This is a solar watch and this is the model. T touch connect wireless charger, that’s, what i say: bluetooth yeah. So here we go so inside the box. We got a watch very exciting. It’S pretty big: this is the service warranty the manual. So in the manual we got total fly language, douche english, espanol, francais italiano. I guess i’ll go through the manual later. Let us see what else we got here. So this is the quick start guy. This is the warranty car has two years international warranty. You got the number and everything you got. The serial number and purchase date see what else is in here. So in the box we got the watch and under here we have another box. So this is the charger for the watch. Let’S uh come with a usb and a new usbc port and usb c port will go in here, like that. Oh it’s supposed to go this way, and here it goes the watch. This is the tesol t, touch see what this label say. I think this is the serial number and that’s the price, so the charger and going here like this, i guess so – on the watch. We got there’s a turning knob right here and there’s a button right here and a button right here. Let’S say this one say start and this one say back so in the back we got a sticker with a qr code, so on the back it’s a uh.

This is a titanium version. Sapphire crystal t touch connect water, resistant 10 bar so that’s 100 meter so i’m, going to read the manual and i’m going to charge it, and i want to see how it’s operated i’ll see you guys later when the watch is charging there’s. One light indicator right here: let’s indicate as it’s charging and take it out and turn it on yeah it’s on. So when dissolved yeah right now i take the watch off and it’s off and i put it back in it’s on so that’s the indicator charger yeah. I tried i’ve been trying to look around but uh it’s hard to find so hard to notice that’s the only indication i wish. I have it in the front so it’s easier to read. I got my watch fully charged and i was looking at the quick start. Guy and it’s a little confusing because they don’t have no text. All you do is have a picture on there uh, so to turn it on the power on you, press and hold pressing in hold the dial for press it in hold for, like five seconds that’s. What i say on here to turn it on and after i looked on the uh the website and i followed the instruction on the website. They have the video tours. They have like a lot of video tours on there. So so i was able to uh, set up my watch and connect to my phone.

So this is the app right here. It’S called t touch, t connect and on the on the app it shows you the battery level and how many steps you take and you can do some setting on there, like you, can change to eco mode on sleep mode and you can set a password for Your watch too so so when i get a message or a call, it will notify me on my watch, so that’s pretty cool and let me ser, let me show you guys some of the basic function to operate so i already set it up and everything connecting My phone, i download the app and connect to my phone. If you guys have any question you can go to the website, they have a video guy on there to show you how to do it or you can leave a comment and i’ll try to answer. I try to do my best to answer your question, so the star button and the back button right here, you press in like that to set it up, so you touch here, that’s a meter, that’s activity, that’s connect, and this is to set up the watch and The and timing navigation, so you can touch in the middle too. The middle will show you the date. You can display the date or the time. This is the time 2 and the date so to select one of the thing like i’m on navigation right now. So i select press it in to select so right now it showed me the navigation of the direction of north south, like that that’s the compass, and to go back.

You click back and you select on meter and you can turn to select so right now. I want to go to setting, i can select and i can turn like this to select or i can press like this to move on to the next menu. So if i want to go to the one that i want, i press this like that and i can select the menu that i want by pressing this. And if i want to go back and press back and i want it to exit press this to exit. So right now, it’s display the time my current time and the date and the day and the month so it’s pretty cool overall. So i fully charged the watch and for two days i haven’t charged. So this thing is powered by a solar and you can charge it by plug in the new and usb c uh that provided by the the the watch. So overall, i really like the watch. It’S really thick it’s water resistant, and i like the the battery, is less i’m it’ll last for six months without charging the battery, oh that’s, pretty cool and the strap is a feel really nice on your hand. So this is a rubber strap. You guys can upgrade the strap if you guys want to so i think, it’s, a good watch from swiss.