We are a YouTube channel dedicated to smart watches and everything. Smartwatch you'll find us at SmartWatch tix.com directly on the web. Very Oh about a year ago, we introduced Vario, who made a line of watch bands, and we thought well we're, always looking at the stock band that comes with these different watches, how about dressing them up a little bit and here's an example. In fact, at the end of this video I'm gon na attach that entire one we did a year ago, so you can look at this whole thing all over again in case you missed it, because the bands are definitely worth taking a look and since then they've Been hard at work, not only making more bands but making a thing called a watch travel case here they are, and this is one of them up close and personal it's, a nice sealed compartment that is solid. You can grab it like a doughnut big. You can pack just whatever you'd like inside solid zipper. Their brand name is on the edge, and I know you guys have got more than one SmartWatch right. You got the one that's on your arm and then you got others that you want to lug along with you like, say a sports. Fitness watch really easy, just drop it in here and it works yeah. This is that ECG one from I won fit. Also, dr. vive – and I got some new information on a new release of this.

Coming up soon. Have you subscribed, I hope so anyway, I just wanted to show you it's so easy. You just drop it in seal. It up you're good to go right, but wait. That'S a waste of space, I got another one let's check this one out again different color different design, different way. The zipper works come back here. I didn't mean to throw you that far away, yeah yeah there's a lot of different options. You can get let's look in this box, shall we there's some treats coming up. This is kind of like Easter. I love it Easter eggs that we're gon na find that you've never seen before, starting in here you've seen some of this now look at it pop open because it's packed just like your luggage, I am ready for bear. I have got my optimus pro. Yes, it fits in here in all of its luxurious glory with that beautiful leather band, in that suite I've got the charging dock. That goes with it. So I have it with me. Wherever I go, yeah what's that you say why it's a little earbud that I Bluetooth tether to the watch, that I can make and receive phone calls listen to music through one ear anyway, all of it all self contained yeah and this well it's your charging wire. But not just any charging wire, you guys have got to get one of these it's. A 2 headed charging thing. It'S got the standard.

Usb and it's got two micro so that you can have one plugged into your dock for charging your watch Little Italy, yeah yeah. I don't know where I got it: it came with one of the products I got, but if I can find a link for this, I'll put it in the show notes, if any of you guys come up with a link to a 2 headed USB two micro Wire, let us know most likely Aliexpress all that fits good back here in the case sure enough, but wait there's more check this out. You can use this as a secret stash for things you don't want anybody to know about like, for example, the original essential mode watch guys have never seen this one. What happened there? What what? What are we looking at there's a there's, a a watch face? Oh, my goodness there's the LCD screen. Can you smell it? Does it smell like a tick watch? Bro only it's, not yeah. You guys don't know about this. You'Re not gon na know about this, not until I can get a buying source for it because it doesn't exist anymore, but I'm looking for it. Someday I'll have a review on this. Probably, for subscribers only have you subscribed, mm hmm, but wait there's, more Applause, booyah for that really really special expensive, valuable, high and gold watch of yours. You definitely want a nice case for it whoa yeah. I do have a review of this one anyway, I'm good.

I have getting sidetracked very oh thank you guys. This is their very Oh watch travel case and it accompanies they're very nice watch bands which I'm gon na tell you all over again about um right now, you got it fans, fans, fans, fans from very osg that's right check that on the internet, VAR, iOS G And you'll get into our website where you can find some of these goodies. We went on a shopping expedition with these guys because they got all sorts of fun. Colorful, playful replaceable bands that's it. I think so. Okay, this is a good start, a sampling of the different styles of bands and there's a whole variety of different colors of these kind of bands. Wow, look at that puppy that's a special one, and you know what I got apologize. I don't know the terminology here. I think it's called a na tio and from the global scale I pronounced that NATO, but it might be knocked out or something else in the industry. So if I'm screwing it up I'm. Sorry, you should have heard me the first time I tried to pronounce Xiaomi that starts with an X or I still can't. Do it what never mind I still don't have the names down for a lot of the Chinese watches and stuff, but Vario has got us some really cool bands and we're gon na play with these today and take a look at what they can do to dress Up some of our standard watches, yeah here's a whole bunch of watches all with their little labels on them all with replaceable bands.

