I took it off after about five minutes and reapplied dawn and water to the adhesive side and got it aligned correctly. As you can see in the photo, it fits around the curved edges, just fine long term durability. Review will have to be dealt with down the road, but am happy with how it looks and feels touch. Functionality is still perfect due to the lack of options out there for the venue. I can definitely recommend this for those needing added protection Music. I love this brand of screen protectors for my garmin watch. I have tried several others and they are terrible. This brand is easy to put on and there are no bubbles or air pockets. The edges fit perfectly and do not come off. I can’t really even tell that there is a screen protector on Music. Despite this requiring soapy water to apply the process was very easy. Once you drop the wet glass on the watch face, you can easily get any bubbles out and then it locks in place. My husband and i have both had this protector on our venues for several weeks now, without any issues highly recommend this is the only product. I found in amazon that fully covers the garmin venue screen. It requires soap water to apply which, in case of a round, smartwatch is good. As the soapy water lets. You move the protector until it is positioned correctly. I took out one star because it is expensive for two of them and because they don’t last, i easily scratch them already and need to purchase more two screen.

Protectors came in a package, one started peeling off after a few weeks. The other has held up pretty well, i did get a large nick in it and thought it was done for, but after a couple of weeks, it indeed did heal itself note that you cannot claim your warranty replacement by contacting the seller through amazon. You have to keep original contact items in your packaging, which i did not. Fortunately, the second one in the box has held up – and i have not needed to looks great – covers the entire screen and wasn’t difficult to apply like most other screen protectors, Music. I would definitely recommend buying a screen protector for the garmin venue, as i found out the hard way that the screen scratches fairly easily, despite being made of gorilla glass. Luckily, after applying this protector, the minute scratches my screen has already picked up are no longer visible. I found the installation process pretty easy and the protector is thin enough that you don’t really notice it in the attached photo. You can probably barely tell that it’s there, which is exactly how a screen protector should be. I won’t deliberately test its durability, but it seems solid enough to protect the watch face from the daily abuse it would otherwise receive so im happy with it Music. It was a little weird applying this screen protector as it doesn’t just stick on. You need to get it wet with some mild dish soap, but if you read the instructions and follow the directions, application will go on smoothly.