Now the first is the sandal puss um. Smart watch, it does have eight different sports modes uh. It does have about 10 different dials to choose from on this guy. We do get that pin thing so when you’re actually charging it, you connect it to the bottom of the smart watch. Um but it’s gon na have dial controls a really high fidelity quality, mic e c g mode on here, pedometer blood, oxygen, heart rate – you could use it to take capture camera things and things of that nature from your smartphone. You could use it as, like a you know, like a button to take pictures with. We also have multiple languages on here. It works with ios as well as android, but you can actually listen to music through here. They do have some pretty good speakers on this thing, so i do like this thing because it’s ip68 waterproof resistant as well, so it has a pretty decent display on here it’s 360 times 360 and you could always customize the brightness switch. The watch faces to your desired preference, but this is the first watch. Smart watch, guys that does have the pin um magnets to actually control the charging with a nice rubber band. You can choose up to four different bands from when you, when you order it, they actually will ship those out. These bands do like look like the 20 uh 28 millimeter bands or the. I believe this is the 28 millimeter band, but i could be wrong, but this is the first smart watch guys now.

The next smart watch we’re going to be talking about is the goku smart watch. It does have sleep weather. Stop watch find your phone alarms, blood pressure, heart rate, everything like that it does come with the glory fit app, which is pretty um, easy to understand and use. You do also have those uh these. These pin charging things. So this is uh the one for the sandal one, and then this is the one for the goku one, so they’re they’re different. All of them are different. So you kind of got to keep these in one bag and then just keep them all in one place. But this thing has a ton of different modes: i’ve been using it for quite some time now and it’s really good. It’S got 24 different sports modes. It’S got seven day battery standby time 360 by 360 on here when it comes to the display, live heart rate, tracking, sleep rate, monitoring and everything of that nature. So this is one of my favorite guys right here, because it’s really accurate when it comes to the sleep measuring on this guy, you it’s going to tell you your deep sleep as well as your normal um. You know regular sleep, light sleep, tracking blood pressure, oxygen level, things of that nature, heart rate training modes on here, so really really um responsive when it comes to the touch. You also do get a screen protector on here, which you can see.

I i dinged right here on the corner of it, but um how it really feels um, really nice on my wrist, really lightweight and very um cool for taking taking with you along your different um things of the day sports weather, you could do sports weather everything Like that, but it has a really good response. It’S in this you get about, like i said three to five business, three to five days on here and 24 different sports modes, uh really cool. You can get your message reminders, weather all day, tracking. You could use it as a remote for your camera things of that nature. It does come with the 26 millimeter band. So just keep that in mind and it’s ip67 as well. Another one of my favorite smart watches is the t90 smart tws earbuds bracelet wearable watch. This guy is really cool. It’S got several different sports modes on here. I haven’t powered it on in a few days now, so it might not have any battery inside of it. But it’s got 15 days of battery standby time, it’s ip67. Waterproof! You do get a lot of different sports mode on here. You also do get the korean language, english language, things of that nature. You could do a lot of different things with it. It also does have those pins that are uh for charging, so you know it’s not going to be the most convenient thing. If you lose that you might have to just buy a whole new one which kind of sucks or they might have separate accessories.

But this one does have a really nice display on here: uh it’s, a you know, seven to ten business, seven to ten days on here. As far as the battery life goes, but you know i really do like this smart watch as well. The earbuds actually have really good sound when you’re listening to them and it they do come with replaceable tips as well. They stay inside of the watch with magnets. The rubber is the the band is made of rubber. The body is made of plastic. You get a heart race sensor on the bottom, um it’s really going to be a nice smart watch for people who just want to have earbuds, because you’re going to get three hours of talk time with those. But if you use the earbuds a lot, then it’s going to shorten the life span of the watch when it goes back into charge and, like i said these do charge the um. The watch does charge the earbuds on here. So i really like this guy as well. Now i can’t really go into as much detail as i want to about all these smart watches, because the time restraints – but this is the tim watch and it’s one of my favorites, because it has wireless charging on here. 28 28 millimeter um strap on here, so you can replace those out. All of these watches you can replace out the band as well. This guy has wireless charging like i said before, so i really do like this one, because it has that, because if you lose the strap on here, you will um, you know what i’m talking about you will be able to.

