Some people prioritize style. Some people prioritize fitness tracking accuracy. Some people want battery life, so we have six different categories. In this video to figure out, which is actually the best of the best when it comes to smart watches, so starting off category number, one is the best for battery life. This one’s pretty easy, pretty straightforward. Secondly, is the best fitness tracker? This is going to be a little fitness band. These are generally more affordable like under 50, sometimes and honestly, they are starting to have more and more smartwatch features to make them a viable alternative to a smartwatch category number three is the best for losing weight or otherwise getting started with fitness tracking. Then category four is kind of the flip side. Anybody who’s already pretty healthy and just looking to push it farther. These are the best fitness oriented, smart watches. Category number five is the best hybrid watch, where this is going to give you a lot of health analytics a lot of functionality. Some of them give you nfc payments and, at the same time, they’re giving you that classic analog watch, look a really nice aesthetic and then, of course, the last one category, six, the overall best of the best, the easy recommendation for just in general. If you didn’t prioritize anything in one through five and you just want to know what’s the best smartwatch that’s gon na be category number six. On top of that i’ll add bonus.

Category number seven i’m not allowed to talk much about it yet, but you’ll see when when we get there so starting off category number one. This is the best battery life. This is not the one day apple watch the five day: garmin, not even a 30 day. Watch this one i’ve had it for an entire year and i’ve actually never charged it once. This is the casio g shock gbd h1000, which at first glance i know you’re thinking, it’s, just a basic digital watch it’s. Actually, not, it has a lot more under the hood, so this has bluetooth connectivity, which means you’re getting notifications, you’re syncing up workouts with your phone, and it also has gps on here. It has heart rate tracking, has an accelerometer a barometer, a compass, all types of different sensors on here to give you some pretty in depth analytics and it’s, also very accurate. So how does the battery last that long? Well, if you look on the front on the outside, you’ll see that there actually is a solar panel there, which is recharging. This watch as you go so, like i said, i’ve had this for a whole year. I’Ve never had to charge it once i don’t even know where the charger is so, whenever i’m planning a trip, that’s off the grid, uh backpacking kayaking, something like that and i don’t plan on being around an outlet for a couple days. This is always my go to really a solid pick for the best battery life.

That brings us into category number two, which is the best fitness tracker. I mentioned that these are getting better and better every year and they’re becoming a really viable option or alternative to smart watches and the winner this year is a very clear one. In my opinion – and this is the xiaomi me bam – six selling at somewhere around 50, but of course it depends on where you live you’re, getting a lot of function, a lot of bang for your buck on this one, where you’re getting a very large display on The front it’s also a great quality, display very bright, very vibrant and the functions on here i mean it really stacks up to a pretty valuable smartwatch honestly from, like, i said, music controls to honestly very, very accurate heart rate tracking. But, of course, the drawback here is that you don’t have gps. You don’t have nfc payments, at least not here in the us, and so anybody looking to track with gps. You could either run with your phone as long as your phone’s nearby it’s, going to use your phone’s gps and and just pull from that and use it, which is which is fine, but for anybody looking to use gps and not run with their phone. The alternative would be to get something like the fitbit charge. 4.. I talked about that a lot last year, it’s a little bit more expensive, but on sale you can still probably find it for around a hundred dollars.

You’Re getting gps you’re, getting nfc payments and i mean it’s still a little fitness band and of course, there are tons of other fitness, trackers and i’ve reviewed so many on this channel. But if you guys are interested in learning more about this or actually any device we talk about in this video, i have a full review of every single one of these i’ll put links in the description below, as well as links to the latest price. In case. Any of them go on sale, and that brings this into category number three, which is the best smart watch for losing weight or otherwise getting started with tracking your health and your fitness, and really i want to differentiate this from the next category, because in this category You probably don’t care as much about your vo2 max you don’t, really care if it pairs with like a peloton and a heart rate, strap really. What you want is something that looks. Nice works as a smartwatch one during the day, but at the same time keeps tabs on your health and kind of gamifies it and gives you metrics that make it easier to understand and digest and keep you moving in the right direction. And honestly, out of all these brands, the one that does it the best in my opinion is fitbit. Fitbit is my go to recommendation for anybody who is looking to lose weight and the fitbit sense is really a fantastic device for that.

So you have all types of analytics on here from heart rate and gps, of course, but also skin temperature, an ecg all types of stuff like that, and they kind of break it down and gamify it in a really good way. So, rather than looking at exactly what your heart rate level was all the time they can just give you heart rate zones and let you know like how long you worked out in a fat burning zone, how long you worked out in a cardio zone and and Where your goal was as well to let you know if you met your goals today or if you didn’t get there, and on top of that, with the fitbit premium or with fitbit the app in general, you are able to connect with other users out there and It kind of gamifies it even further, so i found people have a lot of success with devices like this one, but of course, the limitation on this one kind of leads us into the next category. The limitation is that the heart rate tracking and the gps accuracy is not it’s, not like world class. Here, you’re not going to have the best accuracy but granted it’s, typically good enough to know if you’re in the right heart rate zone and if you’re really me making progress. And that brings us into category 4, which is the best fitness. Smart watch and the emphasis here is on smartwatch, because there are other sports watches out there, like the polar vantage v2 or the garmin fenix watches, which are really geared towards just sports i’m.

