That is, if you’re looking for a watch running google’s wear os platform. At the moment you have to go to samsung and apple to find a really good cellular smartwatch. Until now, mobvoi is releasing a 4g lte version of its ticwatch pro, and that means it’s the most feature packed wearable smartwatch to date, here’s. What it’s like the ticwatch pro 4g, is very similar to last year’s ticwatch pro. There are just some slight differences and i think they make it look a little bit better. First off the bezel around the screen has a little bit of a texture to it now, and the same is true with the sides of the buttons on the sides of the watch, and that just adds some visual flair. It also is only available in black, whereas there was another color option last year and it’s also more importantly, 11 grams lighter, which really helps with wearability it’s still bulky large and masculine. Though – and i do wish they took that year to slim it down or maybe even have a smaller version for people with smaller wrists, even on my wrist, it looks pretty large it’s still comfortable to wear, though, and the reduction in weight helps with that, and so Does the 22 millimeter strap it’s a silicone, strap and it’s soft to the touch, though it does tend to attract a lot of dust and lint it’s interchangeable? So if you don’t want to wear this strap and change up the look to leather or something else, you can.

I don’t hate the design, but i don’t feel particularly strong about it either it’s not like the skogen foster 2, where i felt happy it was on my wrist here. I don’t feel anything except for the buzz on my wrist when i get a notification it’s clear that moboy is going for function over form and that’s, fine if it means two day battery life which i’ll get to in a bit. What i do hate, though, is the pre installed watch faces available for the watch i’m using a google fit one because that’s about the only one i really like the rest of my boy’s own pre installed ones are pretty ugly in my opinion, but thankfully you can Hunch, through the google play store to find something you really like what sets the sequence pro apart. What really is a feature that i think more smartwatch manufacturers should adopt is the fact that there is a dual layer display now this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this. The previous tick watch pro had this and headlined this feature, but it’s back here on the tick watch for 4g lte, essentially you’re getting a 1.’ inch screen a 400 by 400 resolution and that’s with the oled screen on the bottom, when you’re interacting with the operating System that’s the main display when you switch to ambient mode it switches to a hold on. I got to look this up. It’S called a film compensated super twisted pneumatic display and it’s an lcd screen, that’s what’s on top.

That will give you a digital, looking clock that will give you the date time step count and battery life. The oled panel is big. Colorful has deep blacks, it’s high res and it’s. Pretty easy to read outside the lcd panel as well is easy to read in sunny conditions, but the big benefit to this dual layer. Technology is having much better battery life. Typical smart watches just have an oled panel and they use that for always on display, so that it always presents you with the time, no matter what you’re doing, and that is a huge drain on battery life. The lcd panel here sips up a lot less energy. So that’s how it’s able to give you significantly better battery life? I use the phone to check notifications, respond to notifications, control, music, playback and even use google assistant a bit, and i ended the day frequently with around fifty percent left by nine pm. That’S pretty impressive and i could easily extend that to a second day and have two days of full usage. Now, if you throw in a workout you’re gon na limit yourself to about a full day of use – maybe a little more. But this is easily one of the longer lasting wireless watches available to date, even better. There is a unique feature called essential mode and essentially it turns off the oled panel and turns off wear os. So you can only access the lcd panel, which only gives you again the date time step count and battery life.

That will extend your battery life to 30 days, which again is super impressive, but keep in mind that that also depends on when you turn that mode on. So if you turn that mode on – and you only had like 10 left – then you’re – probably not going to get 30 days out of it, but the ability to not walk around with a dead, smart watch. That is definitely a positive thing, but a 4g lte connection will likely drain the battery life more. I haven’t been able to test it yet because mob boy has had some trouble setting up that connectivity and actually you’re not going to be able to connect to lte until a full month after this product goes on sale. So after august 10th, and also keep in mind, you can only use the lte connection on verizon if you’re a verizon subscriber. So, if you’re planning on buying this watch for the 4g lte connectivity. Well, you need to be on verizon, though down the road. I could see modboy opening it up to different carriers. We just don’t know when that will happen, or if that will happen, what will 4g connectivity enable? Well, you can make phone calls from the watch. You can listen to the phone calls straight from the watch’s speaker. You can stream music and in general you can leave the phone at home and go for that one, because all the texts, phone calls app notifications will all be sent straight to the watch.

The tick watch pro runs wear os by google, and that just means you can access notifications talk to google assistant and using it is just not that difficult. The latest update adds tiles, which makes data more glanceable performance is surprisingly decent. Considering this watch is running the aging qualcomm snapdragon wire 2100 processor. I think the culprit is the bump up in ram last year’s siquatch pro only had 512 megabytes of ram now there’s a gigabyte and things definitely feel a lot smoother. Now you will experience performance fluctuations and stutters, particularly when you’re doing things like downloading apps, setting up the watch for the first time or in general accessing google assistant, which is very, very slow. There are two buttons here and the top one can be used to turn on the display and also accesses the app drawer. You can use it as the back button to go back to the home screen or go back in multiple menus. The bottom button is customizable. I have set it to turn on the essential mode, but you can also use it for anything you like, such as access to google pay or google fit. You can also use the top button to press and hold it and you’ll access, google assistant, but it’s, not always the fastest operation. Fitness tracking is a little confusing. There are two ways you can track: your fitness there’s, the google fit suite of apps or there’s mobvoi’s own speed of apps, there’s, tick, pulse tech exercise, tick, health versus google, fit fit workout and fit breathe.

I’Ve been using a mix of both services and i like google’s apps for their designs, mod voice, apps, look fine on the watch, but its mobile app is pretty dreadful, but they both capture similar data. There are benefits to using moboy’s apps, though tick pulse, for example, captures heart rate data much faster than google fit. It also works in essential mode. I also like using ticket exercise because i think it presents the data a little better than google fit workout. Tic exercise. Also, does a pretty good job of auto pausing the workout, when it detects that i haven’t moved the software is supposed to automatically track certain workouts, but i haven’t really gotten this to work. It does give me activity reminders, though, when it recognizes that i’ve been too sedentary, so how accurate is it? I tested the ticwatch pro next to the apple watch series 4 and the data was very similar. Step camp was only off by around 100 200 steps with the mob boy presenting the higher number, and it also tended to overcompensate for distance traveled, but only by around 0.10 miles in a span of 2 miles. Heart rate data was also very similar across the board. On top of all that, you have onboard gps and tick exercise does a good job of showing you an accurate map of your run if that’s, something that you want. There’S also nfc, which enables contactless payments for google pay, there’s. Four gigs of internal storage for offline music playback and there is ip68 water resistance, which means you can actually track your swimming through tick exercise.

The ticwatch pro 4g lte is available for amazon and mob boy’s own website for 279 it’s early adopter pricing. So it will cost 299 after august 10th, which is when lte service will be available through verizon this first month. Lte service is not going to be available that’s. Why they have that promotional pricing. Remember you have to pay a monthly fee to access cellular connectivity on a smart watch that can range from ten dollars to twenty dollars.