Oh, I forgot to put one on the tick watch. This is a tick watch, yes II. I think it's. The e yes shoot, it's, not the I got ta get the over here anyway. We'Ve got a whole bunch of watches. To look at and one more thing to tell you about. Vario they've got this thing going where, if you buy two straps you'd get a free little pouch by three and you get a roll. You can roll your watch and your straps up in that. If you're like me, wear one watch, just doesn't quite cut it throughout the day on your arm. You might want to have a little roll up pouch to bring all your watches along with you, some of the places that these guys are advertising and, of course, they're. Gon na be available to you with a click through in the show notes down below yeah now, in the normal sense of things and I'm, showing you a brand new watch, I usually pull out a manual and we run through the manual here's a manual from a Different watch company that I happen to have, but it talks about all these kind of watches and how you put them on we're. Both gon na need this so I'm gon na walk through this manual and show you the basic instructions to talk about how you you take off and put on a standard, regular type of a watch band now they're, referring to sometimes in their a special tool.

You can get one of these kind of things. Where can you see the end of that? It'S got a little fork and when you put it on a watch band that uses that where's this little s like this one, you can go down in here and press and pull back and it'll release the spring and take it out. You also have another kind of an end to it, just a little pressing. I guess for the ones that you can go in the end anyway. There'S this whole tool time kind of thing, but you can mess around with a toothpick or what I like is those little screwdriver kits and just use the flat blade of a screwdriver, but nonetheless, you've got removing a a metal, bracelet instructions and removing a leather strap. You guys see that mm hmm. Now those are pretty simple, but now we get a little bit more beefy, oh we're, going to be installing okay there's, installing the leather strap and now installing one of these NATO straps. Look at this. You got to do all this. First, you got a cut to make sure you got the pin in there without a strap around it and then you're gon na do this fold and push and looping kind of thing, and some of these are those NATO type bands. So good thing we got some instructions, there's how you would install a leather one and they say don't pull it through.

Now we don't have any leather ones here, but if you buy one you're, not gon na want to try to push the leather through the slot, because you can tear a rip or a definitely mark the leather. You do it a different way and those are the instructions for how to do that. Jumping all around here and I got that okay, we're wearing a NATO strap and how you can cut off the second NATO layer. If you want your band to be a little bit thinner but it's an irretrievable process, once you do that, that piece is gone right. You can maybe use it as a dog collar, but it's not gon, na work on here on your watch anymore. So here we are Wow a field of watches. Now you know why I don't sell them, give them away. I keep everything around. You never know when we're gon na need it for another video. I like this one, the s2 we haven't played with that for a while misses ticks where's. That sometimes did you see the clock that just kind of came on when you twist it and then when you actually touch it, you get the regular time but we're not doing a watch review we're doing a band review. Well, let's start with this one. First, you need to know the size right so that you know what band you need to order and you could do that with a measuring thing or hopefully, I've.

Given you some information on these bands of what size they are and they're all pretty much. Generic and I'm gon na move these out and we'll get that backwards and let's grab a band. What I like to do is just kind of size it up and see if it's gon na fit mmm that one's Wow that might it's like really close I'd have to cram it in there uh huh. Oh, I think all of these are gon na, be a little large for this watch. Well, you know what it with a different size or the size that would fit. We can put that on I'll. Try I'll try, but I want you to see how this one with this leather band, I'm gon na simulate now, would look like if we had it in blue, like so mm hmm silver with that nice blue band, it totally changes the look doesn't it now. This is a really fun when it's felt on one side, but it's got this kind of a leather backing to it so against your skin. It'S gon na be different than if you had this kind of a felt thing on your skin Wow. Okay, this black and white gives Willie here, let's, get it out of here all right and do our little simulation thingy again on this particular band and notice how the silver really integrates nicely together there with the buckle and the band works really well on a actual Silver watch and because you got the black and white and silver stripe.

