They sent me some links to some other videos and i watched them. I thought you know what this this looks like a fun one to try out it’s, not over technical or overly technical. I should say especially for someone like me: that’s a first time user of a smart watch, so very cool watch, so let’s go ahead and get into this now. This came to me by way of tinwu, like i said, through amazon prime, they do have an amazon store, so i’ll leave links down below got to me in just a couple days with amazon. Prime now i have opened this watch up. Obviously the smartwatch up to get it synced to my phone and everything like this, but i did put it back in the packaging to show you how your watch is going to come. If you decide to pick one of these up from the amazon store, like i said, links down below in the description, so go ahead and pull it out of here. I thought you know, especially for a guy like me, like i said, first time ever using it. They give you this sticker right on top giving you in the information as far as the button use, which is cool inside of here. Of course, this is your holder for the watch and down below here, and this was all packaged nicely, but you’ve got your charging. Cable and you’ve got your user’s manual. I would suggest once you get the watch while you’re waiting for the charge, the first time, which you do probably need to get it fully charged before you start playing with it, go through that user’s manual and really become familiar with it it’s.

A very simple and easy to use watch, but the you know going through the user’s manual definitely helps so let’s go ahead and pull the sticker off of here and, like i said, this thing may be giving us alerts and everything, because it is currently hooked up To my phone, which we’re filming the video on so very good looking watch here, overall sports watcher, um smart watch, i should say given up there, we got an alert there on the dodgers game going right now so i’m going ahead and taking a look at this Thing one of the things i want to talk about is specifications now size, wise, it’s, a big watch. These come in at 44, a little over 44 side to side. You have 50 uh over 52 lug, the lug. I measured right about 11 and a half 12 millimeters of thickness on the case and you have 22 mm lug openings, so pretty cool setup now here’s the dial i have currently running on the watch simple and easy to change. This bezel by the way is fixed. It’S non turning, so those numbers are there so swiping you swipe on the dial to go left and right for your different settings on that. If you guys want to look at your um updates, actually you’re going to swipe down for your updates, so it’ll store five of your most recent updates, which all of mine are for the dodgers game which i’m currently not watching because i’m filming a video but anyways Guys this goes to your settings over here we can go into our settings now.

One thing i’m going to do is see this here. This letting you know how long the watch is going to stay on when you’re not using it so that got set for five seconds. We’Re gon na go ahead and hit it for always on just for the sake of doing this video. It makes it easier to scroll through certain things. Now. One thing i will say is: when you leave it always on it will lock everything else out. So you’ll notice this is currently locked out or i don’t know if it actually is so um, but it will lock the dial out so basically, no it’s, not locked it didn’t lock it. Let me see something here always on. I thought that would actually lock out the dial, but i guess i’m wrong there, so you can set it for that, but it is going to control the light you can’t control the dimming or anything like that, because once you have it always on it’s going to Control the dim for um, you know for battery life, basically so scroll back to there. This is your sports stuff. You have your walking, so you can do things for setting walking it’ll start right once you started if you’re doing walking activity. Now, when you stop it’s going to say hey, this has been too short to actually be saved, that’s fine, we don’t need to save it, but we can go ahead and go back.

It’S going to take me back to the clock and we can go through. You’Ve got that for walking. You’Ve got that for running hiking cycling, you’ve also got it for badminton for ping, pong, basketball and soccer, so different sports modes there that you can use this is your stopwatch feature here very easy, simple to use, stop pause! It clear it over here so that’s simple to use, and this is um. This is kind of cool. Oh go back through settings. Let me show you all the things and settings now i’m going to go ahead and turn this to um five seconds again now you can change your brightness here, hitting your little plus button there you can see it get brighter. You can hit your little minus over here and reduce that you can increase your seconds. You can close. Take that all the way down to three or all the way down to nothing so, basically just stays on for the the time you’re actually looking at it. This is about so that’s going to actually go into my serial number on my watch so i’m not going to bring that up. This is, if you need to restore all the settings, you can go ahead and restore it back to factory settings there. We go, and this is for power off for hard power off there. If you want to do that so that’s not let’s, not do that got a notification from ebay all right.

