We are going to talk about tipping that's right holiday weekend coming up, people are going to be eating out and doing a lot of things that involve potential tipping and so we're gon na cover one of the best tip apps. You can put on a SmartWatch and give you some tips about tipping which will really drive home the fact that you need a tip calculator. Let'S begin by taking a look at the app itself. The one I'm recommending you use is called tippy tipper it's in the Google Play Store. You can just go there and search under that word or look in the show. Notes down below I'll have a link you just click on it. Go on over if you're on an android, you can download it not sure about iphone. Haven'T tried that yet, but this one for sure, because it's an android app, you can take it and actually install it directly on to the watch, which is what I've done here. When I bring it up – and I already have it running so I can hold the power key hit the recent tasks and touch it – I bring it up. I get a screen that looks like this and it's spilling over a little bit and that's understandable. We can correct that and I will in a minute to show you how you can set everything up to make it work right, but first I'm gon na show it to you on a phone because it's a lot easier to work with when I open it.

I'Ve got tippy Tipper running and notice how it just takes up a little bit of space right here and that's, not that much so it will show well on a watch. Let'S go over the basics of tipping on this app and then we're gon na get into the tips about tipping tippy, tipper I'm gon na clear this thing out and I could put in an expense that say: 52 dollars and forty seven cents notice. I don't need to put the decimal comes in right away. I can hit calculate and right away, it's giving me my subtotal a tip at 15 and a total. I have a slider here that I can change the tip percentage incrementally or I have hot buttons. I can hit for 10 tip 15 or 20 when I'm on any of these. I can look at this and I can have it round up or round down and it's rounding. The total in this case see when you round down at that level. It calculates reversely that it's an 18 point, 2 percent tip on that subtotal to get that amount or if I think I want to make it a little bit more tip, I can just hit round up round it to a dollar amount. I recommend you do this because when you get your credit card bill and you skim it to see if there's anything illegitimate, if – and this is one of the tips about tipping – it is possible for the company or the waitress or they'd help to modify your tip In your total, and if you have it set so that the tip and the subtotal add up to an even number, you can quickly skim all your restaurant expenses and as long as it's ending in double 0 you're, pretty sure there hasn't been any trickery going on.

For you, okay, that's, what's, nice about having run or round up and round down, you can split a bill and you can do all that stuff. Here too, however, these are kind of unrealistic numbers and later when we get into the receipts, I'll talk about realistic numbers to be considering when you're tipping let's modify these by going into the settings on this app and set the default percentage to the national standard. The one the IRS says is typical, 18 percent. When we set that there we could go in here and set our first percentage to be. What do you say, fifteen percent, if it's not that good at service? Second tip number: eighteen percent, average third percentage: twenty percent. Okay, so those are things that you can do I'll come back here, but I want to show you that now all of this has changed. So if I go back clear it out and put in another number and say calculate its calculating the tip based on eighteen percent, I look at that number and decide I'm gon na round that down because it's closer to 49 there it is it's. Actually a 17 point, seven percent tip and so forth, or I could round it up and it would have rounded it up to the next higher dollar and that's the actual percentage amount. Or now I have my buttons, 15. 18. 20. Really quick to calculate your tip. You can do all this on the watch that's.

Why I'm, showing this to you we'll, run through that in a minute and you've got yourself a tip calculated to the exact percentage so either way you want to work it. You can do that now. This brings up another fact. All of this tip settlement has been done on the total, but you know you're only supposed to tax on the actual transaction on your meal, not on the tax that you pay I'm saying you're supposed to tip on the meal not tip on the meal, plus the Tax, otherwise you're tipping on the tax included with the total yeah you get where I'm going, so you can exclude tax. So if I do this, I can say exclude the tax rate you put in what your tax rate is in your area, I'm gon na make it ten percent. Just so it's easy to see and now I've got that, while we're here we'll also point out that you have the ability to round the tip to either a rounded tip, which makes it actually easier on the weight. Help that take the money out of the cash register after they put in the credit card and there's a reason for that that's very complicated. So let's say you want your tip to be four dollars or five dollars or six dollars. You can set it up to round the tip, even though the total won't be rounded or you can round the total. And finally, you can have a default number of people if you typically split the bill with others and there's error, logging and really nice feature, you can disable ads directly.

The guy who actually runs this you saw there was an ad down here. He'S he's got a donation page, you can donate a dollar and me, but he's, not gon na force ads on you, so you're not gon na get ads being pushed to your watch over cellular or whatever, or on your phone. I mean it's a really nice app Tippie tipper and I highly recommend you go ahead and get hit the donate button and give him a dollar okay, so that's how this whole thing works and now let's take it to the to the phone. After the watch, you notice that you can't get to the buttons on the watch. Well, for those of you, who've worked with Android, you watches. You know that you can press and hold the power button tap that circle at the top hit the cancel and it resizes everything to fit as a square inside the circle. So now I can get in here and go to settings and I could set up all those same options that you saw there. Okay, what I haven't shown you was what happens when you enable the tip or the tax right and how that computation works. So let's come back out of here and I have that set on this one I'm gon na do 5428 as just a number and I'm in a square, but you see now. I don't have the button down here that I can go forward.

