com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay. Finally, we have here one of the latest wearable from tikris. So we, what we have here is the thick grease gtx and we have the black color. Okay, we got it from check out the links below, so what we are going to do right now is to is to unbox this new wearable wearable from tikris, okay, so yeah again, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please write the comment below and When we have time, we will answer your queries again. This is the decrease gtx, so let’s have the unboxing okay, so let’s remove the sticker. Here again, this is from okay, so we still have another one here, let’s look for it. I guess that’s, the only one: okay let’s check this new wearable okay, so this one, as you can see here, it looks like a smart band and at the same time his smartwatch okay. So it is a combination of a smart band and smartwatch okay. So this is our wearable. We have charging cable here, let’s, look for the Applause user manual and we have here the user manual again. Oh, we still have another one here: okay, we have the warranty card nice. So we have here the website, warranty card smartband or shall we say, the smartwatch, the charging, cable and the user manual. So this is your tickris gtx, okay, so let’s check first, the user manual; okay, so it is in english format, language.

We have here the support app the f fit app, so it will be our first time to access or use the this support app for smart watches and smart men. Usually we have the the fit again and the fondue pro or the wear fit pro and a hry fine. So this one it’s, a new app f, fit app okay available in android google play that is, google play and a ios platform. Okay, so we have here the details and the specifications. Okay again before we dive into the specs of the smart watch or the smart man. Let’S, take a look first, this beautiful variable from tickers the decrease gtx okay, so we have here wide, very durable, flexible, tpu, strap. We have here sensor, stainless steel enclosure and a wide screen very impressive, from decrease. Okay, so let’s check. So it is he gtx model here: okay, let’s, have a closer look: let’s have a let’s, make it clear. Let’S show it here: okay, so we have the rtl 8762 processor. 62C. Processor, 128 mb of ram. So it is a combination of metal and plastic. Okay, we have a 1.91 inch very wide display screen with 170 by 320 pixel resolution, so it supports touchscreen and we have 300 mah large capacity battery okay. So we have the g sensor here: bluetooth, 5.0, there’s, no gps; okay, so we have blood pressure again. It won’t there’s, a warning here test result is for reference only so pedometer, so there’s, no blue foot call.

We have drink water, reminder sleep monitoring, it is ip68 waterproof rated android, 5.1 and above and ios, 9.0 and above platform. So it is supported by ios and android: okay, ffit app, so language supported here we have the english, japanese, french, german, italian, spanish, russian and korean okay. So so far it looks great okay, it looks durable. Let me wear it. Okay, as you can see here very wide display screen. Okay, it looks nice. I guess it is comfortable to wear because of this. You can see here, okay, it is there’s a curve design here, okay, slightly curved screen, but this one it will sit comfortably to your wrist. Okay. So far, it looks good. It looks premium so we have here a pc body here, the case and on top we have the metal bezel. Okay, so seems like it has a very slim bezel here, except on the bottom part. Okay, to give you a to give you a size comparison of the smart band or shall we say smart watch seems like it’s, a smart watch already from tikris gts. We have here the xiaomi me band 5, as you can see here very far. Okay, when it comes to the size and display okay, so this one is very wide display screen, while for the mi band 5, simple and small okay, you see it, you see the comparison. You see how wide the thick wrist gtx. So if you’re looking for a wide screen, smart band, okay, similar to one of the entry of huawei, i guess this one – the decrease, gtx beautiful, sporty smart band and plus this is very affordable.

Okay, let’s see if there’s any juice left on this smart man, long press on the power button: okay, okay, so i guess there’s! No more battery left we’ll see let’s charge it and check the display screen. Okay, as well as the menu of the smart banner smart watch again, this is the gtx model. We have the rtl8762 processor for this one and a combination of metal and plastic again. Let’S have a closer look uh, the body of the gtx okay. So we have here the sensor heavy magnetic charging cable. Here it is using the f fit support. App stainless steel enclosure tpu strap very wide, okay display screen. Okay, do you see the bezel here the black bezel there’s a wide bezel here that is on the bottom part of the smart watch or smart band? Okay, see you can remove. This okay seems like we don’t have a okay. I guess this is the power button. Let’S see no no battery i’ve totally. We have a touch button key here, but we don’t have maybe power button here. This is the this. Is the power button let’s check on the user manual, so we have here the home and power button on the bottom part. Okay, we are mistaken: okay, so that’s your gtx okay. So if you have any questions regarding the smart watch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. Stay tuned for our next video for gcg, for this thick risk gtx for the full specifications of this one, the smartwatch or smartband check out our links below and check, also the shopping site where we got our takris gtx smart watch again.