So we’ll go back to here now, one of the things i wanted to show you guys the different dials available boy. That thing’s just alert me non stop, so you can get these different dials on the watch. I’Ll go ahead and scroll through them. What’S available to you, these are the three main dials. As far as regular watch looking dials go and it’s pretty cool because you get the your temperature, you get your day date. You get your number of steps, you’ve done your battery life is over here and whether your watch is synced with your phone or not, but go ahead and scroll through them. Here this one, you have a very traditional watch style with your roman numerals and your alpha hands on it, which i think looks pretty cool. Then you get into the all these really neat digital style dials here, and you can pick what you want. This one is really cool. You’Ve got actually sun up sun down you’ve got relative humidity. You’Ve got your uv factor here, your temperature, so it gives you a whole bunch of different information here, just all kinds of different layouts, some really fun ones, some pretty ones you got. The feather here got some flower layouts, which i think are pretty fun and cool. This one’s very militaristic. I think this is a really cool looking one here and this one’s a kick because, as you get closer to your step goal, i think i have mine set for ten thousand, but as you set it this little tree or this little thing down here grows.

So when i started today, it was just a little tiny, sprout sticking out of the ground and, as i get closer to my step goal that actually grows so that’s kind of a cool setup here so go ahead and go back to the main one. There um scrolling through our settings this way. This gives you your steps, the number of what miles for the day your calories burned. This will give you your heartbeat now i’m, not wearing it on my wrist, so it’s not going to take a reading it’s going to try right now, probably off my finger it’s going to try to. But you can see some previous readings from the day and here it’s, giving your sleep information. So this gives me for. I think this is for yesterday the total hours of sleep, which is pretty neat so it’s. Definitely a very, very useful watch. Um let’s see what else do we have here? Okay, swipe up, this is going to give us our eco modes. You can turn on eco, enabled and that’s going to really save battery life. That’S a do not do not disturb mode, so it won’t disturb you. If you’re in a meeting or anything like that, simple, this one’s cool that’s, the find your phone one so that’s, why you just heard my phone ringing because that’s finding the phone so and this one did not mean to do that. What do we do here? Guys? Okay here and go to this one, and if you’re listening to pandora, say on a bluetooth speaker and you want to be able to turn it up and down it’s simple, you can do that right from your wrist.

You can skip songs, you can turn it up and down right here with your volume uh, you know play pause, so pretty neat features right from your wrist, so lots going on with this one uh. You know really a whole lot, especially at this price point of 45 dollars, but let’s go ahead and pause it for a second get. This watch on my seven inch wrist, so you guys can see what it looks like of course, there’s no loom shot because it’s, a digital watch and there’s always or digital or a smart watch it’s always got that bright layout there. So let’s check it out on the wrist all right, so i have a seven inch wrist and it’s it’s, a big watch. I mean for a smart watch, even it’s, very big. Now i have it on auto right now, just so that we can continually see the dial on the watch um, but yeah it’s. Definitely a good looking piece. One thing i want to do really quick before we go out is i want to i’m going to go ahead and take the watch back off my wrist and show you how the charging works. This one is about 45 on amazon and it does have a magnetic charger that hooks up to the back of the watch. If you spend a 49.95, you can get the one that is actually inductive charging, so you can just set it on a charging pad anything like that.

It doesn’t actually have to be hooked to the magnet on the watch. Um. Those ones are just a few dollars. More so if you have a magnetic charging pad – or you know what i i guess – the inductive charging pads that you set your phone on anything. You want to charge those a little bit more expensive. The 50 model. One should work on that, but let’s go ahead and show you how the charging on this model works all right, so the charger that comes with it. This is going to be your standard. You know usb end here which you can plug into your computer or your regular charging port for your phone already now. This is where it’s going to hook up magnetically and it’s pretty easy, because you’ll know you have it wrong if it doesn’t want to hook up like that, so you just flip it over and it will simply click to the watch like that and charge it up. This is where you’re, actually, your heart beats being read, but seeking your heart beat from the back of the watch, but once you have this, if say, the watch is fully fully drained, it’s going to take about four hours to get a full charge on the watch. Once you do get a full charge on this watch, the battery is going to last you approximately 10 days, of course that depends on how often you’re using it how bright you have the backlight all those types of things, of course factor into the battery life.

So the strap is super comfortable on it too guys quick release. So if you do decide, you want to change out the strap on it. You know: don’t put a nato on it, because you’re gon na cover up your heartbeat uh monitoring there, but very cool. Looking watch, especially the price point of 45 links to amazon are down below in the description guys. You, like the video, give me a thumbs up and, if you’ve not subscribed to the ofd channel.