For that you have to switch on the bluetooth of your phone first, just that it just a click and it switches on the bluetooth and the phone. Also, you have to switch on the bluetooth and then don’t forget to download the m active app which we can, which you can get from just scanning the this code from your phone’s scanner. Now i have already scanned it and downloaded this m active app on the internet and you can just click it. Then you have to long press the this button and you have to just check the what are the devices available here here. I have put my device here. You can see the wdr, you just click. You will show the pair yes, this. I have rename it as prank w26 plus watch on it. You are giving a certain access, just wait for a few time to connect it after. Second, you can see the watch, it is displaying connector and active. You click on. You can see the what are the settings it has. You can rename the watch and pair it. The phone call option is connected to phone audio and to do media audio input device and as well as contact sharing, you go back now. We have to just go to the and on the ie white icon you can just before the icon was slashed, but now it was fully blue color, which indicates that it has been connected to a phone.

Now you just press the m active app which says it will track your gps location. You just give open. After that, you have to click series of hello so that you can give your give access to your phone locks contacts, message to view sms messages, etc. You have to set your mrt options everywhere, you go boom, we have got into the app, and now we can. First, you go to the device options here at the bottom. The m active app but just add a device which can be get if you just search for it. You will get your device name here and you just click you can see. The watch is now connected to the device and we can see for certain options. You have to go to home and just to sync it yeah the watch is sink. I have been using it for the past one week. The battery backup of this watch is around one and a half days. When you use all the features might be one day or tough, but when you just you, don’t use connect it to the phone, but you see the battery. Backup is around 2.5 days. You can check the ecg from here and you click it see, you can measure it, and it just asks us to wait for 30 seconds more, i mean it’s, just tracking a rough data, but more or less it is accurate voila. This is measured. Also, you can check your temperature from it and for that you have to click it in the watch.

You should go to the wwe swatch option and temperature. This is sorry. I’M. Sorry, this blood pressure. All the icons are the same. I think this is temperature yeah. It just reads our hands. Reading the moment it finishes, it gets update in the app yeah yeah you can see and to check the blood pressure here it is, you will just see the instant app update in your watch see here. It is, and for heart rate, also see the bottom icon. You can see how it gets updated friends. I have been putting this video so that you can check real time working of this watch. C88. Then what you want sleep tracking involves more than 8 20 terms. Http and the blood oxygen indicator, the spo2, which is the popular thing to look after in this days, how to see it will get updated in an instant time see it gets just a number of sports mode. Also, you can go for the sports mode when you swipe left, you see the walking running, climbing cycling, basketball, badminton table tennis, football, etc. When you wear the watch and do any of these activities the sport activities, the these column will get updated, and this you can choose to display what all the notifications you want like facebook, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, etc called service. Anything you can watch anything you want. You can switch it off and switch it on the system. App will be your choice. You can do anything you want.

I find this find my device option really useful. You can just if you have your phone, but you don’t have your watch. You can just click. It blue or voila that is, and it works in the opposite direction. Also like. When you have the phone i mean when you have the watch, but you don’t have your phone. You can just click the find my device option here. It is yeah here it gives a sound here, beep sound you can find so you don’t have worries but be careful. You should connect the watch, both both the you should have the watch and the phone should have both been connected. Only then you can find watch or either the phone when you don’t have either one of them and you have either one of them on the next tab, the user mind tab, you can set your username, your height weight, so they can be tracked periodically and so That you can be fit always – and this is not your icon – all wondering how you get the contacts just when you click it. You can get all the contacts in your phone within a second see. It is anything you can even get your phone locks here. Last call locks and you can also hear songs like i’m going to you saw an app. Let me show me: hmm, can you hear it? The sound is quite audible, but you can expect a sound like speaker, but is quite audible, we’re going to change the song.

Like you can change it, yes, it changes, you can change, you can move front and back you can constantly see you can increase your volume decrease it. You can do any kind of magic with this watch and you can even call with this watch like see i’m. Just randomly dialing a number: no, we can use the call log. Oh you can even end the call and you can speak with it, so see the complete review of your the 26 smartwatch friends. I think you hope i hope you would find this watch very attractive, and this costs very around 180 1.5 k in the market. You should definitely go for it, but keep in mind the activities and many other tracking accuracy of this watch is fairly good. I can see around it is 80 is good, but the battery backup is great for one and a half days and if you, even if you don’t like the bluetooth, the battery pack is great for three days with the bad 3d battery. Backup is not even provided by the apple watch, but this watch gives that backup. I think i have covered already in case.