Now, if you guys have been following my channel um, you know i go way back to a lot of smart watches, even starting with the um, the first galaxy gear that had the the um camera on the band and obviously rocking the apple watch. For the last few years, this is the series four so um. I guess you can see i’m kind of spoiled with smart watches, now it’s really hard to go back to a regular watch. So i came across some videos and i was unaware of these devices that run a full android operating system. So i decided to uh, hit up amazon and also hit up. I guess it’s called banggood. Maybe i’ll put the link in the description um to order a couple of these watches to really check them out. So the one that just came today through amazon is something called the tikrus uh watch and i will go ahead and get this opened up. So we can take a look together for the first time, so very curious, so obviously you’re watching this video, because you’re probably a nerd like myself and you just love the technology and boy i’m, curious to see how this thing is going to fit. So here is the the watch itself, so we’ll take that out so nice little packaging job. Oh, this thing is going to be huge, so let’s put that to the side for a moment to see what else comes in this little box and i’m, assuming this has to be the charging apparatus.

You guys like that word uh let’s, see here. I don’t like to just rip into things. I want to open them properly, but let’s see here. This is here we have looks like a little uh tool. I believe this is to get the back of the watch open because it is a watch that takes a sim card and i just happen to have um the sim card to one of my my lines through t mobile and here is the charging mechanism. So i don’t know if this thing is going to come with some juice to it. It may not, so i may have to charge it up for a little bit, but you see it’s almost like a little device that it would sit on like a not really a cradle, but we got the usb okay. So let’s take a look at the watch itself, so the uh, the other one, that i ordered that i’m waiting on it’s, probably going to take a while, i believe, it’s coming from hong kong but um the other one seems to be where it can detach from The band itself it’d be like its own separate little unit. This one, i believe the band is built in so it’s, probably a lot more difficult to um change the band out, if you don’t care for the band, so this band here seems pretty sturdy let’s see if we can undo the band. So there are the pins there that we can use to put it on the device to charge it and let’s see what it says is smartwatch guiding the new smart life.

Okay, we got some sensors. There, i believe, is just a heart rate sensor. Maybe i’ll pull up the specs for this particular watch and put them somewhere on the screen. You guys to take a look, so it looks like it comes a little screen protector there should have. This should be a power button i’m going to say over here, and this is what’s even uh. Had me more curious, it’s got the cameras back on this watch so, like i said, i started out with smart watches with the the gear. This one has a camera here and i believe this here is the front facing camera, so you should be able to do video calls and then i believe i have to take this plate off to do the sim card. So let me just see if it has any juice, because if not i’ll charge it up and then we’ll come back, all right looks like it might power up here. I’Ll, give you guys a close up of the boot up animation, see how long it takes to actually boot up for the first time and right now, we’ll say: it’s got some weight to it, but it doesn’t feel unwilledly yet, but i’m definitely excited to to really Try this thing out so we’ll go ahead and let’s take off this protector here and yeah we’re going to roll with english we’ll. Do the metric system um – and this is going to ask for all my personal settings, so i will go through set this thing up and then we’ll take a look.

All right youtube, so i’ve been playing around with this watch for the past two days and i do have some uh some thoughts, some concerns, but i did fail to show you guys this little compartment um. When i did the original unboxing piece. It has like a little warranty card that comes in it. It even includes a nice little uh color booklet here, to tell you a few different things about the watch. So this is the tickrus max s, so there is a a regular max that’s a little bit older. I guess that um is bigger and has a bigger battery, but supposedly this battery is going to be just as good um and they also throw in an additional screen protector. So that’s pretty sweet and a couple of extra screws that are going to the underside of the watch and they kind of hold in this um. The sim card cover. So i tried using it as um like a standalone device as well as try to tether it. Like to pair up with an iphone as well as um, an android phone, let the uh the fold fold too. So a few things um the watch itself, not really bad. As far as the the fit it seems a bit chunky, um, but pretty sturdy. The front facing camera is pretty decent. It actually uses a face unlock for the front facing camera, so it’s a pretty decent front facing camera it’s going to be pretty difficult to use this side, camera like you’re you’re, basically just putting your wrists, you know had to point your hand down to kind of Shoot the little um camera shot from here, so i don’t know how useful that is.

