You can also check the complete training data in the daufit app. It will provide good guidance for your exercise and greatly helps to achieve goals in sports. You can set the details of the menstruation date in the app. It will remind you in advance to prepare for the next menstruation and ovulation care more about yourself check the link in the description below to get the most updated price in real time. You never know when these things might go on sale. What makes this product a smarter choice? Number one message: call notification: a watch 2s will vibrate to remind you in time of anything important and display the messages directly on the watch. Can’T reply messages. Keep you informed in time of anything. Important notice only display the latest three messages: number two remote photography after the watch is connected to bluetooth. You can control the camera, bringing convenience to selfies number three large battery life using new battery technology, coupled with a high efficiency chipset and a low power consumption system. The awatch 2s has an outstanding battery life of up to 15 days. Number four find your phone. When the watch is connected to the phone, you can locate your lost phone through your watch and find it. Similarly, you can also find your watch through your phone number. Five lightweight and personalized watch faces the 1.3 inches square. Color touch display covered with a 2.5 d, curved glass and aluminum alloy frame. A watch 2s smartwatch makes it elegant and light to wear, but also sturdy and scratch resistant.

After connecting with your phone, you can choose from over 100 watch faces or choose your own photo to set it as the only wallpaper number six features of smartwatch activity: tracker, pedometer, calories, distance, heart rate, monitor menstrual cycle calculation for women, 14 sport modes, sleep monitoring, call Sms and app messages, notifications, remote control of music and cameras, weather report, sedentary reminder, alarm, clock, stopwatch, find phone call, rejection, brightness adjustment power, saving mode and other functions to meet. Your daily needs number 7 fitness tracker for men, women. The fitness tracker can automatically monitor your heart rate. Sleep status, deep sleep, shallow sleep awakening and provide a comprehensive sleep quality analysis to help you create a healthier lifestyle. You can also set up to 14 sport modes to track your various workout. Accordingly, you can view a summary of your stats in the da fit app number 8 smartwatch for iphone and android phones. The awatch 2s is compatible with most ios 8.0 and android 4.4 or above smartphones to notify you of call text, email, calendar and app notifications only display the latest three messages. If you have any questions about the watch, please contact us. We will get back to you within 24 hours, number, nine long battery life and waterproof watch. One full charge. 2.5 hours gives it up to 15 days of working time. Much longer than traditional watches. Uwatch 2s meets 5 atm waterproof standard. You can wear it when washing hands in the rain, and swimming notice do not use in water more than 100 40 degrees, fahrenheit such as showers, saunas, etc, and so much more thanks for watching.

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