This thing and i’m gon na show you all around um mr price and i’m gon na. Just tell you more about the upgrade from my first ever video, which i made, which was on this thing as well so i’m, just gon na um. Tell you a bit more about this watch and i’m. Also gon na tell you more about this hidden thing, which is the samsung gear smartwatch, which i did make a shorts on which i’ll leave the link in the description below by the way, it was a really good one and um just check that out as well. I don’t explain a little bit more about this um hidden thing, so without further ado, let’s get into it from the intro we’re gon na open this thing up now and um. We have a first of all a um magnetic charger usb which we had last time as well, which will be zoomed up in a few seconds time, and we have this magnetic charger, which i’m just gon na open and put this to my side and um it’s. The exact same one it’s got that magnetic pin, which you can probably see from there um, and this is the magnetic pin which charges the back of the device, and this is kind of a special device, because there’s um a one in a 50 chance of getting These and i had to order this very specially before getting this white color and um.

These are rare edition. You don’t get the white as often and um i’ve been waiting a very long time to get their hands on the white. You can get pink black and white that’s very common, because it works with every color and pink is mainly for women or girls, and white is um, preferably for boys as well, even though it has a silver ceramic um alloy from the side and by the way It does take off your straps as well, because this is new, it isn’t doing it as good as it would usually, and you have to press it hard enough and it has the same things um a blood monitor. It has also um ip68 water resistance. This is 44 millimeters as well. It’S got new, updated watch, um faces as well, and by the way you can get these straps as well. Now you can fit any 44 millimeter series. Six um strap on this around. If you want to get a good decent one within a five dollar price range, you can get one from and they’re scrunchy ones for women and other ones as well and um. This is the main watch itself, and so this is um just about the watch and finally, at the bottom as usual, we have a manual and that’s all you get within the box which i’m gon na put to the side. Now – and this is the box, as you can see in this corner and let’s – go on about the watch now so this connects, as you know, i did this in my part, one video as well with the same jumper and um let’s, just get this thing.

I just like to push it up because then it comes out more easier, oh yeah, and you can take them both off and it looks exactly like a series. Six it’s got the new watch faces as well. I think i got a w26 plus something something. new update, i’ll check that out and i’ll leave it in the description below. If you want to download, if you want to take the strap off, you can just do that by nevermind anyway, from the side, as you can see, we have the exact same red um button, which we can press on to turn the watch on at the moment. It’S powered off, but it does have some battery and um. I think it’s 50, because with every 26, what you get um, you will get a battery. So let’s move on to the manual just the same thing as we did in part one: a long chinese menu which they’ve given to me and on the other side, english, which is about the same thing, taking straps off and then i’ve got the bluetooth as well. And um yeah – this was just a short review: um unboxing of the w26 plus and i’m going to move this to a side i’m going to put the charger to the side as well, because um we don’t, really need the charger at the moment. So the charge is going to go to a slide, and this was just the brief unboxing of the w26 smart watch and um.

This here is the more branded version and not a copy which is the samsung gear, sport and um. This is one of the watches. I’Ve truly loved over the few days and i’ve been using it as a course of my daily resource and i’ve actually enjoyed my time with this wearing it to school, wearing it to some function wearing it even when you’re going outside. It just feels good to have something a little stable on your hand. Even if i do wear this w26 plus, it does give me that feel of a apple watch, but you can’t compare it to a samsung canon. So this is a samsung gear, um, 44 millimeters. It has a retractable dial as well as you can see it moves and um i’ll just turn the brightness up to full, so you guys can catch it now. One of the problems in this is, is the battery life isn’t the best, but it does um take out a few days. It will take two or three days and now, as you can see, this is the watch and you can see all those calories, it’s burning and everything and you can change the faces and, as you know, i can scroll with my thing, and this is why i, Like the samsung galaxy gear um, i like this is because it has a retractable dial, as i’ve just mentioned, and these straps are rechargeable as well, but these straps are really rare to get and it only comes in blue and black.

So i was the lucky one who got this in blue, because many people prefer black and it’s, just a men’s color or a boys color as well – and this is just basically um about the samsung ds4 and why i like it and if you guys are preferring A budgetable um smartwatch as well, which is a branded one. You can get this one as well and also a samsung gear, fit 2 as well, which is just a more of a fitbit kind of style watch. But it is the more advanced one 35 or 35 pounds. I think you can get it sealed, and so this was just the um short reviews of the w26 plus and the samsung watch as well. So these were the two and now let’s move on to the specifications and let’s do a brief comparison between these two time. Now, where i put both watches on – and this was the time i wasn’t really expecting – but because of the viewers and everyone – i think it is time so i’ve got the w26 cross and the samsung gear on my left and the w26 on my right. I couldn’t be bothered to put this thing in because it was too um uh legitimate and i couldn’t do it. So i just left it i’m. Turning this one on it’s trying to turn on it vibrates and it brings that welcome screen and, as you know, i didn’t mention in my first ever video about this thing as well and um.

I am trying to carry out a process of keeping my videos to a stock on place and i will try to fit my videos here and um the reason being for not posting much. Videos is because of why i have been having exams. So i was really focused to be on my exams and um. I took my time and i did everything i could to do my exams and i’ve actually tried to keep you guys as much as updated, like as i could so um now the exams are over. If they finished on thursday and um i’m gon na be back to my track and i’m gon na try and make as many videos for you guys as possible, so a sub to the channel would be much appreciated. So we’ve got the samsung one, and this has a always unwatched display as well, but the problem being with the w26 plus, which is now on. Actually the problem here with the watch is that it doesn’t always stay on, but it does have a motion gesture. So if you look at it like, if i look at this, it turns on and i’ve got um always on mode on it as well and um yeah. If i look at this, it automatically turns on um, because it’s got that face recognition, feature in it as well and um. It just gives that feel of a affordable choice too anyway, um that was about the um motion on gesture and or watch always on.

