I feel that its at risk of being severely underrated. This is the vast king fit m3, and there are a couple of reasons why i think this smartwatch stands out. Above the rest, or at least in its price category, so well sit back and relax. Whilst we explore and review the vast king fit m3 smartwatch features and of course we will do the usual heart rate and spo2 accuracy test stay tuned, whats up guys. Welcome back to take it easy, yet another smart watch info review today. This is the vast king fit m3 before we do continue on with the review, though, if you could quickly leave a cheeky like and subscribe to the channel. If you found yourself enjoying the video that would be awesome, also check out the discord server and i have now set up channel memberships. So if you want to take it one step further and become a super fan, you can now do that now. Lets get straight into the unboxing, i said at the start, the vast king m3 stands out above all the rest of its competitors. There are a few reasons for that, and i will get onto those later on. The unboxing, though, is nice and simple doesnt feel like im unboxing a cheap product. Here first impressions are actually great inside. We, of course, have the watch itself then below deck we have the warranty cards and a charging puck very similar to the real me watch.

Pro 2, we reviewed recently also. Another good thing to note is that the watch will work without an app. You dont actually need to connect it to your phone to get it to work. Those two points that make this smartwatch a little bit more desirable than other smartwatches in its category number one is build quality, its actually a metal case, and it just feels awesome better than any smart watch at this price point ive tried out actually – and i can Say that with some confidence second point is the screen, its bright punchy and crisp, making it very easy to read on the go. Other design features include a physical button on the side very handy, and i must have in my book for smart watches these days. Then we have a rubber wrist, strap with steel, buckles really well put together and considering where it sits in the smartwatch market, which is definitely at the budget end its really quite impressive. Now getting onto the watch features, it includes crucial health monitoring features such as sleep heart rate and sp02. Then it also comes with eight different workout modes. From what i can see now, this is seriously lagging behind in comparison to a lot of other smartwatches. But, as i always point out, theyre not a terribly important feature to have. Speaking of spo2 and heart rate lets put on our medical grade o2 ring and see how the vast king fit m3 does in a heart rate and spo2 accuracy test stay tuned, okay, so first up is the heart rate accuracy test initial testing.

It was way out, so i give it the benefit of the doubt, move the watch further up my arm and tighten up the straps. After doing so, we were getting a little bit closer to what the o2 ring was displaying, but still pretty far out in comparison to other smart watches, ive tested recently. There was a few times where it was almost bang on, but then couldnt quite keep up with the o2 ring could of course be my fault for drinking too much coffee, though next up the sp02 test. That went a lot better every now, and then it did have a blip and produced a result which was way off from what the o2 ring was displaying, but generally it was pretty close and usually only one percent out, which is something i tend to see on Almost every smart watch i test whether it be budget or flagship, so that was the accuracy test out of the way fairly average. To be honest, it actually felt a lot like the real me watch. We reviewed the other week very similar in terms of accuracy there, which is actually no bad thing. Considering the real me watch is actually quite a bit more expensive, so i will go ahead and say exactly the same thing i said for the realme watch is that if youre a serious athlete, this watch is not for you, but if youre looking for general health Monitoring itll be absolutely fine.

It is accurate enough to give you a good idea of whats going on with your body throughout the day. Now. The masking fit m3 is starting to become a pretty standout budget smartwatch in its category, but it does have a few things that let it down a bit the main one being the ui. I love the vibrant punchy colors, but its just a bit slow. It actually feels slower than a powerpoint presentation. I think they need to really tighten up those animations to help make everything flow and feel a bit more 20. 21. Aside from that, though, theres also the touchscreen. Now i dont know whether its just the way that the os works, but i find it really hard to navigate when i want to swipe it ends up going into the application, as if i tapped it. Even when i try and be careful, this could become a problem for sports enthusiasts. So when youre out running – and you want to quickly swipe onto the next page, it could be a little bit difficult and you may actually have to stop to sort your watch out. But those are my two main complaints about the watch. Everything else seems pretty well put together. So final verdict, i like it, i love the build quality. The metal finish is something id like to see more on other smart watches. To be honest, theres also, the super slim design and punchy screen all great points.

What does need work, though, is the ui and the touch response. Should you buy one though, depending on your needs? Yes again, if youre an athlete, this watch is just not for you. You need to go for something a little bit more expensive, but for the average joe for doing general health monitoring, this watch will be absolutely fine and i think youll be quite impressed with it. The vasquing fit m3 is a really competitive smartwatch at this price point. So something to bear in mind when you are shopping about so, if you want a smart watch, that doesnt feel all plastic and horrible for less money, give this one a try, so that pretty much sums the vast kingfit m3 up for today. Let me know in the comment section what you thought of the smartwatch is it for you or would you prefer something a little bit higher up the food chain also before we go? If you could consider leaving a cheeky like subscribe to the channel and check out the discord server to get involved with the conversation, that would be awesome. Also, please do check out the channels memberships features if you want to stand out in the comments section for now, though, ive been alex. Thank you so much for watching and remember.