One is the apple watch series six. It comes directly from apple and costs around 410 pounds. On the other side, we have the watch d, a 60 pound apple watch replica now for a seventh of the price. They look pretty identical right. Well, just how different is the watch d let’s find out? Shall we hello everybody? My name is robert, and this is review Music now i’m gon na try really really hard to not make a terrible joke about this company’s name. But knowing me, i will probably let it slip at some point in this video. So if you want to see that keep watching and stick around, if you guessed that the white watch was the cheaper watch d, you would be correct, but quite honestly, on first glance it was hard to tell this replica is incredibly well done, touring the device we See the display up front with the bezels that are slightly bigger than the ones found on the real series six, but as a replica i think it’s pretty good. We have that lovely curved glass display and aluminium body. These are all premium materials and it really gives off that apple watch, look and feel along one side. We have two speaker cutouts only one is actually functional, though, although on the other side, this is where we see the biggest difference to that of the actual apple watch. We, of course, have that digital crown which, on the watch d, works as a button, but there is no rotational input, so you can’t scroll in and out and scroll up and down on content.

I can understand why this was omitted here, especially for that 60 pound price tag. However, what i found more strange was the omission of the secondary button. I really don’t get why this is missing here. They’Ve already replicated everything else from the apple watch. Why not replicate this button as well? It makes navigating the ui a little bit more difficult than i would have liked flipping the device around. We see that glass back with the text curving around the sensors, now watch d claim that this cannot only just do your heart rate, but also do things like your blood pressure and others thanks to a lot of sensors in this back. How true this is, we will find out in due course stick around if you’re interested in finding out a little bit more about those sensors. The watch strap is perhaps the least premium part of this package, and, yes, it looks very much like the apple watch but feels and looks a little bit more flimsy than its more expensive counterpart and that’s because well, it is, thankfully, though they are incredibly easy to Remove and replace thanks to having no real mechanism to hold them in place, so you can just literally slide them straight off from either side and replace them with any apple watch compatible band that’s, a pretty nice feature that we can swap out with any other bands, But with the ease that i can swap these out, i feel like on any kind of real vigorous exercise, particularly boxing.

These straps are gon na fall off quickly. So in terms of looks there’s really nothing to complain about here. I have no problems with the way that this looks. I understand the term imitation is the greatest form of flattery, but i think, even in this case for me it’s a bit too far, i really would have liked to have seen a little bit more originality in the design of this watch. However, if you are looking for an apple watch, style watch that you can wear wherever you go and match it with whatever your outfit you’re wearing, then this is a really cheap option to allow you to do so before. We continue with this review, though, if this is the first time that you’re seeing my face on your screen, then one lucky you and two go down there hit that subscribe button smash that bell notification icon, so you get notified every time i upload software is arguably The thing that makes the apple watch the apple watch and watch d know this too. So they’ve tried their best to replicate every single feature that the apple watch can do. Just how successfully have they managed to do it? Well, let’s take a look at that software powering on the watch. We see the rather gay pride background and i approve. Obviously we have the time the date and our step count displayed nice and big long pressing brings up a range of watch faces.

You can use each a copy of one of the apples as we look at some of these. The resolution of the screen becomes apparent, it’s, very low resolution, obviously for most people, this lower resolution won’t matter, but it is something to keep in mind when ordering each watch face is just a static image. They may seem to have widgets like the activity, but each one is just fake, unfortunately, i’m sure it really wouldn’t have been that difficult to make them interactive, but i feel like this was just a corner that had been cut swiping down. We get the quick controls for bluetooth, battery timers and other useful functions. Swiping to the left you get into the workout modes. We’Ll talk a little bit more about those later swiping up. We get different notifications, bringing a smart being a smartwatch. This does display them and that’s a fine enough experience. Unfortunately, there is no way to reply to them here, so it is just a static notification, so you can read texts without having to get your phone out. If you did want to reply or interact with any of these notifications, you would have to do so on your phone. Finally, swiping right gets you the app drawer and again we see where the design cues are from here. This is actually a very similar design to that of the apple watch. Swiping around the apps shows the responsiveness isn’t great it’s, actually usable, but coming from the apple watch.

It really is a little jarring let’s go through a few of the apps here, because there are just so many of them. I won’t be able to cover them all in this video, but let’s do some of the highlights. We have the shutter to help. Take pictures remotely the stopwatch calculator motion, controls, music, find my phone sleep, heart rate, calendar, music, cool log, stand exercise and even blood oxygen. That is just to name a few. There is a lot to go through here and actually i was quite impressed by the sheer amount of features that this watch claims to have built straight in let’s quickly talk some of the health options here, particularly the heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen. All features claim to work off of the same single sensor. I would be very cautious of listening to any of the results that you get from this watch, though, during my extended workouts, i did find that they were fairly accurate. Particularly, the heart rate was very accurate to my apple watch, while doing an indoor cycle and doing an outdoor run so the heart rate, you can certainly trust a little more than the other two, while we’re on health. We have a ton of sports modes. This can track as well, including all the normal categories no swimming. Here, though, the device does claim to be waterproof, so not having a swimming tracking function was a really strange choice. For me, we can see plenty of really useful statistics, while we’re working out these include the time heart rate calories burnt.

This is, of course, all synced to the app too, so you can view it all at a later date, while walking and running. You will also get advanced metrics like your pace, so that’s all really nice and it’s all pretty standard stuff that we would see from a watch of this style in terms of smart functionality. I think this watch is just okay, it’s, certainly not its main purpose and well. That shows many of the apps, including the calculator, are fiddly to use and call quality, though not unusable, is certainly nothing to rave about as a fitness tracker. However, i think this is very capable it’s, sleep tracking can track your light and deeper sleep, and just give you a round up of how you slept that day in a really nice and easy to view way on both the watch and the app. This is something that apple wasn’t even doing up until the last version of watch os, mainly because of those battery life issues. So to see it here is actually giving it a one up over some of the apple watches, particularly the series three. So how is the battery life well, i found that i could get three days worth of battery out of this thing and that’s pretty impressive it’s, certainly not as good as some of the other smartwatches that i’ve reviewed in the past, but for the sheer amount of Features that this watch does give us three days is pretty good still charging.

This thing is just a magnetic two pin prong at least they didn’t copy that from apple we don’t get a disk here. It is a little bit more fiddly to actually set this in place. It will only sit one way round so once you get used to it, i suppose this charging will be fine, but for the first few times you’ll probably have to pull it on and off a couple of times before you actually get it charging the companion app M active is very easy to use, but somewhat generic app the main screen. It shows step counters, as well as all your health graphs at a glance clicking them gives you a bit more of a breakdown of just how you’re doing over time. For instance, your sleep sports mode lets. You start a generic gps based workout, not particularly useful, but it’s there. If you want to use it, and the device panel allows you to find your watch if it’s lost and that’s it it’s an incredibly simple, app and i’m sure many people will be left wanting a lot more from this app, particularly in terms of the data that This watch can capture. It really does seem to lack in ways that we can view it and export it to external applications such as strava or apple health. Overall, though, what do i think well for just 60 pounds? I think this is actually an incredibly good deal. We got so many different features here that are even not available on some other devices like the fitbit for such a low price point, i think it’s pretty good.

It is, of course, very much a stolen design from apple, but if you like that style, then you’re gon na love, this watch it’s very much a marmite you’ll, either love it or you’ll hate it. For me, there are just some features that i can’t live without on the apple watch, so this is something that i will not be moving to full time, but let me know in the comment section down below what you thought of this watch. Do you think it’s something that you will buy and you see yourself using full time anyway guys my name’s been robert.