Today we are going to do a very interesting unboxing of this noise fit evolve next gen smartwatch. This is going to be the first smartwatch of our family and we’re going to do an unboxing for you to see what is inside this watch. The watch was delivered today to us, although we were expecting it to come after 14 days, but that’s a good surprise that we received today uh coming back to this watch. I think noise is an indian brand and i’m very happy that indian companies are now making good products and i’ve heard good things about it. So let us go into the specifications of this product without wasting much of time. So, as i see this has got a amoled touchscreen. In fact, that is the first feature that attracted me that uh phone guys has got an amulet. Sorry, a smartwatch has got an amoled screen. I mean we are uh quite used to of seeing amoled screens in our phones like uh. The current phone that i am recording from is the samsung galaxy note 10, plus that costed me a hell of 80 000 bucks has got a super amoled screen actually acquired amoled screen that’s very impressive and that’s. Why i’m addicted to that particular screen? And that is what attracted me the first in this particular watch. Coming to the next thing. A very important thing for a smart watch is to be water, resistant and it’s. An ip68 water resistant watch and it’s very lightweight and it’s got nine sports mode.

A dynamic heart rate monitor, which is very in to have and some smart notifications, i guess, we’ll – be able to connect it with our phone and whenever i receive a whatsapp or a sms or a call if the phone is in the bluetooth range of this particular Watch then, the watch will be able to receive all those notifications on the phone itself. I’M. Sorry, the what yeah the watch itself and it states it’s in a state slate black color, which i like, of course, and to go into the tech specs. It has got a anodized, aluminium plus plastic body, that’s great, to keep it lightweight and has a 5.3 centimeter amoled touchscreen. Hopefully this is round in shape. Yes, i like the round shape it. Pretty much uh reminds me of this iphone smartwatch. What do they call it? The iwatch – yes it it, it resembles the iwatch which i never had and i could never afford right right. So this battery is 180 mah with bluetooth version 5.0, so that’s pretty new and updated, and we have uh compatibility with android 4.4 and up up, which is, i think, i think, it’s. We are running approximately android 11 in our latest generation. Android phones, right now in the samsung galaxy s21 that’s android 11 that’s going on and it says, it’s compatible with ios 9.0 that i cannot guarantee because i’ve never used the iphone. So i don’t know if it’s actually compatible with that now.

So enough of specifications, uh let’s start the unboxing okay. So here i am trying to unbox. The product looks quite impressive and i’m gon na open the box. Yes, so i like the finishing off the box, look, it has a glossy finish and i like how they have packed it. This is the watch and it’s packed separately, and this has the other accessories inside it. I suppose let’s open it one by one. So i would open the gray box, it looks quite good, oh nice, and what do we have? I, like i, like the plastic. Oh so this looks like the charger. Oh yes, i think this is the charger of the watch. So this has got a case in which i suppose the watch will fit and this is the usb head and i think we have to fill it with some kind of an adapter. So after the charger let’s look at the other components that we have, and if i pick this up, i really like the way they have packed this material guys. That is really impressive. They did not need to do it. Such neatly i’m really impressed with the way. Indian companies are operating these days, so this is a user manual of noise, fit evolve from noise and it’s, really big and i’m glad it’s. All in english, yeah that’s a lot of stuff to read, says the application and watch connections. How does the app functions? Charging watch faces and says the main function.

The basic operation i mean you know pretty basic stuffs, although i’ve never used one but yeah seems pretty basic. We should be able to figure it out ourselves or what’s the use of being a tech buff, and we have something else here, looks pretty interesting: hey that’s, nora fatih says, register your warranty, okay and then let’s rohit. Oh yes, i remember rohit sharma is the brand ambassador of noise. Okay, so i believe there is some quality associated with this. I like rohit sharma, and i like nora for tahitu. I like the brand ambassadors finally it’s time for us to look at the main product. That’S the watch oh and i’m, taking it off let’s, look at it. Oh i already like it look at it wow. This is lightweight guys. The first thing i notice about it when i take it in my hands is this is really really lightweight and let me just take this out off the bat wow i like the finish i mean this is they did say they said this is polyurethane. Believe me guys, i’m from a guy from the medical device industry. Polyurethane is a very, very um, durable kind of you know. What do you call it an insulating material and it lasts long. So, if that, if it’s really made up of polyurethane i’m really impressed and and this this watch, they say that it’s actually pretty lightweight and very comfortable, i can really guarantee that you see so you see this is really lightweight i’m liking.

This sets the weight to be somewhere around 43 grams. I suppose let me just check yes it’s 43 grams only and for that the screen. I want to have a look at the screen and the finish so let’s talk about the finish first guys. So you’ve got a branding of noise over here. You have got a screen protector on top of it, which has a branding of noise. We’Ll have to take that out, and i hate to do that and yeah. What do we have at the back of the watch? It says noise fit evolve, aluminium, oh right. This looks like an aluminium back and then it’s dynamic, heart rate sensor. Okay, so i guess guys i can see two dots over here. These are for the charging and then we have got three transparent, uh three transparent, rectangular structures out here they are probably for uh all the sensors to fit in yeah. It says dynamic, heart rate sensor and then it says: ip68 water, resistant, that’s, the uh top end. Uh level of water resistance – and i remember all the present watches being ip68 and it takes money to get ip68 uh rating. So if it’s officially ip68, that means they have spent some money out of it out of their pocket to get this rating right. Not many companies do that and then there is the serial number of this watch as well right. So here it is the noise fit evolved and, oh sorry, i forget to tell you about the structure of this particular timepiece.

