You guys were asking a lot about it and seriously. If you go on youtube and just search smart watches, there are a lot of new smart watches like we went to look into new smartwatch releases and then theres noise fit ultra colorful tag, verb, neo, pebble leap, boat, mercury watch me watch 2, pro nice, 50 volt, 2, the diesel watch r noise color fit pulse, so we bought all the popular smart watches from amazon and flipkart and ill tell you, which ones the best and which ones the worst, and you should totally not waste your money on it. So this is pratik youre. Already watching techwiser – and if this is your first smartwatch or the first time on this channel, doesnt matter, subscribe to stay wiser, police Music. So if this is your first smart watch, this is what you get in the box. Get the smart watch itself, a charging cable which is proprietary, all smartwatches have proprietary chargers. So if you lose this cable and if you have a popular smart watch, you can get a replacement cable on amazon for 300 400 rupees. Additionally, you get lots of paperwork and, if youre lucky – and you happen to buy tag products – oh yes, you can get rewards up to 9500 inr seriously. Like do people still fall for these schemes. Like i mean the watch, costs 2 000 rupees, and why would the company give you back 9500 iron anyways on the note of tag lets start with watches to avoid and what to buy.

So, while we were done shooting this video, we received the diesel watch r. So now the diesel watch are cost 3, 4 double line and during this sale, if you add card discounts, the price can be much cheaper and at that price you get an amoled display, always on display metallic, build 12 day battery life, spo2 everything, and now, if Youre, looking for a good looking watch, the diesel watch. R is a good option. See here you get a lot of watch faces in the app. The bezel is a lot bigger, but most of the watch faces are black and in day to day life you wouldnt care much about it. Also, the outdoor brightness was pretty good. Now you can only view notifications on the watch and a lot of people on youtube and amazon were complaining that the watch gets stuck when you receive notifications in hindi text. Well, they have pushed an update and as of now, if you see, if you send notifications in hindi text, the text is not displayed, but the watch doesnt get stuck. If you receive notifications in hindi, english or any other language, so even in normal usage, the menu is good. The watch is fluid, but a couple of things that i noticed with the diesel watch are see here during the sleep tracking. I actually got up at 10, but i was lying on the bed for about half an hour and the diesel watts are counted that asleep time, so the sleep accuracy can be improved with an update plus you dont get connected gps, so connected gps is a basic Feature wherein your watch can use your phones gps to track your routes, so the diesel watch r cannot do that.

So, overall, a good smart watch and it should be good for most of the people. But if youre someone whos looking for fitness and accuracy, there are better options in the market. Now, first of all lets take tag verb new now i dont recommend it. The reason well come to that, but the best thing about the watch is the display. It looks really good like its a tft display, but it has 500 its brightness even in bright sunlight. The display looks really good like for 1800 rupees. I would give it 10 out of 10 for looks, but if you look at the watch menu its very basic, not well thought out and like, if you swipe here, you see heart rate. You can measure heart rate from here, but if you go to the main menu theres, no heart rate, even if you look at the smartphone app, there are very few smart watches or in fact very few good watch faces and fitness heart rate accuracy, sp2 accuracy. Well, come to all of that in a moment, but as of now apart from looks, i didnt like anything about the smart watch now moving on to the next smartwatch boats, newly launched boat mercury. Now again, i dont recommend boat, mercury and this this is very funny. First of all, this is a tft display which is okay for the price, but in bright outdoors you can hardly see anything. The display is not at all visible outdoors.

Even the phone menu is not that polished, the ui kind of looks cartoonish. You cannot set alarms from the watch, which is okay, but leaving all of that aside. It can detect heart rate and if i tie this watch to a banana – and i start heart rate hold on, it, can detect heart rate of the banana and its continuous and its. Not just that its. Not just that if you feel like its the fruit ill. Keep the watch on the desk and then ill start heart rate, see it keeps on tracking continuous heart rate. Like does this thing? Have a heart hello: it does the same for spo2 temperature as well and more funny thing. Even the tag verve neo and the color filled pulse all take spo to heart rate on the banana so again boot mercury, noise, color fit pulse tag, verb, neo, not recommended from my end, if you want something cheap and good boot extend, is a very good smart Watch at 2 9. It also goes below 2 4 double line, so thats a good option. It has a better lcd display, good menu system, inbuilt alexa, etc its a much worthy buy. Next, we have the pebble leaf. Smartwatch i mean it is a rugged. Looking smart watch personally in school, i was a fan of kco g stock, smart watches, so this pebble one looks a lot like that and also similar to amaze fit tracks. But this is a lot cheaper at 3 9 inr.

