Garmin for life love. You gesture, having the options to look at running dynamics have been extremely helpful in training and even just recovery routes plus running five days a week between an hour to two hours, running i’ve been getting close to two weeks of battery smart notifications off. I really like this watch. I replaced an old four winner, many generation old. It feels great and looks good since you can download and tailor the watch faces. I have downloaded music to it using mediamonkey and it worked fine. So far, syncing with earbuds jaybirds are pro and vistas has been good. The availability of watch faces and activity, widgets is nice, but be warned. It takes a little bit to set it up and understand how to understand how to download and update activity. Widgets updating of watch faces isn’t too bad, be patient and read the user guide. There is a lot of functionality. You should be aware of whether you use them or not. I have watched only one week. My husband definitely likes it, but the screen isn’t working properly. Music, this is hands down the best garmin watch i’ve ever owned. I’Ve had a 235 avivo active 3 in the phoenix 5s bubble and photo is screen protector, setting love the training effect, spo 2 body battery and garmin codes features. This is the perfect watch for someone who mostly runs but sometimes does other activities like hiking or biking. This watch is zero bugs, which is impressive for a new release.

I got sleep ray and i love the strap color it’s very lightweight. You forget that it’s there sleep tracking seems improved, as is vo2 max. So far battery is lasting me about six to seven days with three gps rounds. Also, my vivo active three watch bands fit this watch best garmin watch edit. I wanted to add the spo2 monitoring. Has been showing me concerning numbers, my high overnight is 92 and it drops multiple times to around 82. With this in mind, i’m, going to get a sleep study. So garmin may have shown me that i have sleep apnea a bit about me. One i’ve owned a garmin forerunner, 235, phoenix 3 and phoenix 5x among several older watches from garmin and others too. I run 25 to 35 miles slash week, four axe outdoors plus occasional treadmill and bike indoors, one two x per week on swift three. I use the street lift foot pod four. I think, all of my day to strava why i purchased this watch. I’Ve been using the garmin fenix 5x for the past year and it has been a great watch. It’S. Definitely a huge watch, arguably too big with a lot of great features, some of which i used and some i didn’t. However, it doesn’t have music, which is a feature that i really wanted. I really don’t like carrying around my phone to listen to music on rats. So the idea of having a watch that had that feature was appealing.

However, i wasn’t ready to shell out dollar six, fifty plus for the phoenix five plus for the music feature. I have been looking at the four runner 645 music, but it was pricey and the vivoactive three, which was priced right, but isn’t, really a pure running watch enter the garmin 4runner 245 music, which was released in late may 2019.. What i like about the 245’s form factor lightweight and barely noticeable pace, heart rate, cadence training effect, vo to max estimate, etc. You can load pre design courses for directions during a run workouts for interval training and such and training plans. 5K. Slash 10k slash half marathon plans. What i like about the 245’s music features can hold 500 songs till the 3 6 gigabytes available. Music options include spotify, teaser and manual loading wool.