This is the tin wu, smart watch and its a pretty interesting entry level device. Now, what it features is, as you can see, a 37 millimeter face on a 40 millimeter dial, so there is a fair amount of space around the edge of the screen, but theres some really neat things. It does now comes with an app android or iphone works. A little better on the android side, apples kind of lock down the notification system on the iphone. So third party watches dont work as well as the apple watch, but it does a pretty good job. So when my watch is on, i get notifications and i can swipe down and see my notifications. I can swipe up and see various settings. I can swipe to the left and get actually. I guess that was swiping to the right and get some updates on my progress and motion. I can swipe to the right and get various settings and functions. Theres, a lot im going to do a close up and show you all of this im much more easy to see, but i just want to talk about it, a tiny bit first, so it features 38 different clock faces. You can make your own custom clock faces its five atmospheres waterproof, and it has things like blood, oxygen and heart rate and a sleep monitor and ten different sports that it can track. So it really they just. I think these companies look at all the features of the top top super expensive, smart watches, and they say: oh, we can do that.

We can add that sensor. We can put that monitor in there too. So you get these watches that have a ton of features and functionality, maybe not all as well implemented is like the top of the line, samsung gear or the apple watch, or something, but at a fraction of the price too. Now it is a 200 milliamp hour battery which doesnt sound like a lot, but you can definitely get a week of full and active use out of this on a single charge which definitely differentiates it from the top of the line watches, because those generally need to Be charged every 24 to 30 hours, which i find a real pain, its really kind of confusing to have a smart watch that can monitor your sleep but 99 of people charge it overnight so that its ready to go the next morning so thats, something i keep Waiting for the gear and the apple watch and stuff to just get to that even two or three days per charge. That would be really nice. Meanwhile, seven to ten days, depending on how actively you use it now, one of the things i really like about this – that they really got right is that it does have a special custom cable for charging, not a big fan of that, but, okay, heavenly choir, it Charges via a qi wireless charging pad that is such a great feature, because you can lose this wire and still have a functional watch with all the other smart watches ive seen to date.

They really require their own custom, cables or custom chargers, and this is just a generic wireless charger. In fact, this is a tin woo wireless g charger and its insanely thin, but thats another story. It does not come with the watch. The watch does not include that there are also extra bands you can get from tin, woo like this brown one they are not included. It comes with a single band. Now these bands are a sort of rubbery plastic or plasticky rubber, or something like that, depending on how you want to describe it and i dont find them super comfortable, but theyre. Okay, you put it on you sort of dial in the actual tightness or Music. How close you want it to be, and then youre good to go, and now i have my watch and im ready to roll and it does have a lift to see the time so theres motion sensors in there, which obviously youd need anyway to be able to Track sports, so all of thats going on, but lets switch to that close up and ill. Give you a little tiny tour of the watch, so you can see whats going on here. We are looking at the app and at the watch and the app is paired to the watch already, so i can look through data, so yesterday, for example, i took a fair number of steps, which was great and the day before i didnt actually wear it.

So it was at zero, not super interesting. We can go here. Look at statistics look at more and more is really where all the fun is, because this is where you get to do things like change the dial so lets go ahead and change to one of their cloud options. Lets try this one and yes and now youll see. The watch has changed to that default eiffel tower, but once this progress bar finishes, itll actually be the dial face that ive chosen. You can also see that the face of the watch itself goes to sleep pretty quickly to conserve battery. Hopefully it will wake up again once its fully downloaded. We will see there. It is so theres the new one, so thats great so confirm and thats mostly what you can do with the app its mostly data collection. So lets switch to looking more closely at the watch itself. So heres the new watch face and you can see we have the temperature, my steps and the day and date. If we swipe this way, we get that information again in terms of how much activity ive done today, incredibly little since its still early in the morning. If we swap this way, then you can see some of the many controls and functions that it has that you can check, including settings which gives you things like brightness and ill go back and now, if i pull down, then thats, actually an error message from the Alexa app on my phone dont panic, but you can see you can step through your notifications and then i can go back and then, if i go to the top from the bottom, then i get all of these additional functions, which are things like flashlight, not very Exciting you can turn off notifications, you can check and it shows battery status, theres, a music player control, so theres a lot that theyve stuck into this thing, and you can see that i have about 50 battery here and im connected to my phone by that.

Little tiny icon, so its a pretty slick device theres a lot to look at here now. Let me jump back on camera, so there you have it its actually, a pretty nice, pretty functional little smart watch. How accurate is everything? How clean are those notifications? How well does it track things yeah. You know i think youre going to find that it is not a hundred percent comparable to the high end watches, but its price is so much less that you can buy one of these for each of the people in your family for less than the price of A top end gear or a top end apple watch, so the price difference is dramatic and of course, when you lower the price you get slightly less, you know top end features its kind of how it works, but theres a lot to like here. This is a pretty nice little entry level, smart watch. This could be a really great smart watch for a teenager or a younger child who really wants to have all of that cool functionality, and you really dont want to risk having three four five hundred dollar watches on their wrist. I wouldnt do that and i have three kids of my own, so you know it also has the tinwoo pro app and that app is probably a bit of a weak point to my experience with all these companies is that it is a challenge to do a Really great app that gives you all the functionality you want and so thats something where itll keep iterating over time.

Theyll keep making it better and better, and if you can live with these limitations and you can live with what it does well and what it does. Maybe not so well. Wireless charging super long battery life entirely functional notifications and everything you know its not as elegant its not as beautiful, but you dont always need to drive a ferrari to go to the supermarket right thats, going to be our analogy of the day. So really all this left to talk about is the price, and before we get to the price im going to ask, if you can give me some feedback, give me a comment. Give me a thumbs up. Give me some way of telling me what you thought of this. What you wish, i would have shown what you actually dont like about this watch, but i should have mentioned or you love about the watch, and i forgot to mention all of that right and why not subscribe while youre at it just a click or a tap On that little red subscribe button and were connected. This is the tinwoo t37 smart watch and its 69 at currently actually marked down to 59 dollars. So for 59 dollars. You can join the world of people with smart watches and get notifications and all sorts of stuff on your wrist if thats something you want to try at an entry level, this is a viable option for you, so thats all i got im going to put it Back on my wrist and go and do something else, which means that once i get this buckle set up here, its not the easiest thing in the world all right.