If they improve the software, then it could become a five star watch, despite the aforementioned good value, it’s better to pay 140 for this one instead of 400 for a garmin. Will update my review at the end of 2020? Okay. First, let me say that i rated this at 5 stars because of the value not the functionality. I honestly don’t think you will find a better watch for the price one month of use, and here are my thoughts pros man. The battery life is insane. I have sms phone call, heart rate, sleep monitor and other app notifications turned on 24 7, and this watch is at 72 after 11 days always on display took the battery down to 40 in four days, just crazy good battery life. I have never taken the watch off and have showered with it and it seems to have no problem with water Music. I haven’t taken it swimming yet, but i will be honest and say: i’m not worried. The quality builds seems good, it’s light, but still feels solid. Even though it’s made from plastic, i don’t work about like an expensive smartwatch interface is easy to use. Last the price takes the cake, it’s cheap enough to take a gamble on, but not so cheap. You feel like you, bought a fake cons. While the user face is easy, it is very limited. You cannot answer your phone with your watch, even if you have a bluetooth headset in just ignore or hang up bummer.

No third party apps what you get with the watch is what you get calorie counter only counts calories burn while moving. Maybe i haven’t figured out how to change that, but, unlike the fitbit that uses your heart rate to help track galleries, this one only tracks, while moving watch faces, do not seem very customizable, like some other smart watches. The faces can be slightly customized where this one cannot not sure if this is bound to change, but there are no replacement bans for the watch. You snap, the band im, not sure the watch can be fixed sms display on watch isn’t formatted for easy read. It will break words up instead of trying to format it in one easy text flow conclusion, not sure what you expect for a watch that cost around 150. But if you are a constant shock wearer like me, this is a great compromise for style durability with some functionality mixed and a smart watch. February 18 2020 got my t rex, via amazon pre order. Yesterday, i’ve had a g shock for daily wear and looking forward to testing the durability of the t. Rex, it’s, not as heavy as the g shock instructions kind of rely on your previous technical experience, no other instructions than some basic phone to watch bearing my experience was unboxing on my wrist. Very much like the strap is soft silicone with a tab inside the band holder to keep the extra from coming out connected charger.

Magnet is good, but not very strong. 9, colon 55 amp pairings, updated resource library, update firmware, update syncing 10 colon 0 1 and charge 2. Music. I have been changing the watch faces and playing with the settings. I am at 89 battery since yesterday morning, not sure if the battery life will improve. As i get used to and aren’t playing with it constantly Music, i want to take it on a hike soon to test out the workout functions. I didn’t get it as an apple watch alternative, so im not expecting it to be as smooth as an ios device for what i want. I think the t rex would work february 28, 2020 update 10 days of heavy use max brightness during the day, continuous heart and sleep tracking notifications for most apps use of alarms. This morning my battery was down to 10, so i got 10 days without a recharge. The cool thing i like was that the watch was fully charged in about 40 minutes.