So typically, what I do is use the the square option to set all of my settings and then come back to the full circle now it's in full circle. I slide up just a little bit there's. The word calculate so I say calculate there. We go little sensitive by the way, there's a little white dot here, that's a little app that I have installed called floating toucher that I can do a variety of things with it's, not part of the operating system and sometimes like now. It actually gets in the way just a little bit here we are on the screen. The thing is all full now, so you can't actually read the subtotal. So if you want to see the subtotal doggone it you're gon na have to go back in here and do this and come back here, but you entered that subtotal. So you really don't need to see it as long as you confirm that it's correct so I'm gon na stay back in the circle and show you from there. You have the tax okay that came from your tax table. This would case I have it set at 5 and then your total tip at 18 and that becomes then the grand total. Now this is where it's fun. I can slide up and gain access to all these other things that we were looking at ice, preset mine at 18, 20 and 22. I can round down or round up let's round this one up it's at 64.

If I want to know what tip that is, I roll up here and it's an eighteen point, eight percent tip on the base amount after subtracting out the tax. This is actually the fully legal way to do it, and this is how it will it'll end up. Coming out, you can change the actual tip amount by sliding this, as we mentioned and it'll do it in solid increments, 17, 18, 19, there's, 22 percent tip with that kind of a total, or I can hit 22 and get it there or 20 or 18 and Of course, you can round up or round down and see your around it amount, so that's tippy tip or you can split the bill too. If you want to and then there it is lit by the number of people – and you can change the number of people very, very robust tip app – that works really well on Android smartwatches called tippy tipper. So let's switch topics for a minute now and talk about tips about tipping and why you really need to use this app or something similar when you're calculating your tips when you're out and about ah tipping yes tipping tipping is a belief system. Kind of like religion is, I could share my religious beliefs with you, man, you could take em or leave em. You could like me up because of you could not like me. I can share my tipping philosophy with you and you could like it or not like it, it's totally up to you so we're gon na dive into my personal beliefs around tipping, which I may make some friends and I may lose some.

I may make a lot of enemies. I don't know I'm, just gon na lay a foundation for you about why. I feel the way I feel based on math and we'll. Take it from there. You see a bunch of receipts in front of you right here. We can all agree. Most of us agree that if you go through the drive through of a fast food restaurant like Burger King and you order yourself, a whopper box meal and it's eight dollars and you're paying at the window, you're not gon na leave a tip right and you're gon Na give cash or credit card for that amount. Well, that's, pretty clear. So the low end of the tipping spectrum is none when you go into a drive thru window at a chain restaurant. But what about? If you go inside, I pick Burger King because they're not doing any of the stuff that I see some of the other franchises doing. You go you order. Actually this was done inside and I pay and it's exactly the same as going through the drive. Thru there's. No tip charge are sitting on the on the counter: there's no recommended tip levels on my receipt and there's no place to write in a tip. In fact, when I give the credit card – and I get it back with my receipt, I don't have to sign anything and give a final total in writing, like I do at a restaurant a little different than going through the drive thru I'm, interacting with a person Front face to face and you're kind of used to giving tip, but most of us don't tip at a fast food chain restaurant that doesn't encourage it by not having a tip jar out there.

Well, what if there is a little tip jar out there? How does that make you feel? What are you getting for your transaction that you wouldn't be tipping on like it under King? What, if you're at Panda taco King Donald's mik restaurant? What, if what, if you're at a local mom and pop burger kind of place, or a fast food restaurant in your neighborhood, that may have drive thru but definitely has walk in order at the counter pick up at the counter and walk out? Are you supposed to tip there what if they have a tip chart, what, if they have a receipt that has tipping on it? What if you're sticking your card in a computer thing and and pushing buttons on the screen, and it comes up with a recommended tip? This is where it gets complicated, and this is where it's wise to know what to do I'm. Gon na run you through a couple of scenarios here and then you see how you would react: okay, so we're clear on this one. This is just your basic drive through and eat, or go in and eat fast food transaction with no tipping going to show you a couple of receipts from different restaurants. Typically, nowadays, on the receipt comes with the total, a recommended tip chart now we're gon na get into a little bit of math here's the uh, the subtotal, and here our suggested tip amounts that you could leave.

