It helps me a lot in my daily activity with it. I understand better the health of the body Music. I love the style. It works really great for my sleeping to keep track. My steps, the floors that i climb, the only thing i dislike is that the battery life – i have to charge it up every three days. I love my watch so much and didn’t realize how much i wanted this until my husband got it for me. This has so much motivation for me. I am obsessed with it and have not taken it off since it tracks all of my steps and if it over tracks, i recommend to put it on your left hand and put your settings to dominate or put it on the hand that you don’t use the Most and then set it to dominant. It is truly one of the best gifts i’ve ever received Music. I, like the many tracking options of the versa, too. I am using it to track my sleep as well as my calorie intake, the water resistant feature is great. Want to use the music feature but have not been able to upload any music to the app sleek beautiful design. I had the fitbit versa for two years and pre ordered the versa. 2. The day i got an email about it coming out, i can talk to text to reply back to someone or still use the preset texts or emojis. My versa.

2 works with my echo dot and smart plug. I have a lamp i control and can now tell my watch to turn it off when i’m already in bed. I left the new versa too and i’m so happy to see this upgrade, although it doesn’t have the feature to talk back, i think itd be nice for alex’s responses for weather, updates, etc, and i bought a cheaper version for 25 and it was horrible not even Remotely accurate, so i bit the bullet and got the fitbit versa. 2.. Very pleased with the interface the accuracy, the app and the community of friends through the app are awesome. It’S, like your own little social media, cheerleading, section very pleased with the feel not too heavy. I did have to buy another band because my wrist is a weird size where the holes in the band are either too small or too large. So i went with an adjustable metal band. I found and it’s perfect now. All i have to do is remember to wear it. I love love love, my versa, too. Its battery life is amazing. I love all the features and alexa on it very pleased. This is awesome. I love the accuracy of the sleep tracker step counter and heart rate monitor as a former charge 2 user. This thing is loaded with extra bells and whistles like alexa, built in super convenient ability to control spotify pandora cuts out the middleman.