So you see this the borders of this particular watch. They are so smooth and very and i don’t see any kind of sharp edges. I can zoom it and you can see that there’s. Absolutely no sharp edges right and i, like this finish, it’s kind of uh. I would say uh kind of a mix of glossy as well as matte, so although the surface is of matte finish, but it’s really shiny and glossy. So that impresses me again and if i talk about the color, they said it’s matte black, but then that’s. Only the color of this particular strap. This color, i really like, is some kind of darkish, copper, greyish color, i don’t know it’s a mix of it and it’s got a round button which is quite classy and retro and i’ll just press it and let’s see what happens guys uh. Well. I should probably press it for a longer period of time. Okay, so probably this is not charged and i’ll put it on charge and get back to you for a moment. We take a pause here so friends. While i was looking for an adapter to charge it, i just discovered the way you have to charge this particular phone, and this is a beautiful uh charge holder. They have got it just opens from the side you have. I guess have to put the watch like this and, yes, it locks itself now. The entire charger is actually hooked to the watch and i can paste it to charging and will get back after the phone gets sorry.

The watch gets charged Music and we are back guys after charging the watch and let me tell you i’m really impressed by the faces of the watch that we have so you can see. We have various options for setting up the faces of the watch, so you just have to click it and then hold it for a moment and then you can change the face. So this is the first phase and then this is the second face. Looks kind of cool, you know the white and the green color combination and then again you can just hold it and change the face simple to the analog face which gives a pretty macho and a retro look. I like this one face as well, and then i hold it and swipe it down and you get the digital. This is kind of fitness phase of this watch. It has got a step counter and the heart rate monitor with the time and the date, which is quite useful, and then let us check out the last phase uh. Yes, this is the retro look, and this is just the plain and simple uh face which has got the day time and uh yeah the step counter as well in it. So these are various faces of the watch i just saw, and i would like you to see the other options as i swipe. I get the total number of steps kilometers and the calories burned, and i can’t do i just double tap it and see weekly steps and gives kind of complete data and heart rate measurement.

It says after every two seconds, which is quite impressive and then i swipe it left to it gives me a unique feature called as find your phone. So if i just jump in it – and you can hear the phone with which it is actually paired with right – and i can just stop it with a double tick and it stops so that’s. Quite a nice feature i found and then there’s the stopwatch in it and we have a music control. So if i play music from here, my phone starts playing music, which is quite good and it would work if you actually also connect your phone with a bluetooth. Headset and you can start simply listening to all the music and then there’s a compass which has to be set and there’s an alarm clock and this camera control as well. So now you can actually use this watch as a remote for operating the camera on your phone. So let’s say you, you fix your camera out there somewhere and then you just press it and say take a picture. So if you see this here’s, the camera icon, i double click it or let’s just say i have to switch on the camera. Yes, so this is the phone that i’ve actually hit it with Music. Well, it’s not doing it right now somehow, and maybe i’ll have to configure it more. And apart from that, we have certain notifications. We have the sleep, timer heart rate, sports mode, today’s step and in the sports mode there are various activities that can be tracked guys.

Oh yes, and now did the camera work so there’s a little bit of lag as you can see between the bluetooth of the watch and the camera controls of the phone, so that is something we’ll have to see. Why is it actually taking the picture? Long back, it’s, approximately 20 to 15 seconds of log lag that we just noticed. Well, if you see the kind of activities that you can do with this watch, it says walking and then there’s indoor walk, separate outdoor run, indoor, cycling, indoor run, hiking, cycling, yoga and free training, and then it also gives you the option of looking at all the Records but it says no records as of now, because this is brand new, as you could see, so i think uh, you know kind of this brings us to the end of the unboxing video of the noise fit evolved, watch and mind you guys. This is not the review video. This is just an unboxing video. We just did everything superficially. I just want to show you how the watch looks and feels like, and you know what are the initial impressions you can get out of it, and maybe we can do a review video after a few days after uh i’ve used it and then maybe we will Talk that what is the accuracy level of this watch that you can expect out of it and um? I exactly cannot tell you the price of this watch because i have actually got it from a website uh from my company, which has points in it, and you know i i earned those points uh long back and then i ordered uh.

This watch out of that. But yeah uh, maybe in my review video i’ll, tell you about the price of this watch. This is a good uh upper end model of this uh watch it’s uh far superior than a simple smart, wrist band, so yeah. So thank you for watching uh. My first unboxing video and please like and subscribe to our channel, which my son says, is very important and he wants you to do it. So yes, so we have already three subscribers in our channel. So hopefully, after this video we’ll have one million subscriber and youtube is going to give us a diamond button yeah. So probably after you hit like and subscribe to, our channel we’ll get a youtube play button and uh. What is the play button that and uh? We want to have a golden play button. Yes, we want to have a golden play written, so please subscribe to our channel you’ll also get, and i will make my music video and my gaming, video yeah, so he’ll also put his gaming videos and music videos and you’ll also get to see a lot of Fun videos in our channel uh, which will have me parul and vivaan and you’ll – definitely like them and subs, and you know you can spend some time on our channel.