This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video guys is we’re going to have the unboxing and our initial review of this u78 plus smartwatch. So i got this one guys for around 1100 pesos, so that’s around 20 dollars. Yes – and i got this one guys at shoppie – and here are the specifications of the watch, so the body size is 44 millimeters by 38 millimeters and the display size is 1.54 inch. The resolution is 240 by 240.. Now let’s open the box. Okay. But before that guys, let’s look at the box, so we have here the u78 plus smartwatch in the middle in gold, color and then on top. We have the u78 plus branding and black circle there. So it means that we have a black version of the watch below. We have here the smartwatch body, temperature monitoring and on the sides we only have smartwatch and at the back guys. So we have here the specifications. Yes, as i mentioned okay, so it supports guys android, 4.4 and ios 9.0 and above okay, so let’s open this one guys. So we have here the watch itself. So let’s look at that later on and we have here the strap. So it is silicon guys and it’s in black all right and let’s see we have here the user manual, so it’s in english. Yes, here it’s in english and the on the other part it’s in chinese okay.

So now we have also the charger so it’s magnetic charges, so let’s just try it, so it will just connect easily guys because of the magnet okay and now let’s, look at the watch itself, so let’s take it out. Okay, we have here guys the watch. Okay, so it feels quite heavy guys all right and on the side, so we have here on the left. We have here this speaker grille and on the right guys, so we have here the crown, so we will check also, if it’s working we have here the microphone and the on and off button, okay and at the back. So we have here the sensors, i believe, and the charging pins okay so with the watch guys uh it’s, just the same as the one that we had before so let’s try to turn it on all right. So this is the watch face guys of our u78 plus smartwatch, so let’s try to check on how many watch faces. Does it have okay, but upon looking guys so we can see that it’s, nice, yes, it’s, moving and it’s a new watch face so let’s try to swipe to the left guys, so it will bring us to the application now let’s swipe to the right. So we have here the music shortcut right and let’s swipe down swipe down, so it will give you the shortcuts there. We have the brightness, the notifications, the battery and the bluetooth, music, bluetooth, control and let’s scroll up.

So it will give us the no message, so it means that it will be a shortcut for messages all right. So now let’s try to look at the applications guys. So first is we have here the thermometer guys, so it will measure, of course, the temperature of your body while wearing a watch. We have here call logs call dialer phone book, bluetooth, music. We also have your siri guys. So if you want me to make a tutorial on how to activate siri guys so just comment down below – and we also have here speedometer, find okay, what else we have heart rate? Yes, there we have heart rate and we have your blood pressure as well. Sp02. Sleep monitoring is there messages, weather and we have your lock screen sports. So we have here walking running yoga, elliptical climbings. We have swimming okay with the swimming guys. I don’t recommend you to submerge this one into the water because, as you know, although it says that it has ip67 uh rating, but i don’t really think that it is capable of surviving in the water guys alright. So we have here more guys we have their alarm clock calculator, clock stopwatch: okay, let’s check on the settings guys, so we have here bluetooth audio clock, so it means the watch face. So let’s count guys how many watch faces. Does it have so one two. Three. Four: five: six, seven, eight nine ten wow it has ten watch faces.

Guys and personally i like this watch face there. Okay, so let’s go back guys to the setting okay and we also have their alarm brightness. So you can adjust the brightness to which uh degree you want reset about okay, so when you reset it guys, so the passcode will actually appear okay and we also have their applications. You need to scan this one in order for you to connect the application, all right and the power on and off button. Okay, so let’s wear it guys, and i will let you know if my opinion about this watch and guys it has also crown functions. Okay, so you can actually use the ground to change the watch faces or when you try to go to the features guys or the application, so you can zoom in and you can also zoom out. Okay guys. So here is our u78 plus smartwatch. Yes, so it looks pretty nice guys and it also feels like a premium uh watch and now guys i’m going to give my opinion or my initial review about this use of indeed plus smartwatch. For me, guys, although it supports crown, function, yeah like this, and it also looks nice, but i don’t see really a huge difference with this one with other, affordable smartwatch that we had, i mean it’s still affordable guys, but for the price of the previous smart watches That we had this one is quite expensive. So i give this guys if i’m going to rate this one from 1 to 10 i’m gon na give this one a 7.

5 it’s, because the price is quite higher than the previous one that we had it. Doesn’T support games, yes, and also for me just for me guys the display, it’s quite a low. Yes, the screen and the features it doesn’t have that much when you wear it, it looks really like an iwatch but other than that, and also with the crown function. There’S, nothing so much about this smartwatch, okay, guys, but if you really want to try the cu78 plus smart watch, it’s, not bad it’s, just my opinion. Okay.