These are the most wanted wearables of the year according to our thorough testing so which are all these five lets. Inspect Applause – hey good to see you here, you probably found this video because youre on the hunt for the best smartwatch you can buy and ive listed the best models compatible with both android smartphones and iphones. In this video, you wouldnt see apple watch series, which are clearly the primary choice. If you own an iphone, each of the top contenders has had its thorough inspection already posted on the channel and, if youre interested in seeing all the details ill make sure to link these videos in the description area. This is not a chart, but i will share in the end of the video which is my daily driver and why so alphabetically gtr3 by amazefit qualifies first. It is a very good choice, not great, but certainly a decent performer. It happens to be the most affordable out of all launched at 180, but now very often being discounted down to 150.. Its good looking with decent, build quality has a lot of health tracking sensors, including ppg hr sensor, blood oxygen saturation sensor. It can detect steps. Calories, sleep cycles has more than 100 workout modes has an inbuilt gps, and the list of features is pretty long out of everything. The battery endurance is perhaps the most remarkable quality because it can last up to 2 weeks if you go for rather battery friendly settings.

Although the display is stunning, the performance awesome and the app lets you customize a whole lot of things, including installation of some basic apps. There are some shortcomings, though, like the fact that it doesnt have a speaker. Therefore, you cannot make bluetooth related phone calls. There is no wi fi, which makes downloading updates take forever and some other minor drawbacks. Overall, i do find the gtr3 to be a step down from last years. Gtr 2, although the interface of the new edition is snappier, and i like very much this pretty awesome working rotating crown. On the other hand, if you have another extra 100 to spend theres the gtr 3 pro model, which seems to cover all of that, so if none of the mentioned drawbacks is going to limit you, this is a watch. I can certainly recommend for being accurate, durable, stylish and easily integrated with third party services like alexa, google, feed or strava as a second top choice. Let me reveal the first wear os based smartwatch in this video. This is the galaxy watch. 4.. Good news is that, a few months after its initial release, which in my opinion, was surrounded by too much hype and eventually a bunch of disappointments, has a much nicer price, often going down as low as 220 dollars. There are a few different editions, including the classic model, with a special dial, which is totally awesome for easy navigation and also the lte editions of both variations.

So the portfolio has pretty much something for every possible fan of smart watches. Unless battery life is your priority, because the operating system called where os, despite exclusively co, developed with samsung, this time seems to show the well known annoying weaknesses, first of all, snappiness, probably mostly due to the chipset which is used inside and secondly, the battery life can Hardly provide more than a day of active usage. Some of the software ideas implemented are also kind of weird. For instance, half an year later, google assistant remains to be a unicorn for the smartwatch, and this fact alone to me is a big big red alert. Making me think that we should never trust promises about coming firmware updates. They simply may arrive too late if at all other than that samsung impresses with the consistency, theyve managed to keep with the switch from tizen os running on the predecessors and migrating to wear os. Overall experience is superb, the menus are tidy and if you ever use the samsung smartwatch before its gon na feel very familiar. Having access to play store for installing apps is a bliss, and the sports tracking features are implemented in a very good way, including automatic sports detection and, of course, possibility for gps navigation from all the five smartwatches listed here. This is the only one that can track blood pressure, also to visualize the whole data and do some analysis, the smartphone apps, although too many and somehow too complex, they are very capable about extracting the most out of your smartwatch data looks like, although we can have A lot of remarks about certain decisions that samsung have taken.

This continues to be one of the best wearaway smartwatches up to date. The third awesome smartwatch id like to show you is about harmony. I mean the os after the huge fiasco, around huaweis mobile division, the company was forced to work on its own operating system, which, although being super challenging in many ways, has been a very positive happening for their wearable portfolio. Im a big fan of the gt series because of their balance between smartness battery life and design and gt3 is a device that wouldnt disappoint. First of all, design is better than ever. Huawei also adopt the rotating crown concept, which is, in my opinion, invaluable. Sadly, there still is no lte edition, for this watch looks like its an exclusive option for the non gt series, but other than that had to find a weakness unless youre a passionate athlete and are looking for integrations with softwares like strava or google fit premium materials. Awesome feeling on the wrist one of the most accurate hr, sensors ive ever seen on a smartwatch so far and even the possibility to link an external bluetooth device. You can also store music even use the watch as a portable speaker, since the operating system is rather basic. There is no way to use navigation apps like google maps, but you can side load waypoints. So if you have the routes in advance, the watch can also navigate you in terms of inbuilt apps, its equipped with everything needed in terms of health, tracking and productivity.

