Today, weve got the vast king m3 smart watch and, to be honest, its a pretty decent device for the price. I believe it costs around 60 dollars and it does tick a lot of boxes. Even if youre not into exercises at all um, so weve got the charger magnetic charger. Well, the charger itself. We obviously need a plug with a type a uh usb full usb port weve got the manual as well, which explains what we need to use. The watch itself, and that is the da fit app plus the actual, obviously watch and does also remind you to charge the watch before the first use. Now, when it comes to charging youve got a magnetic charger which snaps on the back of the actual device, its pretty sturdy doesnt fall off easily its a very decent um connection itself. It takes around an hour to charge, however, the battery itself lasts around seven days when you use the actual tracking and all that, just with the watch itself, if you dont, then youve got around 30 days of standby time, which is pretty decent to be honest, um, Its definitely better than the fossil gen five ive got and the actual galaxy uh watch. I do have in here as well, which lasts around three to four days when you use the tracking itself um around an hour a day, and i used for basketball, for example. So yeah very good, very good performance um on the battery itself, so weve got the silicon strap in the box.

However, it does take any 20 millimeters drop um as well, so thats that now lets have a look at the actual um da fit trying to not use the other word in here. The defeat app which you can download from the google play store um. So the actual app itself is like a hub for your watch, so you can change your watch, faces, youve got four default watch faces and then on the bottom. You can look for more um if youd like to download them quite a lot of them actually and then weve got notifications. So you can set notifications for certain apps on your phone and then on. The bottom. Youve got others, and so, if your app is not listed here, you just press others and all the other apps will notify you on your watch, alarms pretty self explanatory shorter, which is your remote shorter for your camera and then in others. You can change the time formats, the unit system that can set the do not disturb mode, so you can choose between what and what time you want. The notifications to be switched off and the time formats, 12, 24 um hours, continuous heart rate detection, which obviously impacts the battery life, the language itself for the app and the watch auto log. So how fast you want the for the watch itself to switch off and then weve got the drink. Water reminder the weather, where you can set up the town where you are in city town, and so it gives you the accurate weather and then physiological psycho reminder.

So thats for our lovely ladies, you can set up your cycle days, menstrual days and reminders and so on so on so pretty decent job for a 60 dollar device and then on the left. Weve got our tracker for our sleep, our heart rate, uh the blog oxygen, because the device itself can monitor blood oxygen levels as well so oxygen levels in our blood, uh and obviously the sleep quality and to the right. We can set up a goal for our steps themselves and using beta version of the app with new features that will be unveiled um, so thats that now going back to the actual watch itself. So if you um scroll from the very top youve got again the brightness button, so you can adjust the brightness of the watch itself. Okay and weve got the do not disturb mode which you can just turn on um again, you can change your watch faces from here as well. Lets stick to the flowery one. Um youve got find your device, so your phone starts ringing. Youve got a flashlight on your watch as well, then youve got the timer, so you can set up a timer yourself and youve got a couple of them preset. Then youve got the shutter again for your camera. On your phone, youve got the weather. It tells you todays weather and for the upcoming five days and then youve got the settings um, so you can set up the do not disturb mode and so on.

It basically doubles up as what you can do on your app and then you can youve got steps to track your steps. Youve got your heart rate, monitor which also turns on automatically when you start any exercises in terms of exercises they are available here. So, for example, if you want to start basketball, youve got three seconds. You put your watch on your wrist and then it start tracking your calories burned. It tracks your steps. It tracks your heart rate, so pretty neat again considering the price of the device. Okay. Lets. Stop that yep. We are aware of that and then uh. If i showed all the exercises, yes, i did obviously the device. The device itself is fully ip68 certified, so you can swim with it as well, if youd like to um and then what weve got in here again weather notification. So any past notifications, you received theres no option to reply to any of these, but at least you can see whats going on while youve got your hands occupied with shopping bugs, for example, music. So whatever music player youre using youve got the breath exercise youve got your alarms that you can set again and then again the timer. So, as you can see a couple of times it does, it does double up um on the actual feature. So in the apps and then from the um top down menu as well again, you can change your watch face so it does happen.

It does double up on some of these apps, but obviously they just wanted to fulfill nine of them, but yeah. To be honest for the price itself, you get a full metal design, seven day battery life notifications, music control, even remote camera shorter.