So in this case, i give a point to the samsung gear smartwatch because of the um software and how it’s determined to always stay on um. One thing which could be better under w26 is maybe it could stay on as well. So one point to the samsung game and by the way i am trying to settle down with a brand new um comparison gesture. So if you do like it, then um it would be much appreciated. So moving on to the next um comparison is the watch faces. Well now, if we look at the w26 plus, it has a dashboard of different faces, as you can see here, it has different faces, which i can touch and with the w26 plus. What i have to do is i have to press on it and i have to swipe to choose my um watch face and now some upgraded ones have came, which i will um. You know just edit the video and close up, because i don’t want you guys to suffer as much as me when i’m, showing you my watch so that doesn’t look cool and i’ll just um zoom it up in a few seconds time, so you guys can catch It i’ll do one on the samsung and the apple one as well so let’s just say, um that you got ta zoom up and i’ll. Just um do some voiceover over and let’s just settle the point down from my point of view to the something again because of its feature of customizing the watch faces.

What i do like the feature of is you can download straps and um watches on this one. As well watch faces actually – and you can download it on this as well. This is just a more complicated way for this. You just open up the samsung gay um here is it? Is it no something where you just open it up and you can just um download your um faces, so i give a point to the samsung for this one and i’ll maybe give one to the f1 as well, but anyway, moving on to the next one. Um i’m going to speak about the os and the software, and now, as you know, guys, this is using the well os system, which is a more advanced system and one of the more um advanced and better uh operating systems on a watch comparing it to the Watch os for apple that one is a bit more better, but if we look at this one i mean it’s a copy and you can’t really say much about the software. It is a bit laggy. One of my friends did tell me that this is a bit lucky and it doesn’t feel really good, but when they look at the samsung, on the other hand, they say that it has a better software feature and it feels exactly as if you’re on a phone. So a few of the apps are settings reminders, samsung voice weather weather, actually and um a world clock, and you can have other stuff like that as well and it’s, just in a round shape because of the way it’s set out.

So in this case i’m gon na. Do it a point to the samsung now again because of how it’s laid out and of its operating system, but a very let’s say a clap to the w26 plus as well, because it is actually trying to cope with um. Some of the uh operating systems which are famous around the world like if we have um google let’s, say that one has a good feature as well. I’Ve tried wearing the possible one, but i just couldn’t get my hands on it as much as i could. With the samsung and some people have been saying, you’re, poor and stuff like that, but it doesn’t matter you can buy a a better new version of the samsung watch 3 in a budget of 200 pounds and if that’s, how much you could get for a series For a series, three let’s say if you buy it from music, magpie or somewhere, but um there’s, nothing about the ritual. If you guys, just like it – and i was settled with the um samsung one, because i thought it had a kind of good feature – and i am a more of an apple user, so i was kind of a bit um mindful when i moved on to buying This but i did think that it would be better because then i have to switch your phone as well, but that didn’t make much of a problem um. So now i keep um some other phones for the video making and some other for my other purposes.

But anyway, for a point, i would give it more over to the samsung um that was totally out of topic. So this is what it feels like when you’re wearing a samsung watch and um. You can just see that um face as well of the watch, and this is how it feels when you’re wearing a w26 plus smartwatch, which is the copy of it as well as you can see here. This is a bit laggy and it isn’t much as compared to the um uh samsung gear watch and, as you can see, it’s like that – and this is like this – it does give a feel of a apple watch. It has a control center. It has a sport exercise sensor as well, and so this is how it looks like on both of the watches, the samsung, and you can change backgrounds and everything on this as well as you would do on a w26 and that’s that i’m going to finally talk On more about the feel of the watch now, when you’re wearing this, it feels like you’re wearing an approach right. You probably think that um, because of the way it’s copied out and because of the way how it looks it looks more like an apple watch. Um. Sorry, six as well by the way um it has a ring, but one of the problems is that it doesn’t have that long volume button, whatever you call it that it has like on the apple watches.

That is something which does kind of give it away, but it doesn’t give it as much as it would so that was just um about the feel of the um uh w26 plus. But if we look at more of the feel of the os system, which we’ve just talked about it, isn’t as laggy as it was last time – and it is a bit more better because it doesn’t lag as much and more like the blood gray. And everything is a bit more advanced and it is a bit more upgraded because it does calculate the exact type of amount of what you would. And finally, if we look at the aware of the samsung, i like the way they have a um dial, which you can move around in a clockwise anti clockwise way, and it just kind of gives like that and feel of having a retro watch. A retro. Smart watch, let’s, say and um. I do like the way it has two buttons on the side, a home button and then a button to take you to the main screen. And that is a bit more of a enjoyable thing, because you don’t want to be just tapping around doing this doing that and then, when you have the watch faces as well, which i will zoom up in a second. Obviously you can just tap on it and then you can calculate um everything you’ve done in a week. One of the best part parts is also that it has a um option which can check how many floors you’ve gone up.

So if i go upstairs up there, you that counts as one floor i’ll go downstairs that kind of system floor as well, so it just calculates how many floors so when i’m, usually in school and wearing this thing, it calculates how many floors so daily. I do travel five or six floors and it does calculate that so um. I would give a half and a half point to both of these watches, because of how this one gives the feel of a samsung watch and this one, how it has some dials and a retro style of having a watch so guys. This brings it to the end of the video. Thank you so much for watching and taking the time to watch this video. If you do like it, then a like to the channel, i just love to the channel as well. It would be much appreciated and um yeah. My name is anne.