Cool samsung has a chi charger. Where you only sit the timepiece in a holder once charged, you can download the samsung gear for samsung or iphone from the app stores Music. The iphone app is a tad buggy. In fact, it took me about an hour to get the pairing done. I haven’t managed to get the network to work. The fitness tracking and time worked great. Once you get everything set up to your liking, you can touch the face to go through different screens. You can turn the dial to get different colors for your watch. It is really quite easy to operate once you get things going. I was concerned that i would not be able to use this with my iphone, but i can, and that makes me happy you can change the looks of the watch by download any number of faces for your personal taste even a photo. I was looking for a small size since i have a small wrist, and this was the smallest size i found for an android smartwatch. I got blue because that’s my favorite color, but the metal color, is deep and has a bluish tone which i like more that way. I still wish they had more color choices like silver or gold. It works perfectly with my galaxy s8 work, phone meeting, alerts, email, slash, message, notification, alarm, etc. I don’t expect much because this is my first smart watch, but i’m surprised it can do so much functions i can play with the most thing i like is that when i check and tap an email notification on the watch, it tells me to go to my Phone and my phone automatically prepares the email when i open it so cute.

I haven’t used any other brands to compare with, but i’m very satisfied with my purchase for a smart watch. I got a new strap and it was easy to replace love. The encircling display that you can rotate to scroll between options on the screen, fantastic design, has many workouts to choose long battery completely satisfied. I am in love with this watch. It won’t stay connected very long to my note 9 for some reason, but i haven’t had time to sit and figure it out. The heart rate monitor is perfect and it tracks everything pretty well. I use the strava app for hiking and it syncs up well it’s. Also awesome being able to download, like 700 songs on it, amazing to have while running in the mornings. When i don’t want to carry my phone, i use it with the iconx earbuds Music great product and runs great definitely is an upgrade from my s2. Hopefully, it stays that way by next month. Good watch suitable size, even with my thin wrist strange, not being able to answer calls but happy with using it in the pool, great smart watch and refurbished better than any other product. I have seen it is exactly as it is new very impressed. I usually get two to three days of battery and is more accurate than any other smart watch. I have owned it’s a heavy watch by smartwatch comparison, but it feels durable and looks amazing. Battery life is better than my gear, s2 classic, but still only runs about two five days before needing recharging and that’s without gps use.

I am a moderate to high user. However, so far love the watch missing the speaker of the s2 classic for quick answering of calls but loving the ability to swim without removing my watch watch was received a day earlier than projected Music click link in description for more reviews.