So last time i used a xiaomi, hello, earphone, and this time they also come out a smart watch. So the reasons being on buying this smart washer is. I want to like track my daily steps. Even can track my sleeping patterns over here, so this is a smart watch over here i’m, going to unbox i’m going to test it out. Okay, at the moment, halo have several uh models here: they’ve got uh square shapes or even a round shapes i bought. This is about square shapes over here, around 1.4 inch sizes. So once i open up, this is in a box over here, a black box. Okay, every designs here is very like simple and nice. No, ah you just open my head. Okay! Well, the design is a bit special okay, it is simple, it’s, really light uh. You know estimate about 34 grams of this watch, so it’s like really lightweight and it’s like feels easy and comfortable. So this is the square one. So estimates of the battery life it says about uh 10 to 20 base. So after that you have to charge there’s a charging points over here, so immediately you just stick to it and then this parts over here is to sense your heartbeat okay from here i’m. Looking for the charging cable there’s a charging cable here with a usb port over here and then this is a charging so it’s much more easier. Okay, it’s like easy on my neck, a minute, it’s really easy.

Okay, so and then there’s a user manual. Okay, later we’re going to see how to start it. Okay, no more. The box is really easy, just only watch and then charging cable, okay, we’re going to open up and then sync with the mobile phone, so the app is going to use for this model. This is halo, smart watch about ls02; okay, the model is lso2, they’ve got ls41 or even lso5. Iso 5 is a round shape. Lso1 is the previous model. Okay, so right now she asked me: i need to link with my mobile phone. Okay, leave me my phone and the watch itself, so you requested to link and then the view for the smart watch is ask you to give permission of courses. Yes, yes, okay and it’s, linking we’re going to check the links or not hi we’re, going to see the looks and interface of the smartwatch over here. So basically, there’s only have one button in this smartwatch so right now it’s pitch black. So i try to look here. Okay, when i just switch off to come back, then the time will appear. So this is the front view of the watch itself. Okay, you can when it’s black already, you can just click on the button on this side. So you see the timer, the heartbeat, the footsteps calorie and then the distance, so i sort from the top to bottom. You can change the appearance settings okay to be in the night mode.

Bright adjust the bright okay over here you want to go back from left to right, then come on the menu size. You just push push up Music, then later on, you can still can check other control panels over here. So let me go back here. So, just from bottom to up you’ll see stats vpn spots over here, so the spot size have 12 modes for you for you to choose jogging, fast, walking, biking and etc. So depends what you want to track to your any kind of spots. Okay, go back just swipes from the left to right. You go back to here, but in this menu page you can just swap in the up to down, but we continue to look through. So you can see whether sleep notice, music, setting more and even settings over here. When is the end, you cannot swap anymore. So if i want to swipe to the other side, i also cannot so you have to go to the home page. So remember the home page is the time, so you have to move up and then to a time then, from here you can move left and right with different looks here. You just different rules of the steps, distance calorie and then your heartbeat. Your minutes are you of your hours or your sleeps.