You know you could charge it with with without the pin the charging pin thing. So a lot of these i haven’t, turned on in a while, just because i’ve been using i’ve been rotating through them. So this one doesn’t have any juice on here, but it’s really good watch, like i said before it has heart rate 5 atm waterproof digital um, smart watch, which is cool so it’s got a really nice build, really really um industrial. Looking watch face on here. You can get it in multiple colors from gray black silver and brown. You know tpu in black um, blue, green gray and pink um, but this guy will also give you the ability to uh. You know you could get your notifications on here as well. You could also track your fitness, your heart rate, your sleep, um very accurate when it comes to sleep, and this guy also does weather on here. So i really do like the fact that it displays the weather and the wireless charging on here. So next watch. I want to talk about is the event: the tempo v t3 and the tempo vt3 light. These are really small when it comes to the size. You get that 20. I think it’s 20 to 22 millimeter straps on here, but you i could pretty much double check that and leave some replaceable links, so you could check out the straps but um they do have a similar style. When it comes to the body, you get different buttons on the um right hand, side.

But the only difference between these two is that when it comes to the features you’ll notice, they both work on ios and android. But when it comes to the features you’re going to get um, music control and scientific you’re going to get music control on the light version, but on the uh, the right, the normal one, you’re going to actually be able to get your um it’s going to track A scientific sleep and sp blood oxygen so that doesn’t want the light version. Doesn’T have that so they kind of swapped features but they’re still both really good. You can control music on the light one which i really like, but you can on the regular one. So just keep that in mind, but both straps are really comfortable to wear all day long battery life. You get about seven to ten hours when your truck when you’re, using these things, 2.240 times 240. When it comes to the displays on these guys, but like i said the charging takes about um, it takes about two hours to charge. This thing: you’re gon na get the heart rate, distress, oxygen, sleep, compass, stop, stop, watch, timer text alerts and things of that nature. No, i do have separate videos for all of these, which i do go in a lot more detail about them, but this one is the um let’s fit and actually actually no. This is the cubot one right here. So let me show you right here: we do have the cubot one and this one is gon na have replaceable straps inside the box.

It does have a really long battery life, a one point um actually with this guy we’re getting we’re actually getting that five atm waterproof for the fitness tracker here, so it’s gon na be able to be um lightly. Splashed and things of that nature. You might be able to hold it under water for like a second but that’s about it. Call notifications about 30 days standby time on this thing: 15, 15 days when you’re, using it regularly with the app and everything like that, like i said it does have ios compatibility and android as well, so that’s really nice to see. Let me just show you: they do have a code right here where you can scan for the hbn, so i only see the android one there, so it might only be for android, but this one has a really strong looking face on it. Um the screenshot. This screen is really beautiful to look at um as far as this guy, you can see right here. We, we do have a really fast interface on here. It shows your sleep patterns, your heart rate, on the clocks. You can get your notifications and messages on here. The battery life is here all your features are on here. You can check out your messages. I just really love um the interface and the overall. The straps on here feel really good as well um. So i really like how they did that, but um what it is is that um, this isn’t, the actual strap that goes with it.

I actually was able to switch um put the uh cubot strap on my tim moo watch. So this is the tim wu strap on the cubot. One is actually on the tin move on one right here, so this is the extra strap that they gave and then that this is the temu one which actually kind of broke. So you could always change out these straps, which is really cool. I believe this is the 28 millimeter one but um. You know i really like how they have that, where you can change out the straps heart rate sensor on here 30 day standby time, um that magnetic thing on the back. So just keep that in mind that if you do use that um, you know what i’m talking about it’s going to. If you lose it, you won’t be able to charge it anymore. So just make sure you don’t lose that what’s really cool about this guys. You could also do music photos, um countdown, stopwatch alarm, clock notification, sleep and more, but this is like one of my favorite ones here, because it also lets you change the dials things of that nature, so it’s a really really fun smart watch as well. Now the let’s fit smart watch is pretty cool. It’S slim, just like the vermee v t3 one. They pretty much have identical features. Let me see if i could give this thing some juice. We also do get the box right here, which comes with the charging um pin thing, which is cool, but you’re gon na get your heart rate, relax mode like a zen mode to help you calm down and things of that nature.

You also get music control on this guy, as well as an alarm clock, heart rate sleeping and more so i really do like the fact that they just pack these things with a lot of features for a really affordable price. It connects to your android device as well. You get music controls, like i said before: sports records, tracking timer and more you can check. You can see your messages on this guy. You could also change the dimming and the dial as well from here. They have about one two, three four different dials to choose from uh, which are all really nice to look at, so i didn’t have any issues when i was using this with this guy. It felt really good on my wrist really lightweight. Just really nice features on here compact design and just really functional as well.