Now, depending on what country, you’re from the price may vary and depending on what retailer you’re purchasing from as well. Now i like this because it comes with three different straps different colors, very colorful as well. You’Ve got the navy one. You got there. I think this is this looks like red or orange, but yeah. So you got this color and you got the basic black color as well. All of them have a secure, strap as well, so once you put it on it, won’t come off and it also comes with a user guide as well. Now, before i go through all the features, one thing i would like to tell you is that this doesn’t require any charges or any less separate charges that’s, because it does have a built in usb charger. So all you have to do is take this. Take one side of it off and you find a little bit like this. You just connect it onto a socket, a usb socket or a mains plug and will start charging up and then, after that, you just connect it back in it’s, very easy to connect to. As well and that’s, it put it back onto your wrist again now. This has a nice ips screen the size and the screen size is 1.1 1.14 inch. It has a low power consumption and you can see because the lighting is not that strong and it doesn’t take up that much battery life.

One full charge would give you give you up to 15 days of usage time, and he also has around 30 days of standby time as well. He also has 50 meters waterproof feature as well, so this is waterproof and that’s a great thing so perfect for if you’re, if you’re doing any kind of workouts or any kind of occasions it would it won’t get damaged when it comes to water, but up to 50 meters also it has a sleep monitor. It has a few good features built into this. So you got to work out here now, if you, if you press the workout a bit here, you’ve got quite a few options here: run outdoor right right, outdoor walkout door, uh run indoors here: um that’s hike, uh run indoors, walk out door run indoor hiiit, oh That’S one of the workouts there you go plank, you go so it’s kind of the same ones. Yeah. To be honest, let me try check it unless i’m pressing back, because this is not full touch control. Just this bin it’s quite difficult to actually press because i’m pressing here, but it’s it’s not really going all the way to go around here, so that’s all the modes that it has. So when you hold it, you can see that line, and then you can see that’s when it starts and that’s the walking steps and then go back your whole day. You can see it’s quite annoying if it was full touch control.

It would be a lot easier to navigate through, so you can’t, really swipe that’s. Why one thing i don’t like about this watch? It also has a few other good features – i’m struggling to even navigate through this because of how the how it operates, but it does have a few good features. For example, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, call reminder, reject calls message, push um silent, alarm, clock um. He also has a stopwatch. He has countdown. He goes like i’ve shown you the sports mode. He has remote control, remote camera, lift up and wrist and light up screen as well. So we’ve got the motion control there as well. So if you lit, if you just twist it or lift up you, will the screen just comes on and you can see the time that way. It also has lock screen automatically. So all those features, it also has the heart rate monitor there as well. So you’ve got that feature there and it’s comfortable it’s, a very comfortable fitness tracker to it lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything to be honest, very lightweight, so it’s a work, it’s it’s, a fitness tracker, that’s very affordable. However, the only downside regarding this fitness tracker is that it’s not fully touch control it’s, just the only touch of it is this at the bottom here and i don’t like this kind of fitness, trackers or smart watches that have this option because it just delays when You’Re, navigating navigating through the watch, okay, so that’s all the features.

Thank you for watching.