanitary reminder, alarm, clock, drink reminder, conference notice and take medicine. Reminder i mean, let me just see this is okay.

We got that the settings the same countdown go. Of course we have here countdown one minute or let me just yeah, it is yeah. I see okay, nice. This is the first time i’m, seeing in options of one three five and ten minutes of countdown that’s cool. That is cool, so uh. We have a scientific, scientific, sleep monitoring, we have 24 hour heart rate, detecting 24 automatic detection, apricot data and sport heart rate monitoring. Let me just go back immediately and just measure the heart rate. Let’S do it. You know what i can do it from here. Let me just do it from here. Okay, i just transferred it. To my left hand, let’s see here the measuring right now stick for smart watch. Okay, i love the ui. I love the ui 71 bpm. 72. 73. 74, it goes higher that’s, normal that’s, good, correct, correct, good, good, good, good it’s measuring right now. It should be more around that yeah that’s correct, so it’s a realistic, real, real uh heart rate sensor right now, so don’t worry about it ninjas. Regarding the blood pressure here, honestly i’m, not that technical, i don’t know on which system this works and how accurate can in the heck. This can be in just you blood pressure. What what the head blood pleasure? All right, if somebody can answer me shortly in the comment section, i would uh really appreciate that, for i mean when these cheap, smart watches under 50 bucks, really they have a blood pressure, option, sensor, etc, etc.

Obviously, it’s almost combined with the hardware sensor on the back for sure, okay took it off so and just remember that this is a tfts screen. Uh we’re gon na go just on the bottom qr code: cooldown timer, qr code notice, sleep, sport, mode, blood, pressure, heart rate. All of this. We found this state. Okay, let’s go to the sports mode, and from here you can see running walking, climbing riding football basketball. Badminton ping pong and swimming ping pong okay, that’s, nice, we’re, gon na go, choose dude, walking and voila you’re ready right now in jazz. You can make step six attacks at all. Just go on to back go. I think also that yeah it’s gon na be also using the heart rate there long press to the watch button to pause. Okay, if i hold okay, okay hold the button. The button uh, the only button of this one and exit simple, just hold this one. For what two and a half seconds and it’s gon na exit, the mode itself, i mean just that’s it that’s it regarding this smart watch, if you enjoyed in this video, you will have the buying links in the description to purchase it simple, smart watch like i’m Telling uh what i’m telling you that i love how sturdy the smart watch is. I love this slightly 3d curved display. So remember this is not a flat display ninjas. This is a slightly curved display. This is really beautiful for 50 bucks.

This is really weird to find such a large display with curviness of this attitude. If i can go like that plus it’s sturdy it’s durable. I wish that the battery life – it is a kind of better there in comparison, obviously to honor and xiaomi smart watches, or can call like that smart bands. Again there are smart bands. This is like a way way: larger display in comparison to the xiaomi, mi bands and huawei’s on our bands. Much much bigger here, tft screen, 1.91 inches it’s much much bigger, bro anyway, it’s a really great smartwatch, a really great smartwatch. Here i just don’t uh trust. You there uh basically results that they can get up to 10 days impossible that you can have this with the usability of 10 days, maybe 10 days, uh kind of makes it stand by initiability test, but to actively use the smartwatch for 10 days. That’S going to be impossible impossible, realistic here, looking at as i was using it for a day, something like this. Maybe around four days four days you can use this smart watch you just fully charged but again at full brightness. I had it. Yeah anyway have a great day the buying links in the description.