com the premier site, four smartwatch packs news and reviews. Finally, the smartwatch here one of the latest in the series – seven smartwatch – we have the w17 smartwatch, so this is from microware okay, so we have here the wearable okay. So it is. This is very popular due to the okay full screen display so well see if it is really a full screen display. So, as you can see, here is using the m active pro support app and we have the features here: phone book, alarm, clock, music. What else bluetooth camera bluetooth call heart rate, fine phone sports and notifications again this is a w17 smartwatch and were going to have the unboxing of this wearable. If you have any questions regarding this video, please drop a comment below and well try to answer your queries. So we have here: okay, a freebie, so e gel casing for this variable so lets check. Okay, since we had do, we have the silver color, its a beautiful packaging by the way, okay, the w17 smartwatch so lets check lets have the unboxing of the w17 variable? Okay, so here it says: 45 millimeter smartwatch its not 44., again still under the series – 17 category. Okay, so lets check. So we have here the user manual, so very simple user manual. Here we have the operation guide yeah. I also have the qr code and other instructions here its in english format or english language, okay, so what else? Okay thats it and what else do we have here? We also have here nice, okay, screen protector, okay, and we have the smartwatch im, not see different color here, oh no, its we dont have a silver, but battery rose gold and color.

Okay, we have the charging cable magnetic and we have here smartwatch. Okay, so lets have a closer look brush finish here. Looking good so far, we have the w17 smartwatch zinc alloy, you have the speaker here, mic physical button here ground button and at the back we have the power connector here and the sensor. The strap is already attached here and so far it looks okay and we have the tempered glass here. That goes all the way to the edge of the screen. Okay, again, this is the w 17 smartwatch. Okay, so lets check okay. So again, ours is from microware. Okay, so we have here, okay on our specs page, just search it on google. We have the w17 here, but its under the. I will brand here so lets, check and see the specs here before we turn on the smartwatch. If we still have the power left. Okay, so here 1.90 inch ips lcd, so it is one of the biggest screen display forever for series 7 smart watch in the market. We have 380 mh lithium ion battery okay, so lets proceed to the specs here: okay, ips 1.90 inch. I lcd with a 320 by 320 pixel resolution: okay, so 45 millimeter smart watch not 44 and we have bluetooth 5.0. 380 mah battery ip67 waterproof. We have g sensor, heart rate blood pressure sensor as well as oxygen monitoring. We also have the bluetooth call black rose gold and silver, so we have here the rose gold, okay, so it is compatible with android and ios.

Okay, so lets check. Okay lets turn it on and see whether we do have the very good or wide screen display. Okay, do we have power left, it seems like it is depleted well see. Okay, we charge it just for a minute to see whether the smart watch is working or not, and so far as you can see here, its charging and well see if we can turn it on and, of course, check the display of the wearable okay. So lets check. Okay lets turn it on and see. Okay, so seems like its working, and we have here the english language just select it. Okay, okay, well see thats it english, okay, okay, so we have here the w17 smartwatch with the full screen display. Okay. So we have here okay, so, as you can see here, you have the full screen display, so lets check so not totally, but very slim here on top and on the side, but just a bit wide here on the bottom part. Okay, so again it is a 1.9 inch, ips lcd screen with the 320 by 320 pixel resolution. So far it is much wider compared to other series. 7 smart watches. Okay, again it looks okay, very huge menus here. Okay and just like it says it is somewhat like a full screen display for the w17 smartwatch. Okay. So far, we have a very good impression on the wearable. It is no different when it comes to design to other series.

Seven smart watches, okay, so the w17 comes in different brands. We have here the microware, we have the io brand, but still its just these. It is just the same variable, so we have here the w17 smartwatch. Then it says we, it says here says here we have at least one 500 plus watch faces, so we have here lets check other watch face here, so it seems like we have. A lot of preloaded watch faces here. Okay, so this is the popular one. The apple watch light watch face okay and, as you can see, its looking like a full screen display, but not totally. Okay were slim bezel here on top right and left here on. The bottom part is much wider. Okay, so far, so good next video were going to check on the menus of the wearable, as well as the installation of the support app again. This is smartwatch the premium site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. This is your w17 smartwatch. Okay.