Now you will be like how is this cheap? Well, it is ip68 waterproof 10 days battery life, and you cannot only receive calls on this watch, but you can also make calls from the smartwatch so now hold on lets, see the mic and the speaker quality. This call is now being recorded. Oh youre recording my call so uh. We im calling you through this smart watch on a scale of one to ten. How would you rate the mic quality on a scale of one to ten? I will say six point five and maybe seven so i can hear you clear. The speaker on the smart watch is really good, like inside the room, its nine or ten, like. I can hear you loudly here, thats nice, to hear. Thank you. No, your voice. Three out of ten smartwatch speaker, nine out of ten a lot of people are commenting on the videos they want to see manal on videos. They want to hear my voice and youre saying that its 3 out of 10. so now im turning on the fan and lets see how good the audio quality of my quality gets. Can you hear me better theres, no difference, theres, no difference. I would still rate it six point: five, two seven, so that was it for bluetooth. You have to turn on calling from the watch and then you have to connect your phone to audio pbl leap and then you can make and receive calls on the pebble leak.

But its a one time process the pairing and yes, the watch is rugged, so you can, you can maybe throw it a bit. It still works its quite durable. Overall. In my usage, i find the watch pretty decent and worth recommending it to specific people who, like this kind of design, the heart rate spo2 step count. I tested it with alongside apple watch and they are fine and it doesnt take heart rate of this table. So thats also there my only con is the lift to wake, is a bit slow as compared to other smart watches in this list, and next up is the watch that i recommend the most real me watch 2 pro or diesel watch pro now. Here have a look both real me watch 2 pro and diesel watch pro both have the same tft lcd display both are the exact same watches, and even if you look at the menu its the same and even both the watches connect to the same real me Link app on smartphone, the only difference is pricing. Diesel watch pro is priced at three seven double line and real new watch. 2 pro is priced at four triple line for the same watch. There is a difference of 1200 rupees. If everythings the same, then why different prices anyways, i would suggest saving the money and get the diesel watch pro its the same exact watch from the same brand. In case you dont know, diesel is owned by real, and now i love diesel watch pro heart rate tracking.

If you want to check here it doesnt tell you bananas, heart rate or even sp02. Great. The animation in the menu is very smooth. You can, of course, only read notifications of the watch. You can only reject or mute calls, but this watch gives you the option to control other realme products like here have a look. I have this real me. Smart plug – and i can tap here see i can switch off the light just from the watch itself and even turn it back on and not only real me plug. But if you have other real me products like a real me, neck band or real me tws, you can control it from the diesel watch pro itself. Also, diesel watch pro might be the cheapest watch to have gps inside it. So in case you dont carry your smartphone during your workout see here. The diesel watch pro can still get gps signals and it can still track my walk and even show it in the app like here now, if youre someone who wants a round dial smart watch, this is the next offering noise fit evolved. Two and nice smart watches, werent the best previously first of all, all of them have a different app for different smart watches. Now i know the reason why i have a different vendor, but now these new generation of smart watches are very good. First of all, its one of the very few smartwatches to have amoled display, as well as always on display, so you can always see the time without lifting your wrist.

After all, the job of a watch is to show time now you can set either a digital or analog always on watch face. It can be done on the smartwatch itself. Now, if you look at the menu, they have a calculator which i actually found it useful. I was using it and then you can also monitor stocks theres a separate stock section. Now you get 30 sports mode on noise, fit evolve, 2 and 60 plus sports mode. On noises latest smartwatch noise color ultra 2.. You can consider both the smart watches to be almost the same. Only difference is the circular dial and this square dial on the ultra. Both have metal build, similar straps similar 7 day battery life and, if you use the always on display, the battery life drops to 3 days, plus the spo 2 sensor. Heart rate sensor works on your hand and doesnt work on the table or a banana and in terms of tracking the apple watch. Series 6 is the closest to the actual distance, whereas the noise fit evolve was a bit below 1.6 kilometer, whereas the noise fit ultra was a bit above 1.6 kilometer. At 1.7, the noise with ultra was closest to the heart rate data to the apple watch 6.. So the noise color fit ultra seems to be more accurate than noise fit evolved too now theres two small issues with the noise watch. This is the only smart watch in this list that can reply to sms and calls with a message for and 5000 its really good feature.

It comes really handy when you are in traffic or just driving. However, this only works on android and not on iphone, so iphone people remember no noise and noise. Smart watches allow mostly all third party app notifications like whatsapp facebook, instagram twitter. You can fight in the comments as much as you want also since they have always on display. There is no double tap to wake see, so these are the small things which i observed when i used all these smart watches for a week. So this is practical review rather than reading specs. Finally, my most recommended smart watch from two to three years have been a maze, filled, bib series: two smart watches from my misfit amaze fit bp and amaze fit vpu pro now, if youre into fitness running. Like me, amazefit has the best tracking in the entire smartwatch list under 5000. It has the most well designed menu and animations for people who dont know. Amazefit is the company who used to make me bands for xiaomi now, both bpu and bp pro come with an lcd display, but they are bright enough and visible outdoors in case you are into cycling. I would recommend, get the bpu pro for everyone else. Get bpu bpu doesnt have gps, but it works very well on all other tracking activities like running walking, gym, etc. That should do the job, so i would recommend the diesel watch r for a circular dial. It is a good smart watch at 3, 4 9 with amoled display and really good software.

If youre looking for something premium at around four triple nine nice color fit ultra two is a good one. In case you have a lesser budget. Diesel watch pro at three.