So one would think that if you take that number and you want to leave a 20 tip well, you would divide that number by five right or comparably. You would multiply that number by five. So let's see what happens when I take 11.20 and I multiply it by five, but I come up with 56, not 5424. Well, alright. What? If I put 54 point 24 and divide that then by five, a 20 tip should be ten dollars and 84 cents. Ah, okay, this case – I just left 65 – was done with it, but honestly they are telling you that 20 tip is 1120 when in reality it should be 10 84, which means these are all off a little bit too. So if everybody comes in and leaves the standard, 18 they're going to be tipping on a higher total, very interest that apparently there's no law regulating this, so a business concept, these numbers that you think are 20 of the total to whatever they want. Really. Mr. ticks, really here's the same basic organization, a different shop same same ticket, same kind of ticket. Look at this okay, let's do some really simple math here. This is look at. This 20 is 10 now for basic algebra. We know hang I'd sound like a schoolteacher don't I yeah 20 percent is 10. What is the total amount? The total amount would be 10 divided by 20 percent or basically ten dollars times five.

What is 10 times five? Do we need this? I don't think so. 10 times five is fifty dollars. The total charge would need to be 50 in order for the tip of 20 percent to be 10, but no. The total is 20 984. Twenty nine point, eighty four divided by five or I could say, multiplied by 0.2 there's. Two same ways of getting to the same thing would mean that the tip would be five dollars and 97 cents, not ten dollars at a 20 percent level. Really let's multiply that by five comes back to that same total, so they're recommending a 20 tip almost twice. What it actually would be that folks is one of two reasons: I'm doing this video about tipping to warn you, when you take these things for granted on your multiple receipts that you get, you may be being hoodwinked. You may be over tipping and significantly over tipping standard tip is 18 in this country, United States of America period. Ah, a lot of people are going now: I'm in the service industry it's way too low. Others are going what happened to 15? I tip 15 average in 10 if it's bad there's a spectrum it's a bell curve on this. But the average is about 18 in the middle of the bell curve. And if I understand correctly, the rules of the Internal Revenue Service that's the basis that's used to actually calculate what is expected tip income when a host person, a waitress person, help person files, their income taxes and they have to include their tips.

It should be around 18 of the total of their wages, added on and tip and taxed right, so that that's kind of a foundational line, and then you can choose well what's less than good and what's higher than good an average. And you see it on these receipts, that's been 15, 18 and 20, so they give you the median and they give you a little lower. If you don't think it was good service a little higher, if you think it was better, but things shifted things shifted because a computer can produce anything. Things have shifted now to where it's gone to 18 20 and 22 uh huh you don't have a low median and high. You have medium high and exceptional right, and when you multiply all this stuff out, you can take into consideration taxes as well as we showed you on the app the gratuity should be based on the subtotal, not on the total, if you're properly tipping on the product And not the product plus the tax, you guys run the numbers and see if this one is correctly giving a 20 pay on 33 that's what it should be: okay, well here's, another one: what are we looking at here again: 18, 20, 22 based on 26 dollars And 20 cents, with a dollar 23 tax that's the recommended amount, and this one now gets a little bit further – makes me even easier here: it's, showing you your gratuity and and your pricing, and you have to add all this stuff together.

These guys add it up. For you already here's your balance, do that would be your 22 tip and you can just write in 3359. You don't even need to think about it. You don't need to calculate it. You can get on with your business convenience in exchange for well run. The numbers see what you come up with. Are you paying? Actually the tip amount that you think you are huh well here we go if you can put in 18, 20 and 22, why not recommend 18, 20 and 25 huh and so forth? Let me show you one on my phone and tell you about this. One now it's got my name and credit card information where I'm hiding, but this is the merchant copy of a transaction and the recommended tips of 18, 20 and 30. Now, why am i showing it to you as a picture on my phone, because the customer copy does not have this on it? Yes, you're right, it's, a drinking establishment, it's a partying place, it's, where people are happy and lubricated and money flows easily. I can't fault him, but then again I can't it's against my religion, it's against my tipping religion to propose things that in an otherwise sane world would be completely unrealistic but it's a practice, and so I again emphasize with your Smart Watch with tippy tip or on It you can accurately tip in your state on the deduction of the taxes, the exact amount that is appropriate for the service that you receive and easily adjust that up or down from the norm.

That you decide is your normal tipping rate, most of the time, it's. 18 percent most locations, but you could say 20, is what I feel comfortable with that's. Regular service and 22 is great and 25 is super or it can be on the other end, it's totally up to you anyway, that's some basic information related to tipping. Take it with a grain of salt or a grain of pepper after all, you're going to the restaurant right thanks for watching smart watch, ticks and we'll see you again soon. You know oh yeah, the Thor 5, if you haven't seen the review yet you're, not alone. Nobody has it's not been published, but since you've watched this all the way to the end I'm gon na tell you it has been published, but it's unlisted, it's gon na go live next week after the holiday. But if you want to see it right now, look in the show notes, click on the link for the Thor 5 1 minute review and you can watch it live right now and in the bottom of the show notes of that video. You can click on the link. That'Ll. Take you to the full review of the Thor 5 they're. You glad you watched all the way now.