Maybe somebody else will find some usefulness out of it, but so build quality, pretty solid, um after wearing it all day. It does tend to wear you down a little bit um. You know you can start to get those marks because you got to keep it pretty tight. I have uh, like average size wrist, so i had to tighten it up pretty good to make it feel secure. But i i did a few things with it. I mean i downloaded some apps um let’s see if we can so this has to do face unlock. Let me do that really quick, so that that works pretty quickly. So when you swipe left, you get like your apps and i’ve downloaded some apps. I didn’t mean to do that. There’S a back button here. Let’S cancel that out. Oh okay, uh. I downloaded a few apps, as you can see here. Like i’ve got instagram facebook, twitter um tried to put apple music on here youtube, so you can pretty much go into the play, store and download. Whatever app you want. Um, i even downloaded nova launcher, because i saw some reviews on this watch and a lot of people use nova launcher because it is a full blown android operating system but it’s an older version it’s like 7.11, or something like that. So you can pretty much download the majority of apps that are available in the play store um. The only problem is in this.

I guess there’s a workaround where you can download different apps to kind of lock this into this horizontal mode, because a lot of the apps that you run they will automatically shift it into portrait mode. So then you have your watch basically here, but then in order to see anything, you have to tilt it unless you get one of those abs, so just keep that in mind um. So i like the idea of this watch and that’s really going to be the key. The idea of this watch is really nice, so i have a full blown android operating system on the watch. I guess where it falls short for me is that it is looked at as more of a standalone device than it is a companion device which i’m kind of spoiled and used to the apple watch. So i expect my watch to give me like notifications and things like that, and it could just be me user error, but i could never really get notifications to work properly. So you know trying to uh pair it up via bluetooth with the iphone uh. Even with the android phone i mean it seemed like it would pair, but then it wouldn’t receive the notifications, so maybe it’s something that i missed. Um or i just didn’t, spend enough time with it. But i just feel like this is really built to be a standalone device and for me it doesn’t um it’s, not strong enough to be a standalone.

In my opinion, i mean i had it on wi fi and the processor is a decent processor but it’s just once you get used to a certain speed, it’s hard to go backwards. Man it’s hard to go back to something where you’re waiting on the app to load like you can put a browser on here like i got the chrome browser and you’re just you’re kind of waiting right. So if you use it as a standalone device, you know you got to have patience. It is possible if you’re not spoiled like me. Maybe you had, you know just a decent uh phone that you were using and you’d find it more convenient to have a watch like this, then by all means. Try it out um see if it’s going to be quick enough for you to do different tasks. I’M. Sure there’s a market for it, so you can do a lot of different watch faces and things so it comes with a lot of pre loaded watch faces uh. I really like these tiles here very windows esque and you can interact with these, so i don’t know. I think for the apple watch, they call them like complications or something like that. So um you can just hit the complication there’s the camera, so that’ll be the side camera you can hit here and then it’ll use the front facing camera like this, and you can click here just to take the pictures or go to video.

So the like, i said, the front facing camera is not too bad, i believe it’s an eight megapixel and then this one, i believe, is a two megapixel, so not too bad but still kind of gimmicky. Um picture quality is meh, but i doubt many people are really trying to get this watch for the cameras. Those are just a decent uh add on now i did order. Another watch, like i said, um it’s supposed to be more up to date. As far as the specs, the other one, i believe, is coming from hong kong, because so it’s gon na probably take a while to get here but uh. It should have a 13 megapixel front facing camera bluetooth 5.0. Instead of i believe this one has like four 4.0 or 4.2 – something like that, so it should be a better uh, stronger, bluetooth, connection, um and i think the processor and the other one is better it’s like a uh, not a quad core, but an octa core Processor, so we’ll we’ll have to see how well that one handles, but the interface on here not too bad but um, like i said, there’s a lot of waiting time when you’re trying to load different things up. But if you’re, okay with that, then maybe this watch will work out for you uh, so not bad. Overall, a watch that’s less than 200 bucks, full blown android a pretty good option but, like i said, i need something that’s more of a companion and then a standalone option is great, but you at least have to get the notifications right, and i think this is Where at least i couldn’t figure out how to make it work flawlessly, um, so that’s how i feel about the watch right now, uh battery life has been pretty decent, um, but again, i’m, not i’m, not overly impressed.