In this video we go to unbox and review the smart watch. It is a fireball talker. It is a brand of firebolt lets see the box inside. There is a small box of firebolt smartwatch Music lets see inside the box inside the box. There is a small and pretty box of firebolt watch Music in the side of box. There is a specification given which highlighted in firebolt watch. We bought an offer its a 2599 in flipkart offer. If you want check the description, there is a link for the flipkart smartwatch Music lets open the box. There is some paperwork. It means how to use the smart watch they given in different languages. Music lets check the watch. Music lets remove the watch from the box Music. There is a more pepper stuff in the box. Some warranty cards some offer of ghana lets check the watch build quality. The build quality is awesome. Music lets boot up. The watch lets remove all this paper stuff and also there is one cable for charging. The cable quality is good. Music lets remove the plastic screen paper from the watch Music. There is a more options. Are there heart rate, brightness alarm, stop watch music control, weather qr code call notifications, games, theres, so many options: Music, the display touch – is very smooth and cool Music Music while slide down. There is a setting of brightness vibration, weather settings. Music lets check the brightness stopwatch alarm countdown brightness phone call, and there is a call reset word setting and more Music lets check with applications.

Music. We want to connect the bluetooth with watch. That is option is a phone Music. If youre on in the watch, it will be connect to the mobile phone. There is a more wallpaper setting in the phone Applause Music and there is option of notifications. Whatsapp facebook calls phones, we have shutter button and watch Music, some more another settings also having in this watch drinking water, weather and more Music. There is a dial pad recent calls. Music lets download one wallpaper for watch. There is so many so many colors, and so many different different types of faces – Music, that is downloading Music download, is going on Music almost there and check the wallpaper Music. I think the video is interesting is most useful for you.