This is really really striking. In fact, for me that fits better on this particular watch than that does yeah yeah, and then we got other ones. What do we got? We got this big red thing here: that's that Nate dough kind that it's gon na like sit in the middle of it we'll play with that later, and then you got kind of a funny funky little colorful, similar to this one right same kind of material, but With a different kind of look to it, Wow Wow, that's, sporty that's, fun, isn't that fun nice all right, I'm, gon na see which ones they'll actually fit on and show you some some watches. With these bands on them, we'll be right back well, go check it out, here's that famous cobalt blue q8 let's move these guys out, it's, not so cluttered in there. Um take that up here. Here you go. There was the original band and now look at this. Look how fun that is I'll, finish, I'll finish the whole thing. By the way, I only need the tool for taking the other band off. If you look at the design of these they've got that little quick connect thing. So you just slide down here with fingernails and you can put it on instantly and take it off instantly. So you only need your tool to get your old band off nice. Oh, that is so much nicer, Wow that's a keeper! This makes it all worthwhile right here I love it.

I love it. I love it. Oh that's gon na be playful and fun. Okay, that's the qat you've seen the review on that one, a couple of them and that's. The new special watch from very Oh watch band let's play some more Wow Wow here's, the other q8 that I've got in gold with the blue band on it. Hmm, hmm, that gives it some interesting possibilities. Doesn'T it come back here. You yeah well yeah that black black and white on the the hey 3s. Remember this one, the one I'm always raving about because of all the cool things it can do, and GPS tracking and whatnot now all dressed up and fancy ready for the racetrack. Oh man, infinite possibilities. This is getting like watching, avatar and 3d or something by the way. When is it supposed to come back? I thought they were gon na. Do a sequel in a year or two, it still it's, not here, okay, tick. What I know it's coming, maybe they'll have some fun watch. Benson Wow. Can you imagine the avatar bands mmm very, I hope, you're thinking in that line. Hey okay, tick, watches, here's. The tick watch let's slap a band on here and see what we've got ooh and ooh whoo here's the f3. Remember this guy and here's that big nato thing yeah let's, try and put that together all right now this looks like it was made for the tick watch Wow all right.

I think we found the combination for this one. You know I plan to put one of them on a particular watch and kind of leave it there, because it's kidding really silly if I'm changing watch bands every day along with changing watches. So this will be the new tech watch watch band, elegant, beautiful yeah love. It okay we're gon na do this together got the watch, got the old band. What I did is I took the old band off and push the pins out from inside of here and then because they're, not the quick connect kind. I used the tool to get it in position and I put the pins back in the band now here's, where the fun comes in you get your NATO band, you put it so the clasp area is up all right and you grab the watch and you put It at the 12 o'clock position, which I guess if the earth is oriented north pole, as this thing is booting up, it's gon na be that way. My start buttons up here. So I know this is the top of the watch from here I'm gon na start and go down through here get up past, all of the holes kind of up in the middle between the buckles and the hoops the holes and stuff I'm. Guessing put it right. There and then we feed it through the other way like so get it nice and flat and before adjusting it there, it is now to put it on it's, pretty simple: you bring it over to your arm.

You'Re gon na wrap it around and you're gon na bring it through, as you would a normal watch right, mmm doing it all with one hand hook it let's say there. I can pass it through the loops which can lay down or stand up all right and now without really doing any much more adjusting of it. And, of course, you could move this back and forth. However, you want on the band itself. We have basically got the got the band on the watch before the watch booted up how you like that and that's. Like my second attempt, the first attempt I was reading the darned directions. How do you defeat it if any bit of ooh it's pretty easy and that's what we just did there so that's one of the NATO bands and and we've got all of these things here today to play with and they're coming to us from very oh that's Right, very Oh dot. Sg! Thank you guys for sending him out ha. Thank you for bailing missus ticks out too got. Definitely gon na put that one on her or other little band or her watch she's wearing it today with a different one. I rigged up temporarily, but we'll set her up with something really nice yeah. Remember if you like, at least two of these things, you're gon na get a free, pouch, 3 or more you're gon na get a little roll up thing, and if you spend above 200 bucks, you get a DHL Express right to your door.

You'Ve been watching smart watch ticks, I mean everything. Smart watches, hang those are nice aren't they come on back. We'Ve got a lot more and our thanks for subscribing as well. We really appreciate that all right we'll see you again soon, Hey finally booted up. I love it nice, oh and if you're not gon na, be carrying your SmartWatch in your new travel case, you certainly can carry your power brick right to charge it up remotely Universal case.