Today, we’ve got a special kind of review today, we’ll be talking about the huawei gt2 pro and the top 10 things which make it one of the best smart watches to get today in 2021. Let’S get into it if you’re new to west news, tech, news and reviews. We talk about the latest tech news. We do brutally honest reviews and share hacks and tricks along the way. Huawei gt2 pro is not just the huawei gt2, no it’s, a great new smartwatch, which has a lot of new features and functions that the original gt2 simply doesn’t. Have it looks better. It acts much better. It has a lot more functions. It’S got a lot of cherries on top of the already gray cake, i’ve actually hand picked 10 of my favorite features on the huawei gt2 pro, and i will show these 10 things to you, because i want everybody who watches wes, knows tech, news and reviews to Be aware that the gt2 pro is one of the most understated smart watches in 2012. For the money paid you get a whole ton of value, you get style, you get features, you get functions and you get a lot of very smart tech. Anyways let’s get into the top 10 things first thing i’d like to mention is the design first of all, it’s, not just the usual aluminium or steel case, no it’s a titanium case with a ceramic back. The ceramic back is not there just for looks, although it does look.

Amazingly beautiful it’s. Also there, because now key wireless charging is available. What that means is that now there’s wireless charging and you can also reverse charge it from the back of any modern smartphone. The wireless charging is a great feat on its own, because simply 10 minutes of the wireless charge will get you 10 hours of continuous use of the smartwatch and two hours on the wireless charger will actually get you a full charge, and one full charge is equal To eight days of continuous use and that’s, with always on display, of course, the manufacturer does claim 14 days of battery life, but that’s not quite the case. If you are using gps, if you are using always on display, you will be getting just eight to nine days, but still that is quite a feat. Why do we get a smartwatch well for the main reason it’s to get smarter to become more effective, but another very important reason is actual health monitoring, and this is what the gt2 pro actually excels at. So one of the main points that i would like to mention, because today in the global pandemic state, this is very important. The gt2 pro not only has an spo2 sensor that works on demand or at spot. No, it has continuous spo2. What that means is that you get to see trends over your day over the week month and year of your blood oxygen saturation levels, and that is a key feature, especially today, if you are experiencing potentially sleep apnea or you would like to get forewarned of sleep.

Apnea or any other lung disorders, what’s health without sleep, so the huawei gt2 pro actually has true sleep technology. So this is a sleep monitoring technology that was actually developed with huawei and the harvard medical school. So the huawei. True, sleep actually monitors three sleep stages, so you’re deep, your light and rem sleep, and it does so very, very well. We’Ve previously done quite a few sleep analysis and sleep accuracy test and always in these tests, who are we smart watchers come out on top? Not only do you get a full breakdown of your sleep pattern in the huawei health app, you also get personalized recommendations on how to improve your sleep, and on top of that, you can actually see the summary screen of how much you’ve slept when you went to Bed and when you woke up on your watch, so you do get a summary on the watch face, and that means you don’t have to go to the app unless you want to see a full breakdown. Another great benefit with the huawei gt2 pro is the 100 plus sport modes. It has a full. These 100 sport modes include all the usual running: cycling, judo, basketball, football and so forth, but now it also gets triathlon mode. Not only that you also get golf mode and golf mode actually provides your swing analysis, so this is very key and very professional stuff. On top of that, the watch has dual inbuilt gps.

What that means is that the watch cannot only assist you in the swimming pool, because it is water resistant up to 50 meters. It can actually assist you for open water swims in the lake in the sea or wherever, because of the dual inbuilt gps. Another awesome thing, and this is to do with the inbuilt gps. This is the first huawei we watch that offers offline route back options, so that means that you can never get lost. Basically, if you are out and about and let’s say you started your walking sport mode or you’re, running or you’re cycling, as long as you have the gps switched on, you will always have the option of taking the route back. That means that the watch will guide. You back to your starting point, and this is the kind of feature that we do expect on the top spec garments, polars and santos, but we haven’t ever seen this on a budget smartwatch and the last feature, which is so awesome that it’s almost unbelievable. Well, we know that huawei has problems with google and hence it doesn’t have any third party apps that can be loaded onto the watch. Well, not anymore, as that now they’ve got 19 apps, which you can download to your watch and i’ve got some of them on the watch face as it is, and they’re quite useful. So i’ve got a game. Then i’ve got a calculator. I’Ve got the radio tuner there.

I’Ve got a couple more so within just three months of how the apps were made available. Huawei went from zero to 19.. I am sure that the ecosystem of these apps will grow lightning quickly because that’s exactly how huawei tackles things. These are my favorite and the top features and functions that i absolutely love about the huawei gt2 pro. I hope you have enjoyed this review of the huawei gt2 pro.