If you guys are interested in this topic with smartwatch, you guys are totally interested. If you guys are really unnecessary about it, it is really necessary but which can entertain your kids. So why don’t we get started. I know you guys are saying: i know that you guys are saying there should be a box on the camera, but yeah. Sometimes i open things too late, that’s, okay, so so so so the first step is you got ta press toby for just about five seconds and his arms and legs move as well, so there’s toby smiling right there and there’s toby hi toby isn’t. It good to see you how good is it very good? Obviously, so there are lots of cool things on toby. So, for example, like you can play a game. For example, like the time game there’s, there are three levels of difficulty. One is easy: Music. One is two is medium and three is hard, maybe impossible actually, and when you get exactly oh, no, when you get exactly 10 stars, you you get something from a treasure chest: Music, that’s just from hoagie the detective don’t. You guys get that. So i guess that wasn’t nothing! Oh there are other games like this and you get stars actually Music, so this is like Music. I forgot to tell you look at all the games. There is so you can entertain your kids time in toby time and you have to move the ball into the hole called amazing game.

So so now so now you can entertain math in smash math and finally, you can play tic tac, toe and tic tac toby. You, you can say tic, tac toe let’s, say tic tac toe b, tic tac toe bad yup, tic tac toe. So this is called certainty code. So you can kind of move around like your watch or something well, you got ta. You know move Music. It just started: whoopsy daisy. This game is called freaky. This is actually hard to me, but this one is toby, says nice, so you got ta like bend down Music, eight nine times, eight seven make sure you do this correctly because it might do the hawk just for example. Now you can track your steps right here. Instead time oh whoops, now like text messages like me, it’s only me there’s, a cupcake, oh cupcake, on my cupcake got my nose really now i have glasses on so cool, oh so cool. I would rather get it like. I would rather do this, but not really you guys are there, so we can do like this. So like we can say. Oh this is the milwaukee thing whatever whatever it is, you can entertain. So you can say something like this hello, i am andrew. Then we can – and we can hello – i’m andrew isn’t – that so silly no it’s not so we can paint all these rooms like isn’t, that so cool. So you can decorate your calendar it’s, okay, so it’s 10, 24 month day year, this one this one.

This is actually brightness, then it contains change, toby’s name. Then this is bluetooth. I got one award whoo now we can check in. These are my feelings and look at this 189 stores, that’s so cool, but we can’t play set zone because they don’t make other people sad. So there’s, like this camera right here, i’m gon na switch it over and there’s me right here. This gallery right here now now there’s, like this video camera, like we can say something like this. Yes, we can do something like this. This is my adventure bible. Now we can check our video in the video gallery. Sometimes, videos may be silly but i’m going to show you these five videos there’s one. This takes about 15 seconds, the other one that takes 31 seconds. Yes, Music. Finally, thank you for watching and subscribe. Thank you for watching and subscribing wherever there is, but seriously. These are the bloopers. This is actually really funny. I play that over and over again i want to die that’s different to me now, if you want to see one video at a time – and this is the video gallery right here – Music and when you want to flip your camera around if let’s stay around in Just a second one, second Music, so i have alarms right here so when this is 9 p.m. In 7 years now we have calendar so it’s december 27, 2020 and we’re gon na say bye to 2020 soon.

So we have this timer here, Music and wait. I will need the instructions that’s so so i forgot the instructions that’s. Okay, we can just do the instructions later. So now we have this timer right here, so we can set timer like for one minute and we can press the check or if you want a second to or if you want to add a sec. If you want to add a second that’s, okay, so and it’s counting down and when you want to see toby appear, make it a short time like maybe just for about a minute. Maybe maybe we can try three seconds: there’s toby isn’t, he so cool. How cool is he and there’s and there’s this thing called stopwatch? So you can time yourself by doing something like going to the zoo or playing a game or having fun at the park. Yes, so it’s just for about 18 seconds, i did it for 18 seconds. So that is all for the toby robots for our launch tour and if you want to get this, this is maybe too expensive for you, but that’s, okay, it’s, 10, 31 right now, so so! Well so i’ll see you soon. I’Ll see you soon.