Talking about something that’s going to be a well rounded smartwatch. That also really accurately tracks and follows your workouts, and i think the obvious pick here is the garmin venue 2.. This is actually the 2s right here. The venue 2 and the 2s are are nearly identical, just different in size and it’s. Really a fantastic device. I’Ve been wearing it for a little while and not only is it incredibly accurate, but it also gives you a lot of insights and a lot of garmin software on here to help you reach your goals better and your goals here again differentiating this versus the the Previous category, the goals here are going to be like shaving mild time off of a marathon and things of that nature. So garmin has their own workouts on here again, very accurate tracking. They have offline spotify and the benefit is that it also works as an everyday smartwatch. You have nfc payments on here. Notifications, you can answer, reject calls all types of functions like that, really an all around great watch to wear. But of course, the downside of this one is that the garmin venue 2 it’s a little bit pricey you’re, looking at a pretty high price tag on here, and if that is not within your budget, then you could pay half that price or approximately half that price And get the same accuracy or roughly the same accuracy with the garmin venue, sq, so that’s kind of a runner up in this category, where you still have a lot of accuracy, you still have offline spotify but you’re compromising a little bit on the build quality, the Style and the display quality category number five is my personal favorite, and this is the best hybrid watch.

I find that i’m wearing hybrid watches, more than most other watches on this list, because one they usually have a longer battery life and two, the big one, is that i personally think they look better. And so my pick for this category is actually the withings scan. Watch i’ve been wearing this watch for a while, and i really like the overall build the design of this, the aesthetic of it, because hybrid watches really focus on aesthetic. This one is going to be my pick for this category. I love how this one works, and it also has some really advanced health analytics on here from heart rate, tracking and sleep tracking, on the back to an actual ecg on here as well. So you can keep tabs on your heart and it’s a really nice simple design. You can easily scroll through with a little rotating crown on the right side and track workouts check out your spo2, your heart rate, all types of stuff like that it’s really an all around a great watch, but the downside in this one. Of course, i always have a runner up, because there’s always a little catch on these. The catch is that this is not yet fda approved, which means it’s not available in the united states. Yet so, if you’re in the u.s, you might want to consider getting my runner up here, which is the garmin vivomove style or the vivomove lux for that matter. These watches look fantastic and it’s made by garmin, of course, so you’re getting a lot of that.

That software, that i talked about with the venue and the venue sq and you also have nfc payments so for some people you might actually prefer the garmin viva move style and that breaks this into category number. Six, the best of the best, the overall number one smartwatch, if you didn’t prioritize any one thing that i mentioned before this is going to be my recommendation for you and no surprise here. It depends on which operating system you have so we’ll start off with the apple users. If you use an iphone. The obvious choice here is the apple watch. 6. it’s. Incredibly, powerful has a fantastic selection of apps, it really works seamlessly and it integrates perfectly with the apple ecosystem. So, really a fantastic and very very powerful watch the best overall you can get for an iphone, but of course the downside is that you do have to pay a little bit extra for this. It is around 400, possibly more if you want the lte version, but luckily apple thought of this, and they came out with a cheaper version if you don’t care about the ecg, if you don’t care about an always on display and if you don’t need that more Advanced spo2 tracking for your sleep tracking, then for a lot of people. You would be happy you’re, saving the money and getting the apple watch. Se now for android users, no worries about not having access to an apple watch, because you have a winner in this category.

As well the winner for you is actually the galaxy watch three, which is a fantastic watch on many regards. It really does everything you would want from a smart watch and the physical or the external design is really fantastic. I think, among the best for any smartwatch out there, where you have this nice rotating bezel, to navigate the interface. You also have a nice solid design. Here it comes with leather straps and as far as aesthetics go, i think this watch absolutely crushes. Many other smart watches on the market, and so finally, category number seven is a brand new smartwatch that i’m actually not allowed to talk about it’s under embargo, but it’s right off camera right. There it’s running the brand new snapdragon, 4100 chip and it’s. I can’t talk about it. I can’t talk about it yet, but it’s a really, really great experience at a much more affordable price. So if you guys want to learn about that, one it’s probably going to be my next smartwatch video. I release on this channel. So definitely do click that subscribe button and the bell icon, so you don’t miss it when that video comes out, but guys that’s been it. Those are my top six or honestly, probably more. Like top 12., they all kind of had a runner up. But those are my picks for the best smart watches of 2021, and i want to acknowledge that there are tons of great smart watches out there from oppo and huawei and oneplus like a lot of other devices that were not covered in this video that’s.