com, the premium site for smartwatch packs, news and reviews. Okay, we are on the second video okay review of the microware w17 or the w17 smartwatch again. This is a review of the menus and features the last video. What we have is the video review or the unboxing of this wearable okay. So it is the latest w or the latest series seven smartwatch. Okay, we do see an infinite display and, as you can see here, we do have a very slim, bezel brush finish. Okay, as you can see here, we have a very wide 1.9 inch, ips lcd screen and here on top right and bottom or top right and left case side. We have a very slim bezel on the bottom part is. It is a bit wide, but overall, very good display wide and bright. Okay, so lets check on the different menus of the w17 smartwatch okay. So it is a full touch screen. Okay, so lets check okay, swiping from left or from right to left. We have the automatic activity tracking here we have the heart rate monitoring so auto, detect. We also have here the sleep monitoring. Okay, so this one is seems like a music player. We have weather and thats it. Okay lets go back from this one left to right. We have the split screen and other one here from top to bottom. We have the shortcut for settings. Another important functions here, such as brightness here, okay, then, on the bottom.

We have the notifications. So you can read the notifications directly here in the wearable for the main menu just press, this one, the crown button and we have a bubble type menu lets see if we can use this one to zoom in and zoom out, okay. So we can use this to zoom in and zoom out, okay, so we have different functions here to be able to see all the functions here easily lets change the menu. We have different menus here at the six, so lets start a style. One is lets, see. Okay, okay, so we have the list format here. Okay, so were going to use this one to check all the different menus and functions of the wearable. Okay lets go to the other okay lets. Remove this lets go to the other list here or functions. Okay lets go to the menu okay wheres, that located stopwatch weather exercise, new sport, blood oxygen, called history, dial, heart rate contacts, okay lets see, okay seems like the menu is not available here so lets check here on the these settings or the shortcut here. Okay, so we have it here, page style, two: okay, okay, so this one i like this one. This is, i think this one is much better. Okay, going back style tree lets check; okay, so we have a grid type style, main of menu. Okay, and still, as you can see here, the main menu is not present here or the menu settings.

Menu option is not available here, so lets go back to the home and lets select style 4. Okay, okay, so this is the bubble type and this time its available here style; five; okay, okay, so similar to style number one, but in different location and again style; number: six; okay. So this one sort of a grid type menu, but in a different format. Okay, so its here, okay, so lets go back to style. Number three style number: three, the list format. No, i think its style number two okay lets go: okay, uh! No! But anyway, this is okay, so thats the different menus of or the different style menus of. The w17 smartwatch, so we have here, we have a stopwatch lost, alert, bluetooth connectivity. We have messaging alarm clock, we have music, we have weather, we have heart rate here, so lets check so automatically records or detects our heart rate, so lets see if well get the result right away. Okay, so we have the result. Lets go back. We have what else snooze. We also have a blood pressure here. Okay, so lets check, checking checking okay, so we have theres hold fast. We have sports here, so different sports included in the double 17 smartwatch. We have walking running. Okay lets go back running cycling, ping, pong badminton, football jump, rope, tennis, what else? Okay and thats it okay, so we have at least several sports functions here. We have mountain climbing here: wait: weight, lifting basketball, okay and lets check, for example, for the walking okay theres.

A counter, so it count for the calorie steps and blood pressure. Okay, what else we have stopwatch called history here in the settings we have melody. You can change the tune here for notifications and calling okay calling notifications. We have what else vibration here, you can turn it off or on adjust the volume, as well as the screen time here lets, make it longer. Okay, very good. Up to 30 seconds, we have flashlight. Okay, we also have the qr code. We have the language option, store and the above, okay, so watch as watch seven okay, so we have at least several pre loaded watch faces here. I like this one, okay to switch. I think you just have to use the crown button here. Okay, so we have several watch faces here. Okay, we also have a split screen. Okay, it will show the most frequent used k, options or functions in the variable. Okay, so thats it for the different menus and functions available in the variable. Okay, if you have any questions regarding the smartwatch, please drop a comment below and well try to answer your queries. If we do have the time. Okay again, this is smartwatch specifications.