With your friends with this set were going to start the review of the halo rt2 smartwatch in this video im going to tell you all about this watch and in the end, i will tell you if its worth it the price. So talking about price lets start a review with a price. The halo rt2 has a price tag of 29.74 pounds for the uk and for the us, the price tag is 42.99. At the time of this, recording there is a 30 discount on amazon. Like always, i will leave links in the video description. Please check them up for best price and product information. The hello rt2 comes with a silicon, strap a type, a usb charging cable with two magnetic pins and a manual. When checking the watch, you can see that they have a round design and is very simple but feels premium on your hands and looks great on your wrist. The rt2 dimensions are 45.7 by 45.7 by 12.1 millimeters and weights 55 grams. The strap width is 22 millimeters. The body is made of a combination of a metal frame of zinc, alloy and glass on the back and feels really well built. The screen is a 2.5 curved glass on the right side. You have two buttons: the top one turns the screen on and off, and the watch itself and works as a back button as well. The bottom one is your sports mode button Music. On the back, we have the two magnetic contacts for charging and on the center, the sensors talking about sensors.

Let me tell you, together with the features what sensors the halo rt2 have. So we have a 1.32 inches tft display a resolution of 260 by 260 pixels. The sensors are heart rate sensor, motion sensor and blood oxygen sensor. We have bluetooth 5.0, 300 million per hours battery more on that later on the video 12 workout modes, sleep monitoring and ip68, waterproof so good for your daily activities, but not for swimming or to have a shower. For example, the pairing process like on all the hello watches, was easy and straightforward. I have used my iphone 13 pro max and i didnt have any issues connecting it with the halo rt2. The rt2 have a nice round screen with a 1.32 inches tft. It have a 2.5 d curved glass and the 272 ppe retina display is really good, even under the bright sunlight. The rt2 doesnt come with speaker or microphone and navigating through the menus. Its easy and very responsive lets see more in detail the tracking features. So we have the spo2 tracking. This is great, because low blood oxygen levels can easily cause fatigue and because monitoring your health is very important. The rt2 have hr monitoring as well and it works 24 hours a day. Next is the sleep monitoring great to see it on the budget watch the rt2 we recognize when youre going to bed and when you wake up and the last one the motion sensor. So you have 12 workout modes with the rt2 recording distance, speed, heart rate calories and other data in real time.

The 12 workouts are the most popular, so you will have the indoor outdoor running the football and the yoga, for example, and because its a very popular question on the channel. Next, we are going to test the sensors to see if they work properly Music. Just before moving on to the battery, let me tell you the practical functions, so you have the time function, weather, music, control, great when doing sports and to find my phone. The battery is never a problem on a budget watch and the halo rt2 is the proof of that. So you have 12 days of battery life on a daily use, mode or 20 days on a basic use mode, and now you guys ask what is the basic and daily mode? Well, i asked the same to myself and what i used on the halo website is that the basic mode is with all the sensors off and the daily mode is with all the sensors on, but with only 30 minutes of running, for example, each day, please check The website for more information, hello, fun, is the app i have talked about. The app on my previous reviews of hello products is a very complete and simple app easy to use. I will link the video down below where ill talk about the app more in detail. Now my final opinion: this is a great budget watch. The quality is great, is full of features. You have hr 24 hours, you have sleep monitoring, you have spo2 tracking.

I really recommend this watch and if you dont have a smartwatch and you are afraid of wasting loads of money on the top one, this is the right one for you and you only spend less than 30 pounds or around 35 dollars and thats it guys. This was my review on hello, rt2 smartwatch, so now that you guys know the price. No, my opinion im going to leave links down below in the video description. Please guys have a look and see if this is the right watch for you or not less than 30. Quid is quite impressive, so thats it for todays guys. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and if you did give this video a thumbs up share with your friends and you havent subscribed yet please consider subscribing.