So before i get into it, i’ll mention a couple different things which you can see at the back. So we have some basic information right here like the waterproofing and dust proofing of ip68, although watches aren’t really rated in the uh in this kind of way. This is for smartphones. So this is a little bit sketchy, but whatever i don’t have 12 sports mode, sleep monitoring all day, heart rate monitoring, tft hd touch screen and 15 day long battery life now below. That is something that i really like here: actual like specifications of the device, for instance the battery capacity, what type charging um now it’s still lacking some of them, for instance like the screen resolution and stuff like that, but still better than nothing, which i really appreciate. It so anyway, let’s now pop it open. There is obviously nothing here, just a flimsy paper case. Oh, i think it’s like this yep there we go so let’s, see right here. There’S the watch just get rid of this let’s power it on. Hopefully it is charged there we go now. It automatically gives me a message to download their app see i’m curious, where it’s going to take me as it’s going to be play, store or something else nope. This is their website. Oh no, never mind. It takes me to their uh. It takes me to play. Store reviews seem okay, at least we’re right here, there’s a bunch of negative comments.

Oh well, that’s anyway, let’s install it and see our own experience here. Share location, uh, great let’s, open it up. Stop on next i mean, obviously we need to allow to all spying sharing location trash, so there’s no way around it see. If i can log in with something else, facebook is not installed. Twitter is not installed. Wow great um yeah. I have one problem already here which well i’m not gon na go to the setup. I am not planning to provide my phone number to some sketchy application just so they can sell my data uh, sorry, but that ain’t happening so that’s a big. No, no for me um! So if you don’t like providing your personal data uh just so, you can get a cheaper device. Uh don’t get this thing um! You can already see the the absolute trash that it wants from you like. Why would i need to provide my phone number Music what’s? The reason why in case i lose the watch. You’Re gon na call me that there is literally zero reason for you, apart from selling my phone number to someone that wants to send me. Some trash uh sell offers so yeah i will pass and it looks like without the application we can’t finish up the setup so that’s all we get from from this watch here. Um and let’s see what else we got in here. So we got charging cable now, at least it is magnetic, as you can see, so you can just slap it at the back uh.

It will find it or not. Oh okay, so it was the wrong way. So, as you can see, you can only get it. One way, otherwise it won’t want to stick so yeah already there we go and we get anything else. We got really thin manual here and well, nothing below that so that’s, all we get. So this is the watch and unfortunately, i wasn’t able to go through the setup uh for reasons that i disclosed.