It does its job very well as a swim watch. I just wish there were more watch faces available in connect iq for swim too. Well, first time buying a garmin watch, and i really like it. I never used any gps watch before this i’m starting triathlon training and i really needed something polyvalent. I think this watch is the perfect match. Hashtag swimming it tracks. Well, all your lap as long as you give it a nice push from the wall. The drill function works well too, even if you can’t rest at all when drilling, otherwise it will calculate all the data wrongly. I have not tried an open water yet, but gps seems pretty reliable to me hash running. I don’t like this function because it only provides pace, data min slash distance, whereas i prefer speed data distance per minute, so the trick i found is to use the biking mode, hash, biking, works well, and gps tracks. You well gives speed an average speed, no pace. No issue with the vibration of the pavement hash: cardio, nothing fancy just records your heart rate, hashtag pros really nice looking watch, especially in white love it for swimming and for any triathlon training. Gps works well up to 200 300th of a meter difference over 10 kilometers compared to iphone no main issue at all for this watch battery, if not connected to phone via bluetooth, lasts forever. Honestly, Music only played with app on phone. So far, pretty sure the soft on computer is good too hashtag cons.

Gps usually takes between four to ten minutes to sync, which is kinda really long when seating in the car ready to go disappointed that it does not recognize your swim exercise and records it in the final training overview. It just says: lap 30, with data associated, does not give max speed for any mode. The sleep mode is not as good as other. Smart price is kind of pricey, especially for athletes with no big budget i’m sure it would have much more success if it was at 199.219. This pretty much exactly what i needed. I owned and used its predecessor, the garmin swim watch for five half years clocking over 300 km in the pool. One of the minor irritations was having to press. Stop then start again doing interval training the swim 2 model automatically records resting between sets. So i only have to press stop and save at the end of a session. I use it for all my swimming workouts. I have it synced with my iphone, i save my workouts and the i can view them on my phone. It is great. I can see how many yards i have gone, my heart rate, etc. It is wonderful. My only complaint is that sometimes it takes a while to download on my phone. I can’t view it right away, but other than that i love this watch. I recommend this to anybody, especially a serious swimmer. I use this only for swimming emo it’s required to get the optimal effect from doing interval workouts, because at the end of one interval, you can wait to the next one when your hr is 60 of max plus it keeps track of speed, lapse and strokes, which I simply cannot win swimming.

I also use a garmin forerunner 926xt for the rest of my triathlon events. Admittedly, it is an expensive toy, but it is also useful and seems to make the workouts more interesting. It accurately tracks my swim laps. I can look at the watch mid lap and see what i’ve done so far as well as on the edge of the pool.