Well, everything but a good calendar app. There are some attempts for such an alternative in the huawei app gallery, speaking of which the smartphone app is a delight. And besides the lovely group data, it has a lot of extras, including more and more apps, that you can install and a lot of free or paid watch faces next id like to show you the ticwatch pro 3 ultra. This one is a champion about the amount of features provided at the price proposed, its also a champion about battery life among all the wear os based devices these in terms of health tracking when it comes to the very same operating system and its unique about its Dual display setup: you can count on both amoled for lovely resolution and colors and fstn for visibility under direct sunlight and consuming ridiculously small amount of energy. Ive, always praised mobvoi thats, the mother company, for their awesome, health, tracking ecosystem, tick, sleep, tick, pulse, stick health. There are a few apps integrated, especially developed for the series and allowing you to track 24 7 stress sleep, heart rate and blood oxygen. Sports tracking is also there. The available tracked sports are not that many yet, but in return you get a lot of data. Gps assistance and you can count on always on display thanks to the fstn edition in the regular smart mode. The watch can last around 2 3 days per charge. You can also count on the specially developed, essential mode.

It cuts the smart functions off shoots down. The operating system and turns the watch into a fitness tracker with endurance of up to 30 days per charge, not bad, not bad at all, Music and wrapping up with the freshest member in this list, because xiaomi have globally announced the watch in march 2022.. The s1 series are the finest wearables that the chinese giant has released up to date. They seem to be vastly improved compared to the watch from one year ago and while offering some brilliant implementations, both s1 and s1 active, have shortcomings which are worth mentioning too. To begin with a more premium addition, it is indeed a little too expensive, but we have to admit it looks stunning as stunning as huawei watch gt2 pro. I do think this is almost a rip off in terms of design, durable materials. Excellent display, of course, accompanied by always on function. More than 100 workout modes can be tracked. Bill is to say that sleep, continuous hr, tracking blood, oxygen saturation in the usual steps and calorie estimations are also present in tract, just as they are with most 2022 smartwatches. Anyway, what makes xiaomi watch s1 unique are a few important details. Firstly, a revamped smartphone app. Some important improvements are included. Secondly, the devices have nfc chip inside and are currently the only non wear os smartwatch series with great battery life and possibility to make contactless payments important to know that this is not.

Google pay based xiaomi have adopted their own service called xiaomi pay, which currently supports only some regions and only master card issued cards, which i hope to see soon being expanded to more vendors, accurate, gps, good performance, excellent menus, a bunch of customizations. This is smartphone app. However, no local storage access no possibility for music playback from the watch and, sadly, no rotating crown, which i was quite surprised about, especially knowing that it costs more than most of the competitors in this video and also that inability to respond to notifications feels limiting. In the end being 2022, the smartwatch market seems to settle down semiconductor shortage, combined with increased prices and hot to source components. Pushes some of the makers to cut corners and looks like some vendors are actually axing. Some very important features this year we pay more for less, and this is obviously something nobody really enjoys. Still from all these models, i keep on favoring huawei watch gt3, especially after installing one of the major updates which brought the possibility to respond to notifications via predefined answers. It does feel like the most complete out of all these watches, especially knowing that its the second cheapest looks like the position. Huawei have been pushed to helps them to keep on innovating and improving interesting to hear, which is your favorite smartwatch from this top 5 video, or in case you like something else, please let me know which this model is using the comments below.

I hope all of this was useful if theres something i can help with. You know how to reach out to me for more cool tech inspections and advices. Just follow the channel and come back soon. My name is michael.