My name is marcos and today were gon na. Take a look at the smartwatch from a company named touchlex heres, a watch that ive been using for the past couple days and i like it its brilliant its been pretty smooth. Something that makes this watch unique is uh. It does have a touchscreen display its a 1.52 hd screen. It does have this band and it has a lot of features built in so lets get started. Let me tell you more about it: Music, Music, all right guys. So here we have the watch itself. It has a touchscreen display right here, so you can scroll up. You can scroll down and scroll side to side, and this is pretty much your power and back button and then here in the box, you can actually see the features that this watch offers uh its pretty cool because it actually offers 14 sports modes. So what does that mean if youre going swimming you can tell that youre going swimming? If youre going running, you can tell youre going running itll count. Your calories burn your your steps and your heart rate, while youre working out so thats one great feature. It also has blood oxygen monitor, so you can check your blood oxygen and your heart rate monitor my favorite. Is the sleep monitor that helps me tell when i had a rough night? If i slept good, i feel better in the day, if i didnt sleep so good and i was awake most of the night i can tell by that by that monitor uh.

It says right here it does have a hd color screen you can. You can also read your messages and also tell you if the calls are coming in and when its ringing so very easy to use smartwatch. So some of my favorite features so pretty much theres your power button here on the left. You can start sports mode. So if you were to click this, you can tell that youre going running youre going walking um. You can also go here. Itll tell you your data for today. So your stats, so your stats will tell you how many calories, how many steps your youve had stuff. Like that, and then here, if you had like spotify apple music, whatever plane, you want to pause it, you can pause it from here. Also your sleep, so last night looks like i slept about eight hours and 24 minutes tells you thats an average, its a good count. If you sleep less it tells you hey. You had a rough night youre, you dont, you didnt have so much sleep. Heart rate. Monitor so you know, this is supposed to be on your on your wrist and here the sensors here in the back heres, where you, where you have the charger it has like a magnetic charger usb to this magnetic piece that goes here. What else do we have? We can also read our messages here so here i can actually go through my messages and and see whats going on, so people can send me messages from mess from facebook from whatsapp or text, and you know we can read them right here and there.

So let me see if i can get one where it has a lot of info, so here this guys saying peace of mind were in a group and he answered to somebody and he answered peace of mind, lets see what else we got. You can also track. Your weather, like i said you, can stop and play your music check. Your sleep out check your heart rate so for watch faces through the app. So the touch selects app you download on android or iphone. You can actually uh search more faces, but lets say you have some faces already that you downloaded. You can actually change them right here by holding it and changing up to uh. Your preferred uh watch face sorry about that. So i want this watch face. If i dont want it, i can hold it and itll, give me more options available and then, through the app you can download other faces so thats how you would change your face on your watch. So another great feature from this watch is that its ip68 water resistant waterproof – you can actually dunk it in the water. I take it in the shower. Ive used it when im working out cutting the grass and im sweating. Nothing should happen to the watch itself. Let me pull it out, so watch is ip68 water resistant waterproof and you can use it when youre working out taking a shower or jumping in the water. So very good feature from this watch.

Another thing that i like from the watch itself: the battery life lasts about seven to eight days, so you dont have to worry about um your battery. That long, and it also tells you right there sorry how much battery you got left. So very nice design super easy to use all right, guys so heres a demonstration of the app itself. So you would go to the touchx app. You can actually download this on android or iphone, so here the app as you can see it. Actually, let me go back, it actually counts your stops. It actually tracks your workouts that youve logged in your sleep so, like i said i love the sleep feature because it tells me how many hours actually was in deep sleep like sleep. So i know if im really rusted or not it actually tracks for a couple days, one second so tracks for a couple days that was lets see for last week. So last week i use it for a couple days and then you can even go by month. So if thats, something youre trying to track, you can go by month, itll tell you how many hours you slept, how many hours on average and lets see um your heart rate, your calories burn and your oxygen, and you can change those these faces depending on what You needed to do and then you can track your workout and itll even track where youre at so like itll, do gps and here itll load the map as youre going and itll save like your route of what you did so thats, pretty cool, and then here Uh, you can look for more watch faces, so these are all the watch faces thats available right now at the moment, and they constantly update them and then you keep searching for more.

If you wanted to and then lets say you wanted it updated to one of these that uh we have here, so you would just click on it and then you would download and then it would load to the watch over here and thats how you change your Watch face so super easy to use um app from touchlex, and then you can customize your info right there and there you can set more reminders, alarms stuff like that, so very easy to use so thats the touchlex app. So there we have it. This is the touchlex smartwatch um its great for fitness as it tracks up to 14 modes tracks. Your sleep tracks, your oxygen levels, your heart rate, and it even gives you notifications from your smart watch. Also, does your weather its water resistant super comfortable? It only weighs 17.4 grams, so its super lightweight and very nice very compact, and then the battery lasts up to seven to eight days, so not bad. So just a quick unboxing, letting you guys know about the touchlex smartwatch.